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431 Destruction

Lin Qiye dug through his memories.

From the moment he saved Lonemoon, the most likely time for him to transform was after removing the energy boost from the power of faith.

Before that, he had not done anything that might trigger an abnormality.

“Could my change be related to the change in my cultivation at that time But what exactly triggered it”

Lin Qiye frowned deeply.

“According to the situation at that time, I only touched the power of faith, spiritual energy, and mental power.”

Was it because of the power of faith

From the looks of it, the power of faith was the existence he knew the least about.

Although Lin Qiye felt it was unrelated to demons, he could not eliminate his suspicions.

Apart from the power of faith, there was also a possibility of spiritual energy.

Under normal circumstances, souls could not absorb spiritual energy, and their cultivation methods differ from living creatures.

However, Lin Qiye forcefully used the power of faith to absorb spiritual energy and advanced to the peak of the Golden Core Realm in a short period.

It seemed reasonable to cause an abnormality.

As for his mental power, he had been cultivating it every day ever since he arrived in this world.

If there was a problem, Lin Qiye should have discovered it long ago.

“In that case, forcefully absorbing spiritual energy to increase my cultivation seems to be the most likely reason for this abnormality.

“After all, Ive already come into contact with both spiritual energy and the power of faith.

Its unlikely that these two are related to demons.”

Lin Qiye nodded.

The more he thought about it, the more reasonable it seemed.

After all, this simulation was filled with many situations that even the main world couldnt see through.

Moreover, this world was prepared by the demons to assimilate him.

Many existences would definitely involve the demons trap.

For example, spiritual energy.

According to the sacrifice of the demons, dozens of Immortals and Heavenly Immortals were enough to change the energy system of a world.

It was possible to pollute pure spiritual energy with the power of demons.

“Could it be that the spiritual energy in this world has been contaminated

“But why are my thoughts unaffected even though I look like a demon”

Lin Qiye lowered his head and looked at the hideous face reflected in the blood.

He was puzzled.

More than half of his appearance had been eroded, leaving only less than one-fifth of his human characteristics.

The rest had become no different from demons.

However, although his appearance had changed drastically, his mental power and soul essence had not changed at all.

Lin Qiye thought about how his appearance was not completely demonized and his strong mental power, and he broke out in a cold sweat.

“Perhaps its because Ive been cultivating my mental strength and have the protection of the power of faith that I didnt let the demonic power corrode my heart,” He muttered with lingering fear.

Although he was unsure whether his guess was correct, he could not find a better explanation for his appearance.

Therefore, even if it was only a possibility, Lin Qiye did not dare to try to absorb spiritual energy in any way.

“It looks like I have to be careful in the future.

Moreover, I still have to verify my guess.

Rebuilding my physical body is imminent!”

It was when Lin Qiye made up his mind that he remembered the pitiful Lonemoon was still cowering at the side in fear.

At this moment, there was probably no way to dispel her trauma.

Lin Qiye could not help but laugh bitterly.

He wanted to explain and comfort Lonemoon, but when he looked at himself, his hands froze in the air again.

“Is there any way to restore my appearance”

He frowned slightly.

Although his appearance had only changed, his thoughts were still his own.

However, such a terrifying face indeed had nothing to do with kindness.

No matter what, he still had to go out and meet people in the future.

He couldnt keep doing this.

Suddenly, Lin Qiye had a flash of inspiration.

He remembered that when he was in a simulation, he had seen his admirer.

When the woman was fighting against the danger of the demon invasion, she used the endless power of faith to summon his future self and resolved the attack.

Although the one who got rid of the demon might be the future him, the source of it was the power of faith from his admirers.

“Perhaps I can try this power of faith”

He wanted to do it.

Lin Qiye immediately mobilized the power of faith and tried to remove the demonized part of himself.

The moment he touched the demonized parts, Lin Qiye was overjoyed.

“It works!”

When the power of faith touched the demonized part, he immediately felt a warm current.

The demonized part was like a scab-like wound.

With a gentle peel, the black and hard shell fell off, revealing his pure soul.

With the help of the immense power of faith, Lin Qiye quickly removed all the demonized parts from his body.

He checked carefully and confirmed that there were no hidden dangers before letting out a long sigh.

“There should be no problem now.”

When Lin Qiye was doing this, he did not avoid Lonemoon.

Meanwhile, Lonemoon hid at the side and watched the process clearly.

When she saw Lin Qiye crawling out of a pile of black scabs, she froze on the spot as if she had been struck by lightning.

Her eyes widened, and her mouth hung open.

Seeing her like this, Lin Qiye lowered his head again to check his condition.

Then, he floated into the air and came before her.

“Dont be afraid.

There was an accident just now.

I scared you.”

Lin Qiye smiled gently, his chubby face filled with guilt.

Lonemoon sat on the ground in a daze.

She stared at Lin Qiye with her big eyes as if she had yet to recover from her shock.

Lin Qiye waved his hand in front of her eyes and pretended to look worried.

“Are you scared silly”

Hearing this, Lonemoon was stunned for a moment.

A trace of light returned to her eyes.

Only then did she dare to confirm that the guy in front of her was that annoying little cutie with a vicious mouth!

“Little cutie! Is it really you” She reached out to touch Lin Qiye, but just as she was about to touch him, she trembled and stopped in midair.

Lin Qiye felt her trembling body, and his heart ached.

He leaned over and patted her head.

“Its me.

Everything is fine now.

Ive already resolved the trouble.”

After saying that, Lin Qiye felt a strong force hugging him tightly.

“Its really you…” She sobbed.

Lonemoon wrapped her arms around Lin Qiyes chest and hugged him so tightly that he could barely breathe.

However, Lin Qiye did not struggle this time.

He could feel that Lonemoon was really frightened.

Her sobbing voice was heartbreaking, and her trembling body made ones throat feel sour.

Just like that, Lin Qiye let her hug him and cry.

After a long time, when Lonemoon regained her senses and released Lin Qiye, his head was covered in snot and tears.

He looked pathetic.

“Dont cry anymore.” Lin Qiye took out a handkerchief from somewhere and wiped the sticky stuff on his face.

He purposely put on a disgusted expression.

“Look at this.

Tsk, tsk.

Im afraid I wont have any appetite this month.”

“Youre so annoying!”

Lonemoon smiled through her tears, her face turning red.

She didnt want it to be like this, but perhaps there were too many tears.

Every time she cried, the snot would come out of her nose uncontrollably.

After joking around, she regained her composure.

She looked a little playful again.

“Youre so cute.

Cant you say something nicer”

“Do I look like the kind of person who would be good”

Lin Qiye looked amused.

Lonemoon rolled her eyes, but when she looked at Lin Qiye again, the scenes from before appeared in her mind.

She looked at the pile of black scabs on the ground and asked with doubt and lingering fear in her eyes, “What exactly happened just now You seem to…”

At this point, she could not help but look at Lin Qiye again as if she was wondering if she was hallucinating.

“I seem to have become a monster” Lin Qiye looked at her, and the smile on his face faded.

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