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When the Sacred King gave the order, the demons knew how powerful and heaven-defying Lin Qiye was.

But they never thought that he was so ridiculously strong!

“Return to your positions! Block him!”

Some demons shouted, and each immediately returned to their senses and hurriedly took action.

At this moment, none of the demons dared to underestimate Lin Qiye anymore.

They were aware that the gap between them could no longer be filled with numbers.

No wonder that divination demon was so terrified before it died.

No wonder it wanted to kill this fellow at all costs!

The demons were shocked and secretly rejoiced.

They had made the most adequate preparations for this operation.

In a few seconds, Lin Qiye had injured several Immortal Level demons.

He was about to continue attacking when he discovered that the injured demons had returned to the camp.

Moreover, they seemed to be fine.

“Eh” Lin Qiyes expression changed.

His attack had definitely injured those demons and had depleted at least ten percent of their vitality.

But when he checked with his mental power now, he discovered that their auras were dense and didnt seem to be injured at all.

“There are support-type demons here”

Lin Qiye suddenly noticed that behind the group of demons, a few Immortal Level demons were using their energy to heal the injured ones.

It made him frown.

If it was only a few tens of ordinary Immortal Level demons, he could rely on the power of lightning and the advantage of his Immortal Eye to kill them gradually.

But now, the opponent had the support of demons that could heal them.

His energy consumption would be meaningless unless he could kill the demons in one hit.

Otherwise, according to theirs recovery speed, even if he exhausted himself to death, it would be impossible for him to kill all of them.

“Human, you are indeed a dangerous guy, but your fate ends here.

Today, you will definitely die!”

After setting up a perfect defensive formation, the demons looked at Lin Qiye, no longer as nervous as before.

Lin Qiye looked at the demon that had shouted.

A cold glint flashed in his eyes.

He thought, “If I dont kill it in an instant, wont I be able to kill these guys”

He stared at the demons, intending to try and see if he could kill them in one strike.

The heart of the targeted demon jumped for no reason as if it was prey that had been targeted by a fierce tiger.

Noticing that Lin Qiye had begun to adjust his energy, its breathing could not help but become a little hurried.

However, it did not retreat because of this.

The speed Lin Qiye had displayed just now made them realize that it was simply impossible to compare to him.

There was no point in escaping.

On the contrary, fighting head-on was the best way to deal with Lin Qiye.

In its opinion, no matter how strong Lin Qiye was, he was still at the Immortal Level.

When they were on the same level, it was already abnormal for Lin Qiye to injure two-tenths of his life essence in one strike.

However, such an attack was not enough to threaten its life.

Otherwise, those Immortal Level demons with super regenerative abilities might as well commit suicide on the spot.

On the other side, while Lin Qiye was accumulating energy, he could not help but grin when he saw that the demon was unmoved and instead looked like it would take his attack head-on.

If the demon ran, it would be challenging to accumulate the highest power to hit it accurately.

After all, controlling powerful energy also requires considerable mental power.

If Lin Qiye chased after it, he would inevitably be distracted and divert part of his energy.

But now, since the demon wanted to take his attack head-on with the help of the support-type demon, it was a good opportunity for him to test the Immortal Eyes destructive power after the transformation.

Lin Qiye continued to accumulate the power of lightning.

At the same time, with the support of his mental power, the Immortal Eye quickly scattered the endless resentment in this world.

The demons looked at each other from afar, but none of them stepped forward to stop him.

They were a little worried that Lin Qiye was playing tricks and wanted to take the opportunity to disrupt their formation so that he could break through the blockade.

Of course, they didnt believe Lin Qiyes attacks could do anything to them.

As long as it wasnt a one-hit kill, their rear support could restore them to their peak condition instantly.

If it werent for their special plan, they wouldnt have gotten off easy by only needing to trap Lin Qiye.

After all, even if they couldnt do anything to Lin Qiye in the short term, they could at least exhaust him.

They watched as Lin Qiye accumulated an incomparably large amount of lightning energy.

Even the world began to tremble under this lightning.


The demon facing Lin Qiye could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

Its eyes were filled with fear.

Although it knew that the attack should not be able to kill it, the terrifying power contained caused it to feel somewhat weak.

“Human… Human, you dont need to waste your efforts.

All your attacks are futile!”

It stammered as it faced Lin Qiye as if trying to boost its courage.

Lin Qiye smiled faintly.

The lightning particles he accumulated had condensed into a dazzling little sun.

He added the power of resentment to it, causing its destructive power to increase by a few levels.

He didnt waste any words.

After finishing his preparations, Lin Qiye controlled the Thunder God Aspect and threw the “little sun” in his hand at the demon.

They stood far apart, but the “little sun” appeared in front of the demon the moment it was thrown.

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