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432 Destruction

“Youre not mistaken.”

Lonemoons expression changed slightly, but she quickly calmed down.

She looked at Lin Qiye nervously and worriedly.

“So what happened Are you all right now” Her words were filled with concern.

Perhaps the reason she was nervous was that she was afraid Lin Qiye would become that demon again.

However, she was more worried that Lin Qiye had encountered some trouble.

Lin Qiye smiled casually.

“This matter is a little complicated.

I cant explain it in a few words, but its fine now.”

He did not want Lonemoon to worry about him.

Moreover, he did not even know the truth behind this incident.

How could he explain it clearly

“Thats good.” Lonemoon nodded lightly and did not ask any more questions.

After all, everyone had their own secrets.

Looking at the mess on the ground, she tried to stand up.

However, because her injuries were quite grave, she staggered back a few steps and almost fell before she could stand up.

Lin Qiye rushed forward to support her.

“Your injuries are looking bad.

Lets go to the village first.

Ill think of a way to treat you.”

“Yeah.” Lonemoon nodded lightly.

After the two of them stepped into the village, no one noticed that a hunched and thin figure quietly crawled out of the bloody mud from the pile of demon corpses.

On his body were the demonic scabs peeled off from Lin Qiyes body.


In the Holy Infant Temple, the villagers squeezed into the small space.

Some were terrified, while others didnt know what was going on.

“God bless us! Lord Holy Infant must drive away those demons!”

“Whats going on I was pulled over without seeing anything.”

“Demons! Demons! So many monsters!”

“I dont want to die yet! Please dont let those demons in!”

There were prayers, discussions, and the cries of babies.

The originally spacious Holy Infant Temple was now extremely crowded.

The noisy voices piled up together, almost making ones head explode.

“Lord Holy Infant is back!”

At this moment, someone suddenly shouted.

The temple instantly fell silent.

Everyone squeezed towards the door.

“Lord Fox Immortal is here too!”

Upon seeing Lin Qiye and Lonemoon walk toward the temple, the villagers looked excited.

Some bolder ones could not help but rush out of the temple to welcome the two.

Immediately after, more people rushed out.

Lin Qiyes petite body supported Lonemoons shoulder.

Although it looked like a huge size difference, it did not seem to take much effort.

When he arrived in front of the temple and saw many people still crowded inside, he couldnt help but say, “Its fine now.

Everyone, come out.”

His voice carried an irresistible mental power.

Everyone made way in the next moment and knelt respectfully on both sides.

After Lin Qiye brought Lonemoon into the temple, everyone looked up one after another.

“Are those Lord Holy Infant and Lord Fox Immortal”

It was the first time someone had seen these two legendaries, Lord Holy Infant and the Fox Immortal.

“Lord Fox Immortal seems to be injured!”

“She must have been injured fighting those demons outside.”

“What about the demons Have they all been chased away”

The villagers were excited and nervous.

Some villagers who had witnessed the demons attack could not help but look in the direction of the village entrance.

“Lord Holy Infant just said that hes fine.

He should have chased away those demons!”

Some villagers stood guard outside the Holy Infant Temple and bowed repeatedly.

Some mustered their courage and walked towards the village entrance.

When they arrived at the entrance and saw the scene, they could not help but be stunned.

It was a mess outside the village.

There was a large amount of blood on the ground.

Occasionally, some broken scales and feathers could be seen.

They should be from the invading demons.

However, other than that, there was nothing else.

There was not even a shadow of a demon.

As for the broken limbs and bodies that had piled up after the massacre, they had long disappeared.

“Its gone The demons have been chased away!”

The villagers did not know what had just happened.

However, they understood when they saw the bloodstains on the ground and the large scales and feathers scattered.

Those demons must have been beaten up badly and had long fled.

“Did they all run away”

“Lord Holy Infant is amazing!”

Some villagers who witnessed the demon invasion were shocked.

They saw the mighty demon army.

There were at least a thousand of them, but not long after, only a mess was left at the scene.

The invading demons had disappeared.

“Haha! Now that we have the protection of the Lord Holy Infant, we dont have to be afraid of those things anymore!”

The villagers were overjoyed.

They had seen how powerful those evil things were.

Just one of them had caused the village to be in chaos, let alone thousands of them appearing at the same time!

But now, Lord Holy Infant, who was guarding them, had chased away more than a thousand demons and ghosts effortlessly.

How could they not be happy and excited

The joy of chasing away the demons rushed into their hearts.

A group of villagers surrounded the bloody and messy area, but they did not seem afraid.

In fact, in a short time, they had already organized themselves and started to clean up the ruined land.

At the same time, Lin Qiye, who had brought Lonemoon back to the Holy Infant Temple, began to treat her injuries.

“Fortunately, part of my innate Qi can be attached to my soul.

It is the best for treating injuries.”

Lin Qiye activated his innate Qi to treat her injuries.

Although he had mainly cultivated the Immortal Consciousness Soul during this period, the Dao Repository Technique could already circulate on its own.

He did not need to deliberately cultivate to gradually increase his innate Qi.

Unfortunately, because there was no physical body to store it, the innate Qi that his soul could accumulate was limited.

It was not a problem to use it for healing, but it could not withstand the heavy consumption needed in combat.

Half an hour later, Lin Qiye was still transferring innate Qi into Lonemoons body.

The loss of innate Qi caused his soul to dim a little.

“Are you all right” Lonemoon noticed his abnormality and was shocked.

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