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434 The World Has Been Contaminated By Demons

“Theres a peak Embodier Realm demon nearby.

He can kill that tiger with a single slap!”

Lonemoon jumped in shock when she saw Lin Qiyes expression.

However, Lin Qiye knew what to do.

He smiled at Lonemoon and said, “Dont worry.

Im not stupid.

Before Im strong enough, I wont provoke people who are stronger than me.”

“Before you are strong enough However, when you cultivate, others will also improve!”

Lonemoon felt that Lin Qiye was being too arrogant.

“Im quite confident in the speed of my improvement.” Lin Qiye smiled faintly.

“From zero to now, Im already comparable to a cultivator in the late stage of the Nascent Soul Realm.

As for the time Ive been cultivating, its only been less than a year.”

Lin Qiye said casually, but in Lonemoons ears, it shocked her, almost doubting if she had heard wrong.

“You said youve only cultivated for less than a year It is impossible!”

Lonemoons eyes widened, and she jumped up.

However, her injuries were affected, and she immediately grimaced in pain.

“Thats the truth.

I estimate that Ill be able to break through to the Embodier Realm in two or three months,” Lin Qiye shrugged and said calmly.


Lonemoon was speechless.

She parted her lips slightly and looked at him as if he was a monster.

It made sense when she thought about it.

When she was on the mountain, she discovered that Lin Qiye was only in the middle stage of the Golden Core Realm with the help of the array.

Although she didnt have the formation and couldnt see his strength directly, he could control the tiger demon with ease.

Lin Qiye was cultivating differently, and his strength was improving at an alarming rate.

In three months, he advanced from the middle stage of the Golden Core Realm to the late-stage Nascent Soul Realm!

He could be described as monstrous and abnormal.

Lin Qiye didnt explain too much.

He looked at Lonemoon and said, “You told me youve been cultivating in Saint King Mountain for a few hundred years.

You should be familiar with the demons in the nearby mountains, shouldnt you”

Lonemoon nodded.

“More or less, but Im not familiar with most of them.

We are barely considered acquaintances.”

Lin Qiye nodded slightly and fell into deep thought.

He wanted to ask Lonemoon for help.

He wanted to look for the demons she was familiar with and see if he could get the materials he needed to shape his physical body.

Of course, he wouldnt take those materials for free.

He would exchange them with items of corresponding value.

His Life Lantern Gem had stored quite a few items of similar value.

Any one of them was probably worth the net worth of a Nascent Soul Realm demon.

After all, when he was in Star City, the major factions had given him many treasures.

“How about this Contact some of your good friends and see if they have the materials I need.

If they do, invite them over.

Im willing to trade with them for other treasures.

“Of course, as the middleman, I will also give you a reward.”

Hearing the first part of Lin Qiyes words, Lonemoon nodded without hesitation.

But when she reached the second part, her face immediately fell.

“What do you mean What kind of person do you take me for With our relationship, do we still need to talk about rewards”

Lonemoon was not amused.


Lin Qiye was speechless.

He thought that he couldnt let Lonemoon help him unconditionally.

He didnt expect her to have such a big reaction.

“Alright then.

Ill have to trouble you.”

After healing most of Lonemoons injuries, she seemed even more anxious than Lin Qiye.

She left the Holy Infant Temple in a hurry and visited her good friends in the mountains.

Meanwhile, Lin Qiye continued to stay in the temple and cultivated her Immortal Consciousness Soul.

In the meantime, because of the demon invasion, all the nearby villages knew that Tata Village not only had a Holy Spirit protecting it, but it was also a powerful one.

“Oh my God! I heard that the Holy Spirit guarding Tata Village drove away the thousands of demons that invaded their village with a flip of his hand.

Hes too strong!”

“Drove away My second uncle was in Tata Village.

He participated in the cleaning up that day, and the blood alone dyed the ground within a radius of several kilometers red! I think all the demons were killed by the Holy Spirit!”

“F *ck! Is it true Youre not bragging, are you”

“Thats right.

Thousands of demons How can a Holy Spirit like him deal with it”


Master Wang from the neighboring village dealt with a hanging ghost but met difficulties.

There are thousands of demons.

Even if a God were to descend to the world, it would be troublesome!”

“Tsk, believe it or not.

I heard that the Fox Immortal who followed the Holy Spirit was gravely injured in this incident.

It should not be fake.”

All sorts of rumors were spreading in the villages near Tata Village.

Some people were amazed by the strength of the Holy Infant, while others were suspicious that the rumors were exaggerated.

However, it didnt matter whether they believed it or not.

Almost everyone was envious of the Holy Spirits protection in Tata Village.

After all, regardless of whether the Holy Spirit was as powerful as the rumors said, he must have some ability.

Furthermore, many people went to the Holy Infant Temple to pay their respects.

Many of them benefited from it, and after returning, their spirits lifted.

Hence, more and more people went to Tata Village to worship the Holy Spirit, and Lin Qiyes reputation gradually spread and became more divine.

Half a month had passed since the demon extermination incident.

The villagers of Tata Village had already enclosed the land contaminated by demon blood.

It was Lin Qiyes order because the demon blood was rich in spiritual energy and caused the land to transform.

The plants in that area grew rapidly, and their maturity period was much shorter than in other lands.

Although this seemed like a great benefit, Lin Qiye wondered if the spiritual energy in this world had been contaminated.

If it had been contaminated, the demon blood that contained spiritual energy would only be harmful to ordinary people.

Slight contact might not cause much, but long-term contact would cause big trouble.

Inside the Holy Infant Temple, Lin Qiye sat cross-legged on the head of the baby statue.

“Ive been receiving more and more power of faith recently, and its helpful for the cultivation of my mental power.

“However, this spiritual energy seems to have gathered naturally due to the increased power of faith.

Its only been half a month, but its already several times stronger than before.”

Lin Qiye was a little worried that the spiritual energy in this world had been contaminated by evil spirits.

Therefore, the more spiritual energy he gathered, the more likely it would be harmful.

“No, I have to figure out the situation as soon as possible.

Otherwise, the villagers here will be in trouble.”

Lin Qiye did not want to implicate innocent civilians because of him.

He could choose not to absorb spiritual energy, but the villagers could not isolate themselves from the influence.

It would be fine if the spiritual energy was not contaminated by the demons, but once he confirmed it…

The denser the spiritual energy, the more likely the villagers would be demonized.

“I cant use my Immortal Eye now, and I cant control the power of thunder.

Its impossible to check if theres any demonic Qi in the spiritual energy with mental power.

“However, the power of faith is special.

It helped me strip away the demonized part before, so it should also be able to identify demonic Qi.”

Lin Qiye was deep in thought.

Since the power of faith could even purify demonic Qi, it was reasonable to say that a simpler investigation would not be challenging.

With this idea in mind, Lin Qiye immediately began to try it out.

He clenched his fist in the air and shouted, “Condense!”

The power of faith spread rapidly, madly attracting the surrounding spiritual energy to gather.

In a few short breaths, the rich spiritual energy condensed into a pea-sized light green water droplet.

Lin Qiye waved his hand, and the drop of water quickly landed on his palm.

He carefully used the power of faith to isolate the spiritual energy water droplet that had manifested physically.

The water droplet was crystal clear and emitted a faint fluorescent light.

Lin Qiye probed it with his mental power.

The moment he touched the drop of water, the pure and rich energy within it immediately made him feel refreshed.

He felt that even his breathing had become much smoother.

“Such pure energy!” Lin Qiye took a deep breath and frowned.

“Thats not right.

I didnt sense any demonic Qi in this spiritual energy waterdrop at all.

But logically speaking, after gathering so much energy, shouldnt I be able to find a trace of the hidden demonic Qi”


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