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The Wang family patriarch bowed to a fat monk wearing a kasaya in fear and trepidation.


Almsgiver Wang, these things are all tainted with evil consequences.

It was them that caused your son to encounter evil.

Leave these to this penniless monk to deal with.

Otherwise, more people will suffer harm!”

The fat monk pointed at the large pile of things in the courtyard, his face full of solemnity.

“Ah This… Then Ill have to trouble you, Master.”

Upon hearing the monks words, the Wang family patriarch immediately panicked.

He hurriedly ordered his servants to move everything into a carriage.

At the same time, he turned to the monk and said, “Master, is it true that as long as these things are dealt with, the dirty beings in our village will disappear”

“Yes, thats right.

When this penniless monk takes these things out to perform a ritual, it will naturally resolve your disaster.”

The monk had a righteous look on his face.

“Thank you so much, Master!”

The Wang family patriarch shed tears of gratitude and quickly bowed to him.

“Amitabha, Buddha is merciful.

Purifying the evil in this world is the duty of our Buddhist sect.

Almsgiver Wang, you dont have to be so courteous.” The monk pressed his palms together.

Seeing that everything had been loaded into the carriage, he turned his head to bid farewell to the Wang family patriarch and prepared to leave.

The surrounding crowd blocked the Wang familys gate.

Some people were discussing in low voices.

“Could this monk be lying Those things are worth a lot of money.

He just took them away like that”

“Yeah, the Wang family patriarch is kind-hearted.

Im afraid he was most likely deceived.”

The Wang family patriarch was a well-known philanthropist in Tata Village.

His family had a lot of money and food.

It was said that his ancestors were once wealthy gentlemen.

However, in his generation, he was tired of scheming against others in the business market.

That was why he came to Tata Village and lived a life of seclusion.

The villagers had more or less received the favor of the Wang family, so they also respected the Wang family patriarch very much.

Now that they saw he was suspected of being deceived, some fiery-tempered villagers could not sit still and stepped forward to stop him.

“The bald donkey over there, stop right there!”

A burly man walked out of the crowd.

“Leave all the things behind.

Dont even think about deceiving the Wang family!”

When someone took the lead, many people immediately followed.

“Thats right.

The Wang family patriarch is kind-hearted.

How can we allow you to deceive him”

The crowd began to attack, but the monk remained unmoved.

He walked to the front of the crowd without fear, put his palms together, and said to the burly man leading the group, “Amitabha.

Monks dont lie.

How could this penniless monk deceive the Wang family patriarch”

“Hmph, looking at your fat head, you must have profited a lot!”

“You can deceive the Wang family patriarch, but you cant deceive everyone here!”

“Thats right! Weve been to all the nearby monasteries, but weve never seen you before!”

“Liar! We cant let him go!”

More and more villagers gathered.

Some even went home to carry their hoes.

It looked like the monk would be lucky if he didnt get beaten up today, let alone take the valuable things away.

The monk still didnt show any fear.

On the contrary, Patriarch Wangs face was ashen, as if he was the one punished.

He took a deep breath, adjusted his emotions, and walked forward.


“Everyone, please listen to me!”

The moment Patriarch Wang spoke, the villagers immediately quieted down.

“Everyone, I invited this Master from the capital city.

Please rest assured that he didnt deceive me!

“Please make way and let the Master remove the disaster for our village!”

These words had a pleading meaning.

In this regard, the villagers felt even more unworthy for Patriarch Wang.

“Patriarch Wang, you…”

“I am begging everyone! I dont want to see any other familys children suffer the same fate as my son!”

Just as the crowd was about to dissuade him, Patriarch Wang stood in front and solemnly bowed deeply to the crowd.


Seeing Patriarch Wangs firm attitude, everyone looked at each other, unable to say anything more.

Although they knew he might be cheated this time, the money was still his, not theirs.

They did not have the right to interfere too much.

“Sigh, move aside.” An elder walked out and dismissed everyone.

Everyone was helpless.

They could only watch as the fat monk dragged away a cart full of money.

However, nobody noticed that in the crowd, there was a pale-faced, wet, skinny youth watching the fat monk drive away.

“Spiritual energy fluctuation I didnt expect that monk to be skilled.”

The skinny youth muttered, then rolled his eyes and fell to the ground with a plop.

“Eh Little Li, what happened to you”

“Someone come quickly! Something seems to have happened to Little Li!”

With a loud shout, everyones attention turned to the skinny youth who had fallen to the ground.

A puddle of water trickled down his body, and it gradually moved out of the crowd.

After moving to a dark corner, the puddle of water suddenly flew up and transformed into the appearance of an infant.

The babys body was translucent, and there was a faint layer of fluorescence on the surface of his body.

He was Lin Qiye.

“Damn, it really is a different path for humans and ghosts.

Its only been half a day, and he cant hold on anymore.”

Lin Qiye looked at the skinny young man hurriedly carried away by the crowd and felt slightly guilty for a second.

Last night, after the villagers left with the Young Master of the Wang family….

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