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436 Peeling Off His Soul Layer By Layer

However, the intense pain at this level had already made Lin Qiyes consciousness somewhat blurry.

The mind blades he was controlling started to tremble.

“Hang in there.

Peel off two more layers like this, and I should be able to find it…”

Lin Qiye, now the size of a walnut, looked the same.

He gritted his teeth and endured the intense pain.

His expression twisted.

If he had a physical body, he would probably crush his teeth.

His soul was once again slowly cut apart at the eleventh layer.

Lin Qiyes eyes bulged.

Every time he moved the mind blade, he would stop and rest in pain.

After a few hours, he finally removed the eleventh layer.

“Still nothing” Lin Qiyes voice started to tremble.

The pain of his soul falling apart was far more intense than he had imagined, but he still gritted his teeth and persevered.


“Ive already come this far.

How can I give up”

He steeled his heart and took a deep breath before controlling the mind blades to cut at the last layer of his soul.

It was the last possible hiding spot.

Any deeper, and it would be the core of his soul.

That was the source of his life force.

It was a part of him and could not be stripped away.

Of course, there was no need to strip it.

After all, the core was an independent entity without any flaws.

Lin Qiye only needed to mobilize the power of faith to check it, and he could clearly see if it had been contaminated.

When Lin Qiye cut open the last layer of soul energy wrapped around the core, black smoke immediately spread.

Lin Qiye was shocked.


He quickly controlled the power of faith to seal it to prevent the overflowing black smoke from polluting the energy of his soul that had been stripped.

“Its a good thing Im prepared.

Otherwise, Id be in trouble if you escaped!”

Lin Qiyes spirit was lifted.

He discovered the hidden demonic Qi.

Even the pain from cutting his soul seemed to have diluted a little.

He continued to control the mind blades to separate the remaining parts.

Every time a wisp of black smoke seeped out, it would immediately be wrapped up by the power of faith.

Soon, all the energy from his soul body was stripped away.

The black smoke that seeped out during the process was also captured, with not a wisp spilling out.

However, a small portion of them hastily crawled into the core to escape capture.

“You still want to hide My current mental power isnt something you can influence!”

Lin Qiye easily annihilated the demonic Qi he had captured.

As for the portion that had already entered his core, he wrapped it up with the power of faith along with the soul core.

If it were an ordinary person, their core would be infected by the demonic Qi, and they would become the demon races puppet forever.

However, Lin Qiye focused on his mental strength in this simulation.

That tiny bit of demonic Qi was not enough to affect his thoughts.

Hence, the tiny bit of demonic Qi that had entered his soul core was like a turtle in a jar to him.

“Lin Qiye!”

Just as Lin Qiye was about to use the power of faith to extract the remaining demonic Qi, a sharp voice suddenly sounded from the soul core.

Then, a hideous and terrifying face appeared in front of Lin Qiye.

“You cant escape! You cant escape!”

Looking at the ugly face barking at him, Lin Qiye reached out and crushed it into pieces.

It disappeared.

“You talk too much nonsense.

Do you think I am afraid of you”

He snorted and then checked the condition of his soul again.

After confirming there was no problem, he absorbed the part that had been separated.

Lin Qiye felt the state of his soul.

After getting rid of the hidden demonic Qi, he felt that his mental state seemed to have reached a higher level.

The spiritual barrier originally estimated to take two to three months to break started to show signs of loosening at this moment.

“Oh Interesting.

It seems that after getting rid of the demonic Qi in the depths of my soul, my mental power has been sublimated and transformed.”

Lin Qiye was confident that he could break through the bottleneck of his mental power within these two days and reach the level of an Embodier Realm cultivator.

“I didnt expect that the tiger demons attack not only didnt cause me to lose anything but also plucked out the demonic Qi hidden in my body.

“If those demons know about this, theyll probably go crazy with anger! Hahahaha!”

Lin Qiye sat on the head of the baby statue and laughed out loud.

However, none of the people prostrating at his feet could hear his laughter.

Two days later, Lonemoon returned from her visit.

As soon as she arrived at the entrance of Tata Village, she felt a strong pressure overflowing from the Holy Infant Temple.

“Whats going on Who is it”

She was terrified.

She realized that the pressure was directly applied to her mental state.

It was even stronger than the pressure Lin Qiye had released previously!

“Could it be that another great demon has invaded”

Upon thinking of this, her heart couldnt help but tighten, and she hastened her steps toward the temple.

With her late-stage Golden Core Realm cultivation, she appeared at the temple in a few flashes.

The incense in the temple was still burning, and it was even more intense than usual.

An endless stream of people came to pay their respects, and the crowd was unprecedented.

There was no sign of an invasion.

Seeing this scene, Lonemoon couldnt help but wonder.

Who was the one who emitted that pressure just now

Could the little cutie have broken through again

Thinking of this, her heart couldnt help but beat fast.

At this moment, Lin Qiyes voice entered her ears.

“Come to the backyard.”

Lonemoons eyes flickered, and she quickly left for the backyard.

When she saw Lin Qiye, she couldnt help but ask, “You broke through again”

Lin Qiye turned around and nodded at her with a smile.

Lonemoon was so shocked that she could not close her mouth.

“Heavens! Who are you Ive only been out for half a month, and youve already broken through”

At this moment, she was filled with jealousy.

According to Lin Qiye, he had only been cultivating for less than a year.

However, his strength had already reached a level comparable to an Embodier Realm expert!

Lonemoon thought of herself.

After a few hundred years of hard work, she finally had a human form and reached the late stage of the Golden Core Realm.

Compared to him, her talent was so lame that she couldnt even look at it!

How infuriating!

Lin Qiye floated in the air, looking at Lonemoon leisurely.

“Dont make such a big fuss.

It is just the basic operation.

By the way, hows the matter on your side”

When it came to serious matters, Lonemoon immediately straightened up.

“Ive visited three good friends during this time.

After they heard about you, they all expressed their willingness to trade with you.

However, the materials they have are not rare.

They dont have all the materials you need.”

Lin Qiye nodded.

“Alright, just gather as much as you can.”

He didnt expect to gather all the materials needed to build a physical body in one go.

“Do you really have to form a physical body There are not many people in this world who can compare to your cultivation speed!”

After seeing how fast Lin Qiyes abilities improved, Lonemoon could not understand why he had to create a physical body.

But how would she know

In the future, Lin Qiye would have to face demons.

Endless demons!

If he relied solely on his mental power, he could not deal with the army of demons no matter how fast he cultivated.

He could only control the power of thunder after he regained his physical body and use the Immortal Eye to help him.

Only then would he have enough capital to fight against the demons.

Lin Qiye couldnt explain it.

He could only smile and shake his head without explaining anything.

Seeing this, Lonemoon did not pursue the matter any further.

Instead, she changed the topic and looked up at Lin Qiye.

“Forget it.

I cant be bothered with your business.

But Im curious.

When I entered the village just now, I saw that the open space outside was marked.

The villagers said that it was your order.

Why did you surround that piece of land”

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