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Chapter 427: Tiger Demon Rogue Ghosts

He and Lonemoon were acquaintances after all, and he had a good impression of her.

Therefore, he didnt want to see her killed by the tiger demon.

As Lin Qiyes cultivation level grew, the power of faith increased.

The energy he condensed became purer, and the area it covered became wider.

The villagers who came to pay their respects could not absorb the energy directly.

However, under the influence, their physiques were also imperceptibly affected.

Their physical fitness became better and better.

Some minor injuries would quickly heal after being baptized by the energy.

Even if there were some inborn defects, it would also be nourished.

For example, some people were born with tuberculosis, and a little exercise would make them gasp for breath.

But after paying their respects at the Holy Infant Temple for a while, their condition improved miraculously.

However, the relief was not permanent.

After all, these villagers were unable to absorb the worlds energy.

Only by being nourished for a long time could they truly obtain the greatest benefit and achieve the goal of permanent improvement.

Although the villagers who came to pay their respects were unaware of this, they could clearly feel the changes in their bodies after paying their respects.

Of course, everyone was convinced and felt that the Carefree Immortal, Lord Holy Infant, was a peerless Immortal who had brought good fortune to the people!

As a result, more and more people came to worship Lin Qiye, and the power of faith he obtained also increased.

It was a virtuous cycle.

As Lin Qiye cultivated, the benefits he gave the villagers gradually became greater.

Two months later, in front of the Holy Infant Temple, the morning sun had just risen.

The incense spread, reflecting the light of the first ray of the sun, making it seem sacred and solemn.

Lin Qiye stretched lazily and floated out of the temple.

“Mm-!” He let out a long groan and seemed to be in a good mood.

“Whats going on today Why do I feel so much more relaxed than before”

Lin Qiye stretched his shoulders, his chubby little face full of doubt.

However, that doubt quickly turned into a surprise.

“The resentment is gone!” He examined his soul in disbelief.

From the day Lin Qiye arrived here, he had been constantly disturbed by resentment.

Although he spent time erasing the resentment daily, the root of it was still in his body and breeding new resentment constantly.

Lin Qiye thought that this situation would continue until he condensed a new body, but he did not expect it to disappear without a trace after he woke up.

“Whats going on This resentment should be bound to my soul.

Without the support of a body, Im afraid Ill have to be ferried to the afterworld to get rid of the resentment completely.

But now…”

Lin Qiye carefully examined his soul a few times and realized that the source of the resentment was indeed gone.

It seemed to have been completely removed.

He focused his mind and investigated in detail.

“Oh What is this”

A wisp of strange energy suddenly floated past the place where the source of his resentment had been.

It was the mysterious power of faith.

The power of faith seeped into every part of his soul, and anything with impurities was swept out.

“I didnt expect the power of faith to have such an effect.” Lin Qiye was pleasantly surprised.

He had been a little worried about whether something had gone wrong, but when he saw the power of faith controlling it, he was relieved and no longer concerned.

“This is really a surprise!” Just as Lin Qiye was rejoicing, the Life Lantern Gems notification suddenly rang in his mind.

[Successfully defying heavens to change your fate: At the age of 0, you dispel resentment every day and temporarily resist the erosion of resentment.]

[On the sixth month, with the help of the fox demon, you are respected and worshipped by the villagers of Tata Village.

They built a temple for you and offered you incense.]

[On the ninth month, with the help of the power of faith, you have purified the resentment in your heart and become a Holy Spirit.]

[Congratulations, you have escaped the fate of becoming an evil spirit.

Countless living beings were saved because of your transformation.


[Special notice: This simulation has been disturbed by an unknown force.

The fate-changing reward cannot be distributed normally.

The rewards have been accumulated in the treasure vault.

Good luck.]

Lin Qiye was stunned.

He had successfully changed his fate, but the system could not give out the reward.

“Looks like I cant be the least bit careless during this trip.”

Even the main world couldnt interfere.

It made Lin Qiye realize again that this world was not as peaceful as he thought it was.

He broke out in a cold sweat.

“Ive been living too comfortably for the past half year.

I almost forgot that I was forcibly dragged into this simulation by a demon.

No, I cant let this happen again.

I have to find a way to reform my physical body as soon as possible and then leave this place.”

He couldnt even obtain the reward of changing his fate, so there was no benefit in staying for a long time, especially when the danger was unknown.

The longer Lin Qiye stayed, the less he could control his fate.

Lin Qiye didnt dare to delay any further.

However, it seemed that fate liked to go against him.

Just as he raised his vigilance, trouble came to him.

“Ding! Ding! Ding!”

A crisp and urgent warning tone rang out.

Lin Qiye frowned.

He reached into his soul and took out an eight-trigram formation compass.


Upon looking at the densely packed light spots on the formation compass, his expression changed drastically.

The surveillance formation set up on Saint King Mountain had been activated.

“Not good! Theres a monster! Theres a monster!”

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