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The two dragons looked at Chen Fan and were about to explain the situation when they noticed Lin Qiyes gaze.

Although Lin Qiye didnt say anything, he gestured toward the other Diamond Practitioners who stood nearby.

The two dragons suddenly realized something.

It was a critical moment for Star City.

If they were to reveal the desperate situation, the morale of the people would collapse before the battle started.

It was taboo for a side to lose control before the battle even started.

“Ahem…” The two dragons coughed and secretly sent a message to Chen Fan.

“Star City will lose the battle.

Your brother agreed to let us take you away because of this.”

Chen Fan looked at Lin Qiye when he heard the message.

The latter nodded at him, confirming what the two dragons had said.

Upon seeing Chen Fans hesitation, the two dragons looked at each other and seemed to be discussing something.

A moment later, one of the dragons stepped forward and said to Chen Fan sternly, “How about this You go with him, and I will stay.”

As he said that, his gaze fell on Lin Qiye.

“If someone will die in battle, I will die before him.

What do you think”

Chen Fans heart skipped a beat.

The two dragons attitudes had told him everything.

They were prepared to die in exchange for Chen Fans life!

He couldnt imagine what it would be like if even an Immortal Level Practitioner thought he would die.

“Is it that serious”

The two dragons looked at Lin Qiye with a grave expression and didnt answer.

However, their reaction was clear enough for Chen Fan to derive the answer from their faces.

It was terrible!

Chen Fan fell into silence.

After a while, he looked at Lin Qiye nervously.

“Brother Ye, why dont we go together”

Lin Qiye shook his head with a smile.

Then, he patted Chen Fan on the shoulder and said, “I am already an Immortal Level Practitioner.

They cant do anything to me.”


“What You dont believe in my strength”

Chen Fan looked at the smile on Lin Qiyes face and felt an indescribable feeling.

There was anger, bitterness, unwillingness, and helplessness.

He hated the demons relentless pursuit of them and himself for not being strong enough to help Lin Qiye.

Although he could beg the Dragon Clan messengers to take him and Lin Qiye together, he knew that the demons target was Lin Qiye, and they certainly wont let him leave.

And they have friends in Star City.

Should he ask Lin Qiye to abandon his friends and run for his life alone

Thats not going to happen.

In fact, when he asked the question, Chen Fan already knew the answer, but the feeling of powerlessness made him feel more sullen than ever before.

Upon seeing the struggle in Chen Fans heart, Lin Qiye comforted him with a smile.

“I will be able to hold out for a few days.

When the reinforcements arrive, the crisis in Star City will be solved.

“You, on the other hand, must not miss this rare opportunity.

“Go with them.

I am counting on you to grow stronger and fight alongside me in the future.”

Chen Fan didnt relax.

Instead, he clenched his fists and swore to himself.

In the future, he will do his best to increase his strength and stand on the same side as Brother Ye!

“Brother Ye…”

Chen Fan looked at Lin Qiye, and tears welled up in his eyes.

“Dont be so disgusting! Why are you crying like a girl” Lin Qiye laughed and punched Chen Fan in the chest.

Chen Fan squeezed out a smile and raised his fist.

“Dont worry, Brother Ye.

I will catch up with you! Maybe it will be your turn to chase me one day!”

“Get out of here! Who wants to chase after you Are you trying to disgust me”

After a few jokes, the atmosphere became much more relaxed.

The sadness of parting was also washed away.

When the dragons were about to take Chen Fan away, Lin Qiye didnt ask any of them to stay.

Instead, he asked them to go together to ensure Chen Fans safety on the road.

“Take care, Brother Ye!”

Chen Fan left under the protection of the two dragons.

The demons didnt stop him.

“Take care…”

Lin Qiye watched as Chen Fan disappeared into the horizon, and a sense of loneliness rose in his heart.

He wondered when he would see Chen Fan again.

After Chen Fan left, nothing changed in Star City.

The people from the major factions continued to send men to the city to comfort the citizens.

The news of reinforcements was still stuck in the dark.

The only difference was that the sun never rose again.

Star City was completely shrouded in darkness.

The shadows above the clouds surged.

One look was enough to send chills down peoples spines.

It was as if they were in hell.

Two days.

Two whole days had passed.

From the earliest arrival of the demons to them besieging Star City, they had reached an extremely terrifying number.

Others did not know, but Lin Qiye had used his mental power to detect the arrival of each demon wave.

Up until now, although no new demons were joining, there were forty-nine Immortal Level demons above the clouds!

Other than the demons who came to probe at the beginning, they only surrounded Star City but did not attack during these two days.

The forty-nine Immortal Level demons connected to the sky and sealed the Star City.

Lin Qiye did not understand.

With their strength, they already had the power to attack Star City two days ago.

However, they did not make a move.

It was hard to understand.

“What are those demons trying to do”

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