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Before the monk-robed youth and the messy-haired old man could say anything, the man in luxurious clothes hurriedly agreed.

At this moment, forty-nine Immortal Level demons were staring at them.

That powerful pressure made even an Immortal Level expert like him feel his heart pounding.

Just like that, Lin Qiye brought the three of them and headed straight into the city.

The demons looking around were glaring at them, but they didnt do anything.

The three people could feel the anger in the eyes of the demons, but even so, they still suppressed and endured it.

On the other hand, Lin Qiyes expression was calm from the start.

It was as if he wasnt facing a ferocious demon but a weak lamb.

In such a situation, the relatively calm monk-robed youth and the messy-haired elder were secretly shocked.

What was the background of this young man in front of them

Facing the group of demons alone, he didnt show any signs of cowardice.

On the contrary, the demons didnt dare to act rashly!

If he was said to be a God, the three of them probably wouldnt doubt it.

The well-dressed man was nervous and vigilant until he followed Lin Qiye into Star City.

Only then did he let out a breath of relief.

“It, it is real!”

His face was still filled with fear.

From the moment he received the video of Lin Qiye fighting against dozens of demons, he suspected that Star City had faked it to get support.

But when he really faced Lin Qiye, the shock in his heart was more than a hundred times stronger than when he watched the video!

After all, he had just faced dozens of Immortal Level demons in real life!

“Are you all from Ideal Island”

When the three of them guessed Lin Qiyes identity, Lin Qiye also looked at them with some confusion.

He had heard that there was a support team at the periphery, but one of the three was from Ideal Island.

Could it be that the team was sent by Ideal Island


I met them on the way, so we teamed up.”

The man in fine clothes looked at Lin Qiye and seemed a little uneasy.

Itwas the attitude of a person under the pressure of strength.


This little monk has sinned deeply.

Im here to atone for my sins.”

The young man in monk robes said something no one could understand.

“Im just a tomb keeper.

I heard some movement here, so I came to take a look.” Although the messy-haired elder spoke with a smile, his tone was filled with a despairing aura.

Lin Qiye looked at the three of them.

Not mentioning the well-dressed man, but the monk-robed young man and the messy-haired elder both had strange rhythms on their bodies.

Although the strength of their energy could not be compared to his, that mysterious feeling was somewhat similar to the existence of the Immortal Eye.

It seemed that these two people were not simple.

Lin Qiye evaluated them secretly.

“So thats how it is.” He looked at the three people and then at the group of demons outside the city.

“The three of you have come from afar, but Im afraid we wont be able to entertain everyone properly this time.”

“No worries.”


Lin, we have come to support you.

If you need anything, say the word.”

After seeing the attitude of the demons towards Lin Qiye, the man in luxurious clothes had already treated him like a peerless genius of Heavenly Court Island.

How could he not take the opportunity to befriend such a big shot

The messy-haired elder also spoke, “Although I dont have much ability, its not difficult for me to kill two demons.”


This little monk is also willing to purify the evil together with Almsgiver Lin.”

The monk-robed young man clasped his hands together.

His face and words shone with compassion, but his body faintly exuded a sense of brutality.

Lin Qiye did not care about this.

Everyone had their secrets.

As long as they did not harm his interests, what did it have to do with him

After introducing the three to the core members of the major factions in Star City, the defense team put them to use.

Although the Immortal Level demons were staring at Lin Qiye and didnt attack, the other defensive lines were being attacked by a crowd of demons daily.

After a few days, Star Citys defensive forces were exhausted.

Their resources were also exhausted.

It was all thanks to the faith in their hearts and the hope Lin Qiye gave them that they were able to hold on until now.

Now that it was a dangerous moment, three Immortal Level experts had arrived.

The various defensive lines were finally able to withstand the attacks of the demons.

They no longer had to worry about the demons invading the city and harming the civilians.

“Now that we have help, the defensive lines no longer have any pressure.

There shouldnt be any problems for the time being,” In the meeting, Chief Zheng looked at the few Immortal Level experts in front of the meeting table and said.

“But how long can this last There are too many Immortal-Level demons outside the city.

If they go crazy and rush in together, even if we have Lin…”

The situation seemed to be improving, but some people became even more worried.

They wanted to say that even with Lin Qiyes deterrence, it was impossible to protect Star City from the demon attacks.

After all, even if the demons couldnt do anything to Lin Qiye, they could still destroy Star City easily.

“How long will it take for the reinforcements from all directions to arrive”

“The reinforcements are still stalled by the demons.”

“What about the City of Sea Whats the situation there”

“Dont count on the City of Sea.

I dont know whats going on with the demons besieging them.

They say its a feint, but it doesnt look like theyre playing around.”

“Sigh, let alone the City of Sea, the entire southern region is in chaos.

If we dont deal with it properly, all the surrounding cities are in danger of falling!”

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