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On the other side, Lin Qiye walked ten miles in one step and flew towards Star City.

As he hurried, he checked the Yin Yang Harmony Jade Pendant that carried Zhu Yuhengs soul.

After advancing to the Immortal Level, Lin Qiye said goodbye to Jiang Lianyi and checked on Zhu Yuhengs condition.

He tried to use Immortal Level power to build Zhu Yuhengs body.

However, things were not as simple as he thought.

Even Immortal Level power could not build a perfect body to carry a persons soul.

Fortunately, it had a strong nourishing effect on life and the soul.

Although it was not enough to restore Zhu Yuheng, it was not a problem to protect her soul temporarily.

“Its a pity that this jade pendant isnt a supreme treasure.

Otherwise, with the long-term nourishment of immortal power, it might be able to wake you up.”

Lin Qiye carefully put away the jade pendant.

“It seems that when I return, I must hurry up and find a higher-quality container.”

While Lin Qiye was rushing to Star City, a storm was raging outside.

An unprecedented crisis was brewing, shrouding Star City in darkness.

“Quick! Charge up the energy!”

“Block it!”

All the defense zones were under attack.

The city guards were engaged in a fierce battle.

The protective energy barrier began to crumble under the suicidal attacks of the demons.

“Where is Chen Fan Is he not here yet”

A division sent Chen Fan a request for help.

“He is fighting at the South Gate! There is a breach in the defense barrier!”

“Damn it! Havent we killed all the demons in the vicinity Why are there more attacking”

“Sh*t! The West Gate defense wall is not going to hold!”

All the battle lines were panicking.

This wave of attack was more than ten times stronger than the previous one!

“B*stard! Fill up the energy! Use all of the energy cores!”

Chief Zheng shouted angrily.

He didnt dare to hold back and brought out all backup energy sources.

The energy sources were quickly replenished, and the gaps in the various defensive barriers were mended.

They blocked the demons outside the barrier once again, and the remaining demons that invaded the city were quickly killed by the guards.

“We succeeded!”

“Are we saved”

Looking at the solid energy barrier, the group of guards stood on the city wall and panted.

However, before they could relax, aterrifying pressure suddenly descended.

The indestructible barrier became as fragile as glass and shattered with a loud bang.

All the Star City residents were enveloped in shadow at this moment.

Everyone raised their heads and looked at the sky filled with demonic clouds.

“Immortal… An Immortal Level demon!”

The city guards on the frontline felt their bodies turn cold.

They couldnt help but feel a sense of despair.

“How can this be Why did an Immortal Level demon descend on Star City”

The faint shadows in the black clouds made everyone feel a chill run down their spine.

Even before it appeared, the pressure was suffocating.

Fear began to spread, and even a group of peak Diamond Level experts forgot to breathe.

The gap between an Immortal Level and Diamond Level was like an insurmountable chasm.

To destroy Star City, only one Immortal Level demon was needed to crush their resistance.

Moreover, there was an even more powerful demon army arriving.

“Do you all want to die Why are you all standing there”

As everyone was lost in their thoughts, an angry shout rang out, and everyone snapped out of their daze.

It was Chen Fan.

He rushed to the defense line at the South Gate and blocked the incoming demons.

Under his attack, dozens of demons were killed on the spot every second.

Instantly, demon corpses rained down from the gap in the defense line.

Seeing this scene, the soldiers felt their blood boil.

Even their fear of the Immortal Level demon had been dispelled.

“I never thought that Chen Fan would also be this powerful!”

“Maybe there is hope!”

The Diamond Practitioners eyes lit up with hope.

“Go and help him!”


Someone took the lead and charged into the battle line.

The next second, more and more people broke free from their fear and charged into the battle.

The two armies clashed outside the city wall, and the threat of the Immortal Level demon had been forgotten.

However, there was one exception.

It was Chen Fan.

From the moment he felt the presence in the southern defense line, his heart was clouded.

The pressure of the Immortal Level demon was so heavy that his hair stood on end.

“Brother Ye, I cant hold on for long…”

Chen Fan looked at the shadow in the dark clouds and felt bitter inside.

However, the surging blood stimulated something deep inside his heart.

Boom! The dark clouds in the sky suddenly churned.

A head that took up hundreds of meters of space slowly emerged.

It had a dozen pairs of giant blood-red eyes.

Except for its eyes, the rest of its body was an enormous mouth spanning the head area.

Its densely packed fangs were like a mountain of knives and a forest of swords.

It was as if they could crush anything that came into contact with them.


The moment the head appeared, everyone on the battlefield felt a chill down their spine.

When they saw the source of their fear, they couldnt help but gasp.

Even Chen Fan held his breath at that moment.

It was as if he would be chewed up by the demon if he took another breath.

“Is this the Immortal Level demon”

Chen Fan stared at the horrifying head.

His heart trembled, but at the same time, he felt like his blood was about to rush out of his veins.

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