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437 Lord Holy Infant

Lin Qiye smiled at the mention of the land that had been cordoned off outside the village.

“I was just about to tell you.

That piece of land has been soaked in the blood of the demons and is no longer ordinary soil.

It will have a great effect on the cultivation of some spiritual herbs.”

Upon hearing this, Lonemoons eyes brightened, feeling a little surprised.

Thats right.

Why didnt she think of that

Every demon had to cultivate for a long time before it could take human form.

Although most demons were only in the Qi Refinement Realm, their blood contained pure energy.

The land watered with demon blood was, after all, ten to a hundred times stronger than the surrounding mortal soil!

“You want to cultivate spiritual herb on that piece of land But the seeds of spiritual herbs are too rare, and I dont have a single one.

Those things are not easy to find.”

Lonemoons face showed a hint of joy but quickly dimmed again.

Lin Qiye smiled.

With a flip of his hand, a handful of strange seeds, which exuded a fragrant scent, appeared in his palm.

“Ive prepared that piece of land for you.

As for the seeds, I have plenty of them here.

If you have the time, you can plant them.”


Does he have plenty of seeds

Lonemoon looked at the dozen seeds in Lin Qiyes palm and stood in a daze.

She could tell that the seeds contained rich energy and were definitely precious.


Those were spiritual herb seeds!

In the past, when she was cultivating with the expert in the mountains, the expert only grew one herb and treasured it greatly.

However, Lin Qiye had casually taken out a handful of spiritual herb seeds.

Moreover, judging by their quality, it seemed that each of them was much stronger than the spiritual herb cultivated by the expert!

Lonemoon could not help but start panting.

Her chest heaved up and down continuously as if waves were rolling.

Lin Qiye was stunned.

When he regained his senses, he immediately coughed twice.

“Ahem, do you want it or not”

Lonemoon also came back to her senses and nodded frantically.

“Yes! Of course, I want it!”

Before Lin Qiye could hand the seed over, she snatched it away.

She held the dozen or so seeds as if she had obtained some precious treasure.

She put them in front of her eyes and examined them.

Lin Qiye shook his head and laughed.

“Its just a few seeds.

Do you need to overreact”

While speaking, he reached into his stomach and took out another handful of seeds that emitted a similar scent.

However, perhaps because his palm was too small, and he grabbed too many at once, some seeds fell onto the stone slab under Lonemoons feet.

Looking at the falling seeds, Lonemoons heart beat wildly.

Every seed that fell was like a treasure smashed.

She couldnt help but feel her heart tremble.

“T-these are all” Lonemoons hands trembled as she picked up the seed.

Even his voice could not help but quiver.

Lin Qiye said casually, “Didnt I tell you I have countless seeds.

You can have as many as you want.”

Lin Qiye was not bragging.

When he was in Star City, the number of spiritual herb seeds given to him by the major factions was counted in boxes.

How much could his little hands grab

Hes afraid its not even one-thousandth of a box!

If he were to take them all out, the Holy Infant Temples storeroom would probably be filled to the brim!

Although he had advanced to the Immortal Realm and the seeds were not of much use to him, for those below the Immortal Realm, spiritual herbs and other treasures were still precious.

Not to mention Lonemoon, who was only at the late-stage Golden Core Realm.

Watching Lonemoon carefully pick up the seeds, Lin Qiye pinched his fingers and did some calculations.

The open space outside was at least a few thousand square meters.

Lonemoon should be able to cultivate nearly ten thousand spiritual herbs in a batch.

“Do you need ten thousand seeds in one batch”

Lin Qiye mumbled.

With a wave of his hand, a 1-meter wide box appeared on the bluestone floor in front of her.

The moment the box landed on the ground, Lonemoons heart trembled.

However, Lin Qiyes words almost made her pass out on the spot.

“There should be a hundred thousand seeds in this box.

It should be enough for you to use for a while.

If you run out, you can come and get more from me.”

A hundred thousand

She could even replenish the stock

Lonemoons head was buzzing.

She opened her mouth but couldnt say anything.

Oh my God! Was she dreaming

Happiness came too suddenly!

Just as Lonemoon was getting excited over the box of seeds, on a mountain a hundred miles away, in a cave, a skinny monkey demon was conversing with a snake demon who was sticking out its long tongue.

“Do you think what Lonemoon said is true Why do I feel that its a little strange”

“I know.

We also know about that tiger.

Its really hard to believe that he was killed so easily.

But who cares Well know when the owl returns.”

The monkey demon was Hou Tu, and the snake demon was Chang Shi.

Both of them were Lonemoons good friends.

After Lonemoon visited them and told them about Lin Qiyes matter and his intention to trade treasures, they were stunned.

The two demons immediately communicated with each other and gathered with another friend Lonemoon had contacted.

“The owl is back!”

As the two demons spoke, they sensed a familiar aura flying in from the entrance of the cave abode.

It was a large owl.


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