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Not only was there no fear in his eyes, but he also emanated a strong desire to fight.

Was he eager to fight

More than a dozen pairs of eyes fell on Chen Fan at the same time.

The demon could clearly feel Chen Fans indomitable spirit.

“You are Lin Qiye”

The giant head opened its mouth, and hot steam gushed out.

When it touched the dark clouds, it turned into a rain of curses.

The demon was here for Lin Qiye.

The demon race would never allow a genius who could kill a Half-Immortal demon to live and become stronger.

“Cut the crap! If you want to fight, lets go at it!”

After hearing the Giant-toothed Demons words, Chen Fan knew that Lin Qiye was the reason why the demons had attacked them.

However, Lin Qiye was not back yet, so he was the only one who could fight them.

Facing the terrifying pressure, Chen Fan didnt show any fear.

Instead, his will to fight grew stronger and stronger.

The Giant-toothed Demon was confused.

How could a mere Diamond Level human have the courage to face its pressure

“You are reckless.”

It spat out a mouthful of hot air and decided it would not kill Chen Fan so easily.

It wanted to toy with him and torture him.

It wanted him to understand the meaning of fear and despair.

The Giant-toothed Demon tore through the dark clouds and revealed its body.

Its body was thousands of meters long and looked like a mountain.

It was dark and gray, riddled with holes.

Black smoke was gushing out of its body.

Its skin was as hard as a rock, and it was indestructible.

Eight pairs of claws tangled around its body, and it looked like they were randomly assembled.

Under the pressure of its powerful aura, Chen Fan looked like a small boat in the middle of a storm.

It was difficult for him to resist the force.

However, his overwhelming fighting spirit was able to stabilize his body.

The Giant-toothed Demons eyes were filled with contempt.

The mountain-like body pressed down on Star City.

The remaining energy barrier collapsed instantly, andterrifying pressure poured out.

More and more warriors lost their ability to resist the Giant-toothed Demons force and were killed by the incoming demons.

The battle line began to collapse.

Chen Fan shouted and rushed to the Giant-toothed Demon.

He poured out his energy and started to bombard it.

However, the energy attack that could easily crush a Platinum Level demon didnt even leave a scratch on the Giant-toothed Demon.

The Giant-toothed Demon didnt move and swept its claw at Chen Fan.

The latter was like a kite with its string cut off, landing heavily on the ground.

A moment later, Chen Fan climbed out of the ruins, and blood trickled down the corner of his mouth.

He looked at the Giant-toothed Demon, and his aura grew stronger.

“Is that all you have”

“Huh” The Giant-toothed Demon was surprised by Chen Fans transformation.

Although the Giant-toothed Demon had held back in its attack to torture Chen Fan, the intensity of its attack was enough to paralyze a peak Diamond Practitioner.

However, not only was Chen Fan able to stand up, but his aura had also become stronger.

The Giant-toothed Demon turned around and faced Chen Fan.

It opened its mouth and sucked in a deep breath.

A strong pulling force pulled Chen Fan toward the Giant-toothed Demons mouth.

Chen Fan gritted his teeth and stomped on the ground with his right foot.

His heart was beating like an engine.

Strange energy started to spread out.

Somehow, a line of sight seemed to pierce through the thick black clouds and landed on his body.

The Giant-toothed Demon also felt a strange energy.

It raised its head and looked up at the sky, a hint of surprise in its eyes.


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