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Chapter 419: The Great Holy Infant Spirit

And a few were even kneeling on the ground, appearing extremely reverent.

“Damn, how many demons and ghosts are there in this mountain Why is there another fox demon”

Lin Qiye muttered to himself as he stared at the fox demon.

The villagers were also stunned by the situation.

Their eyes darted back and forth between Lin Qiye and the fox demon.

No one dared to make any offensive moves.

They either knelt on the ground or froze on the spot.

Just as the atmosphere fell into silence, the fox demon suddenly made a move.

Lin Qiye was on his guard.

The fox demon smiled and turned around to face Lin Qiye.

She suddenly knelt on one knee and said respectfully, “Greetings, Lord Holy Infant!”


Lin Qiyes eyes widened in confusion.

What was going on Who is she Does he know her very well

Lin Qiye was a little confused by the fox demon, but the villagers seemed to have understood something.

After a moment of shock, they quickly knelt and bowed to Lin Qiye.

“Greetings, Lord Holy Infant!”

The adults and the young people were divided into two groups.

Lin Qiye was dumbfounded.

Wait, what the hell was this

Did he lose his memory Why didnt he know he had such an identity

At this time, the fox demon suddenly turned to look at the group of kneeling villagers.

She raised her hand slightly, and an invisible force sent the villagers to the foot of the mountain.

“Recently, there have been big monsters appearing in the mountains.

Dont barge in without permission.

Lord Holy Infant and I will find a way to solve this matter.”

Her voice entered everyones ears.

The villagers all clicked their tongues in wonder as they excitedly knelt in the direction of Saint King Mountain.

“As expected! There is indeed a Fox Immortal in this mountain!”

“Theres also a Holy Spirit! That Fox Immortal even calls him Lord Holy Infant, and it seems like she is his servant!”

“Wow! I didnt expect our Tata Village to have the protection of a Holy Spirit! Long live!”

“Long live!”

The villagers of Tata Village went crazy.

They did not expect there would be a Holy Spirit in the mountain, and it was a powerful Holy Spirit served by the Fox Immortal!

Everyone was ecstatic as if they could already see their village prospering with each passing day under the blessings and protection of the Holy Spirit.

On Saint King Mountain, Lin Qiyes brows furrowed into a knot as he watched the fox demon send the villagers down the mountain.

He looked at the fox demon coldly.

Even though she did not show any malicious intent, he still felt like he was being played.

“I think you need to explain the current situation.” Lin Qiye floated in the air with a serious expression on his face.

However, the fox demon only laughed when she saw it.

“What a cute little fellow!”

The fox demon covered her mouth, unconsciously revealing endless charm.

Lin Qiye furrowed his brows, and his aura exploded.

A torrent of energy spread out, instantly freezing the air within a hundred meters.

“I dont want to ask a second time.”

Lin Qiye could sense that the Fox demon was plotting something.

Regardless of whether she had any ill intentions, Lin Qiye would never allow a situation that he could not control and be toyed with to happen.

The fox demons expression froze when she saw Lin Qiyes anger.

When Lin Qiyes aura exploded, she felt a hint of threat.

Her heart couldnt help but jump.

“Dont be agitated.

I have no ill intentions.”

The fox demon slightly straightened.

She restrained her emotions, and there was no more fluctuation on her face.

Her charm also became a little weaker.

“Let me introduce myself first.

Im Lonemoon, the previous master of Saint King Mountain.”

Lin Qiye stared at Lonemoon.

He was equally expressionless.

It was just that his chubby face looked very likable no matter what.

“The previous master of Saint King Mountain What do you mean by that”

Since she was the previous master, it meant she was no longer in charge.

Lonemoon sighed, her expression slightly dark.

“Ive been cultivating in seclusion on this mountain for hundreds of years.

When I was breaking through to the late stage of the Golden Core Realm, a tiger demon suddenly broke in.

“He sneaked an attack on me when I was weak and gravely injured me.

Then, he robbed my cave and threatened me to hand over my demon core and follow his orders.”

Lin Qiyes eyes flickered when he heard this.

It seemed that there was indeed a tiger demon in this mountain.

“You said that youre following his orders now, so were you also ordered by him to attack the villagers And who laid down the formations in the mountain”

Lin Qiye did not dare to trust Lonemoons words.

Lonemoon raised her head and looked at Lin Qiye.

“I didnt attack the villagers.

It was the tiger demon who ordered his subordinates to do it.

As for the formation, they were indeed set up by me.”

“Hmph, youve really plucked yourself out cleanly.” Lin Qiyes words were full of sarcasm.

When he entered the mountain, he was first monitored, then trapped in a formation with the young men.

If he wasnt proficient in formation arrays, he would probably still be trapped in it.

As for those young men, they might even be eaten by the rogue ghosts that came after them.

Lonemoon seemed to know what Lin Qiye was trying to say.

She stared at him with a sincere look.

“It was my fault for spying on you before.

However, the trap formation I set up in the mountain was not to harm the villagers but to protect them.”

Lin Qiye did not say anything.

He only looked at Lonemoon indifferently.

Lonemoon continue, “Ever since the tiger demon took over Saint King Mountain, he has been sending his subordinates, the rogue ghosts, to do evil and steal peoples blood Qi to help him increase his cultivation.”

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