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429 Prestige of The Holy Infant

The demons submitted, and the rogue ghosts were terrified.

Lin Qiye stood alone in front of Tata Village, calmly resisting the powerful pressure.

Not far from him, a three-meter-tall demon with a tiger head and a human body were striding towards him at high speed.

Behind him was a thin and hunched figure.

Further back was Lonemoon, who was carried by two ghost servants.

When the two sides met, Lonemoon immediately cried out in panic.

“Little cutie, run!”

Her plan was ruined, and she was already in trouble.

She did not want Lin Qiye to suffer as well.

“Run Can you run” The rat demon rushed out in a flash.

Without waiting for Lin Qiye to react, he called for the demons to seal off the surrounding retreat route.

“Block him.

Lord Wild Tiger wants to deal with him personally!”

Lin Qiye was unmoved.

He just frowned at the controlled woman.

“Lord Wild Tiger, that brat seems to have been scared silly,” The rat demon turned around and said to the tiger demon.

The surrounding Golden Core demons retreated to the tigers side and said respectfully, “Lord Wild Tiger, that guy set up a defensive formation in this village.

Our people cant rush in.”

“Oh” The bulky mantiger glanced at the rat demon.

The latter immediately understood and laughed confidently.

He walked forward and looked at Lin Qiye.

“Hehe, another formation user” As he spoke, he glanced at the defensive formation at the village entrance and smiled even more brightly.

“You want to stop us with this inferior formation It looks like youre even more naive than that smelly fox!”

“Little cutie, run!” Seeing that the demons were blocking the way, Lonemoon struggled to break free from the control of the ghosts.

But before she could do anything, she was slapped to the ground by Wild Tiger and vomited blood.

“Dont worry.

Ill treat both of you well today.”

Wild Tiger stepped on Lonemoons head.

The latter was in extreme pain.

She wanted to struggle, but she had no strength left.

At the same time, the rat demon summoned the surrounding ghosts and demons to charge at Lin Qiye.

In response, Lin Qiye only stared at Wild Tiger with killing intent flashing in his eyes.

Facing the charging rat demons, he did not even look at them.

Lin Qiye raised his hand and sent out a violent energy wave.

The wave swept past, and the dozens of small demons and ghosts in front of him were either sent flying or dissipated.

The rat demons cultivation was at the middle stage of the Golden Core Realm.

Although he barely managed to block the attack, he vomited blood and fell to the ground.

He looked at Lin Qiye in shock.

“Youre at the peak of the Golden Core Realm!”

The surrounding Golden Core Realm demons were all gloating at the rat demon.

Wild Tiger was stunned for a moment before looking at Lin Qiye playfully.

“I didnt expect you to give me a surprise.”

He was a little surprised by Lin Qiyes increase in strength.

After all, three months ago, his subordinates found that Lin Qiye was only in the middle stage of the Golden Core Realm.

However, he had already reached the peak and showed signs of breaking through to the Nascent Soul Realm.

His cultivation speed was terrifying.

If the tiger demon had not been on guard against Lonemoon, he would have suffered a huge loss this time.

Lin Qiye looked at Wild Tiger with a dark expression.

He did not dare to attack directly because he was still in a dangerous situation.

If he attacked Wild Tiger directly, it might cause him to attack Lonemoon.

That was not the situation he wanted to see.

“No, I must think of a way to save her first.” Lin Qiye thought to himself.

He glanced at the demons surrounding the village, who were a little afraid of him.

Then, he had an idea.

“Youre the great demon who occupied the Saint King Mountain Why are you more useless than I thought

“Youre a good-for-nothing, and you dont dare to fight me.

Whats the point of sending your useless subordinates to their deaths”

The demons gritted their teeth when they heard him call them trash.

However, the strength that Lin Qiye displayed just now crushed them.

What else could they say

They could only turn to look at Wild Tiger.

As the leader of the demons, Wild Tigers face was ashen.

Lin Qiyes words could be said to be extremely mocking.

If he did not respond, these subordinates would probably hold a grudge against him in the future.

“Arrogant fellow, I will see if your strength is as powerful as your mouth!” Wild Tiger snorted coldly.

He kicked Lonemoon away and rushed toward Lin Qiye.

Lin Qiyes eyes flashed.

He did not retreat and charged at Wild Tiger.

As the two were about to collide, Wild Tiger suddenly swung his palm and struck Lin Qiyes thin body.

And yet, before he felt the joy of eliminating his opponent, he suddenly realized that something was wrong with the touch on his hand.

“An afterimage” Wild Tigers expression changed.

His palm missed and hit Lin Qiyes afterimage.

However, while he was shocked, his reaction was not slow.

He instantly turned around to guard against Lin Qiyes sneak attack.

After dodging Wild Tigers attack, Lin Qiye did not take the opportunity to counterattack.

Instead, he continued to rush forward, arriving in front of the unattended Lonemoon in the blink of an eye.

“Hes here!”

The demons exclaimed.

When they saw Lin Qiye rushing over, they fled in all directions.

But Lin Qiye did not care about those demons.

His only target was Lonemoon.

“How are you” Lin Qiye gently picked her up from the ground and carefully checked her injuries.

Seeing Lin Qiye coming over, Lonemoon was overjoyed, but her pale face quickly showed a hint of panic.

“Dont worry about me.

Run! Youre no match for him!”

“Dont worry.

I dont care about a mere tiger demon.” Lin Qiye picked her up and smiled.

When he looked at Wild Tiger, his eyes were filled with cold murdering intent.

He stepped forward slowly.

With every step, a powerful energy stream swept toward the demons.

All the demons below the Golden Core Realm felt that the rhythm of their hearts seemed to be controlled by the frequency of his footsteps.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

Every strike was heavy.

Some Qi Refinement Realm demons felt terrible.

They clutched their chests and knelt.

More than ten Golden Core Realm demons broke out in a cold sweat and could not help but retreat.

Wild Tiger was shocked.

He could feel that the purity of Lin Qiyes energy was only at the peak of the Golden Core Realm.

However, even he was affected by such a strange method.

“Hmph! Youre just a fellow at the peak of the Golden Core Realm.

Ill destroy you with a flip of my hand!”

Wild Tiger let out a loud roar, and the aura around his body erupted.

His mid-stage Nascent Soul Realm cultivation was fully displayed.

Lin Qiyes strange rhythm was neutralized.

“Peak of the Golden Core Realm Who told you so” Lin Qiye stood in the middle of the demons with Lonemoon in his arms, his voice cold.

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