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“What The situation is already so grave”

In the conference hall, everyones expressions became somewhat solemn.

Wen Shuhong looked at everyone with a sullen face and said, “Just now, I received news that several cities have been besieged by Immortal Level demons.

Its really a catastrophe.”

“How is this possible There are dozens of Immortal Level demons surrounding Star City Now! How can they still have combat power left”

Many people could not understand.

Star City already had forty-nine Immortal Level demons, and there were even more besieging the City of Sea!

Under such circumstances, how could the demons still have enough strength to attack other cities

“The specific situation is still unclear, but experts from other regions have begun to rush over to support us.

Now, its up to us to see if we can hold on.”

Everyone frowned.

“What are these demons trying to do”

“Theyre making such a big move, and theyre even sacrificing such a huge price to besiege Star City.

Are they crazy” The man in luxurious clothes from Ideal Island huffed.

Even as an Immortal Level powerhouse, he felt his scalp turning numb when he faced so many Immortal Level demons.

“Their target is Lin Qiye.

He can see through the disguise of the demons!” Wen Shuhong said.

“Oh Mr.

Lin has this ability”

The three Immortal Level powerhouses who came to support all turned their eyes to Lin Qiye.

Before this, they had already witnessed the fear demons had towards Lin Qiye.

However, they did not expect that it was not only because of his strength but also because he possessed the ability to restrain the demons.

It was no wonder a small city would attract such a large group of demons.

“Not good! The Immortal Level demons outside the city are acting strangely!”

Everyone was analyzing the current situation when the messenger suddenly rushed in hurriedly.

“Whats the situation Could it be that reinforcements have arrived”

Everyone stood up.

The demons had not moved for a long time.

Now that there was a sudden action, they first thought that reinforcements had arrived.

“Lets take a look first.”

The few Immortal Level experts led the way out.

Lin Qiye had already used his mental power to check the situation outside the city.

“Theres no one What are they doing”

Everyone gathered on the South Gates city wall.

They didnt see any traces of humans.

Instead, they saw Immortal Level demons moving outside in a hurry.

A demonic force field was activated.

The energy in the demons bodies poured rapidly toward the ground.

They werent attacking but simply releasing energy.

It looked like they were charging the earth.

And the moment Lin Qiye appeared, more than ten demons flew forward at the same time, pouncing on Star Citys seal.

The demons opened their wide mouths, continuously spitting out black mucus.

It landed on the seal and was quickly absorbed, causing the seals power to increase crazily.

In less than 15 minutes, the barrier that sealed Star City had turned into a faint ink color.

The energy level was so terrifying that even Lin Qiyes mental power could not penetrate it.

“sh*t! They are strengthening the seal!”

The expression of the man in luxurious clothes changed drastically.

He could sense that even if he used all his strength, he could not create a crack in the energy currently sealing Star City!

“What are they trying to do Why are they surrounding and not attacking”

The messy-haired elders expression was dark.

The monk-robed young man also withdrew his compassionate expression as he stared intently at the group of demons outside the city.

“That seems to be… a formation”

Lin Qiye slightly narrowed his eyes.

He looked at the marks the demons outside the city were carving on the ground as his expression gradually became a little ugly.

“Something is wrong.

That seems to be a powerful formation!”

The messy-haired elder was knowledgeable and also noticed the abnormality.

“Is it a summoning array No, thats not right! Theres a devouring power inside!”

In a few breaths, the demons seemed to have finished setting up the array formation.

The terrifying energy within had penetrated through the isolation of the sealing barrier, allowing everyone in the city to vaguely sense how powerful that energy was.


Lin Qiyes pupils constricted.

He knew of some heaven-defying methods of the demons.

If there were devouring power, the first thing he would think of would be the demons method of devouring the geniuses of various races to complete their ascension to the world.

Although it was already impossible to continue the ascension in the main world, using this method to erode the geniuses of various races was undoubtedly effective.

Could it be that they wanted to bring him into the cycle of reincarnation and devour him

Lin Qiye felt a sense of crisis.

Zhu Yuhengs previous encounter was still vivid in his mind.

Was it going to fall on him now

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