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433 The World Has Been Contaminated By Demons

“Im fine.” Lin Qiye shook his head, looking a little weak.

He couldnt help but feel that the benefits of having a physical body were too good to be true.

Although the spiritual energy in this world seemed to have been contaminated and could not be absorbed, Lin Qiye mainly cultivated thunder and lightning, the most powerful Yang force that could restrain evil.

When he absorbed the power of thunder, he didnt have to worry about being contaminated by the demonic influence.

Thunder itself could purify demonic power, so how could he be contaminated

“Its a pity I dont have a physical body now.

Otherwise, treating your injuries would be as easy as breathing,” Lin Qiye sighed.

Hearing his words, Lonemoon stared at him with her doe eyes.

“You want to form a physical body”

“Yeah, whats wrong” Lin Qiye was a little confused.

He didnt know why Lonemoon had that expression.

“Oh my God, youre a Holy Spirit! You are an existence that could become infinitely powerful by absorbing the power of faith! Why do you want a physical body”

Lonemoon was equally confused.

In this world, all cultivators, regardless of whether they were demons or humans, envied one kind of existence.

That was the Holy Spirit.

There were Holy Spirits born naturally, and there were also those that were made later on.

But no matter which type, they all had a common characteristic.

They could maximize the use of the power of faith to strengthen themselves.

In the legends, there were even Holy Spirits who directly became Immortals and Gods after obtaining enough power of faith.

In the end, they broke free from the shackles of virtue and became immortal existences!

“My true strength can only be displayed by relying on a physical body.

Its not my path to rely on the power of faith and virtue,” Lin Qiye said, shaking his head.

During this period, he had indeed felt the power of faith, but if he had to give up everything to study this power that could only be obtained by relying on peoples offerings, Lin Qiye really didnt want to.

Lonemoon didnt quite understand what he was saying.

She asked in confusion, “Since you dont want to rely on the power of faith alone, why havent you formed a physical body for so long”


Lin Qiye was speechless.

“I want to, but I dont have the slightest clue on how to shape a physical body.

How can I start”

Upon hearing this, Lonemoons eyes widened with disbelief.

“You dont know how to create a physical body”

“Should I know” Lin Qiye was confused.

Lonemoon, on the other hand, looked like she was being teased again, full of doubt.

When she saw Lin Qiye wasnt pretending, she exclaimed, “Are you sure youre not joking with me Wasnt the method to create a physical body something that every soul would naturally know when it was born Furthermore, this isnt a secret.

Any cultivator would know about it!”

“What” Lin Qiye was dumbfounded.

Something that every soul would naturally know when they were born

However, he did not have any relevant memories in his mind, nor any inheritances or information.

Could it be because of the demons

Lin Qiye had a headache.

As expected, this journey was filled with the unknown.

Not only were there no hints of many dangerous events, but even the knowledge that should have been born with him had been taken away.

The traps were everywhere.

However, Lin Qiye wasnt afraid of this.

If he couldnt solve this problem, how could he talk about fighting against the whole demon race in the future

“Do you know how to create a physical body”

Lin Qiye asked Lonemoon.

Since she was a cultivator, she should be clear about this.

“It isnt actually difficult, but depending on your physical requirements, the materials you need will be different.”

Lonemoon did not probe further into why Lin Qiye did not even know this.

Instead, she explained to him in detail the method of building a physical body.

“I roughly know these few methods.”

She told Lin Qiye all she knew about creating a physical body.

Lin Qiye roughly understood what was going on after hearing it.

The methods of shaping the body were the same.

It was just that the materials used were different, and the final physical body would appear in a different state.

It wasnt simply a matter of using better materials to improve ones body.

Instead, it required some matching of special materials to create a body with unique talents.

“I mainly cultivate lightning, so my body should have lightning element talent.”

“Then this is suitable for you.

However, these materials are not easy to find.”

The two of them lay in front of a list and pointed at the words on it.

“I have some of these materials right now, but Im still missing some crucial ones.”

“If you look for these materials yourself, itll be a little tricky.

Most of them are treasures and are in the hands of the greater demons in the mountains.

It wont be easy for you to get them.”

In the hands of a greater demon

Lin Qiye smiled.

“As long as we could find it, its a good thing.

As for which demon has it, it doesnt matter.”

A greater demon was a demon above the Nascent Soul Realm.

With his current level of mental power, he was comparable to the late stage of the Nascent Soul Realm.

Coupled with the power of faith, Lin Qiye had an 80% chance of winning even if he were to face an early-stage Embodier Realm opponent.

“Dont tell me you want to rob those greater demons”

Lonemoons mouth hung open as she looked at Lin Qiye in disbelief.

“I advise you not to do that.

Although you defeated the tiger demon today, hes not that strong.”

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