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The peak Diamond Practitioners sneered as they bombarded Lin Qiye with their killing moves.

Lin Qiye remained indifferent.

He took a step forward and spread out his Immortal Consciousness Soul.

Wisps of formless Immortal Consciousness Soul turned into long sabers and slashed at the four peak Diamond Practitioners.

With a slash, the four men were sent flying and spat out blood.

“Youre courting death! How dare you provoke me!” Lin Qiye coldly said.

His voice contained mental energy, shocking everyone present and causing their expressions to change.

“Hes so strong!”

“He is a peak Diamond Level mental-type powerhouse!”

Mental-type Practitioners were extremely rare, accounting for less than one-thousandth of the total number of Practitioners.

High-level mental-type Practitioners were even rarer.

Peak Diamond Level mental-type Practitioners were treasures in every family, and the family would focus on nurturing them!

Those geniuses were high and mighty, causing others to look up to them.

Even the three-eyed young man was envious.

At this moment, he went mad with envy.

“Kill him! Kill him! Leave no one alive!” The three-eyed young man shouted.

The few peak Diamond Practitioners also came to a realization.

Thats right.

Lin Qiye was only a single person, and his strength was only at the peak of the Diamond Level.

What was there to be afraid of

“All of us are from a large sect, so we must have many treasures to resist mental power.

Attack together! Kill this guy!”

The experts gathered and surrounded him.

Lin Qiye sneered.

Do they want to exhaust himto death

How naive!

Lin Qiye smiled.

His voice was as cold as ice, almost freezing everyones souls.

A red light flashed in his left eye, and the power of resentment swept out like a tide.

Under the support of his mental power, the resentment almost materialized.

These resentments didnt have much lethality to humans, but they could drag them into endless illusions.

In an instant, the army of resentment broke through their sea of consciousness.

They entangled the souls of a few Diamond Practitioners.

Wails sounded everywhere.

The few men were dragged into an abyss.

Their surroundings were pitch black, and there were only resentments and curses everywhere.

The undead struggled to climb out of the abyss, dragging and tearing at the few mens souls.

They destroyed their consciousness.

The few experts held their heads and struggled as if they had gone insane.

They fell from the sky with blood flowing out of their mouths and noses.

“This… What exaggerated combat strength!”

Looking at the group that had forced her into a desperate situation, Jiang Lianyi was shocked as they fell from the sky.

The combat strength of a few peak Diamond Practitioners wasnt inferior to hers at all.

But what happened just now

It was only a one-on-one exchange, but why did these few geniuses seem to have lost their minds

They seemed to be in excruciating pain as they kept scratching their skin, causing streaks of blood on their cheeks, and some even scratched themselves into a bloody mess.

The scene was too horrible to look at.

And as the instigator of all this, Lin Qiye was still as indifferent as ever.

It was as if everything that happened had nothing to do with him.

Was that guy a demon

Jiang Lianyis heart trembled faintly.

At this moment, Lin Qiye suddenly turned his head and stared at her.

Jiang Lianyis heart couldnt help but beat wildly.

“Is he going to attack me”

She struggled to sit up, but her injuries were too grave.

She only moved slightly but felt like her body was about to fall apart.

Looking at Lin Qiyes emotionless eyes, Jiang Lianyi closed her eyes in despair.

Was her life about to end

Gu Shaoshang…

She still hadnt found Gu Shaoshang.

Jiang Lianyi sighed faintly.

However, Lin Qiye still didnt make a move after a long time.

Jiang Lianyi was unharmed.

She opened her eyes and looked at the faint smiling face in front of her in disbelief.

“You… arent going to kill me”

She looked at Lin Qiye, puzzled.

Lin Qiyes expression was cold.

“Why should I kill you Im not a person who kills indiscriminately.”

Lin Qiye shook his head and looked at Jiang Lianyi.

“You are the descendant of the Origin God Realms owner

“Only you can decide the ownership of the Origin God Realm, right

“This is a scam.

You trick people into coming in and cleaning up the demons.

In fact, nobody could get the Origin God Realm.”

Lin Qiye saw through everything from the key Jiang Lianyi was holding.

Jiang Lianyi fell silent.

“Yes, although you saved me, the Origin God Realm is a relic of my ancestor.

I have to protect it well and cant give it to you.

“You can make other requests.

I will try my best to satisfy you,” Jiang Lianyi gathered her courage and said.

She looked around and saw the self-harming geniuses struggling, losing their vitality after being tortured.

She couldnt help but feel her scalp go numb.

He must be a mental-type Practitioner!

It was too eerie!

It seemed like Gu Shaoshang also had such strange methods as theyouth who had shocked her.

However, there was no doubt that Gu Shaoshang was more dazzling.

Gu Shaoshangs fighting style was wide open and straightforward, killing people instantly.

As for the youth in front of her, he was much more vicious and sinister.

He was like a villain.

If one had to put it bluntly, Gu Shaoshang was overbearing and righteous.

The Thunder God Aspect, coupled with his mental power, gave people the feeling that a God had descended.

As for the youth, he appeared much more sinister and strange.

Jiang Lianyi analyzed in the depths of her heart.

Her final conclusion was that Gu Shaoshang was far more powerful!

Whether it was his temperament, personality, combat ability, or combat style, he was extremely outstanding.

No matter what, Jiang Lianyi believed that Gu Shaoshang was the strongest monster.

However, she didnt know that the young man and the Gu Shaoshang she knew were actually the same people.

It was just that he had changed his appearance and temperament.

Of course, Lin Qiye didnt intend to reveal his identity.

He only looked at Jiang Lianyi.

“This Origin God Realm is probably left for you.

No one can snatch it away.

“Forget it.

Whats yours is yours.

My trip isnt wasted since I could meet these demons.”

Lin Qiye didnt have too much of a dilemma.

He felt that there was no need to snatch Jiang Lianyis opportunity.

However, he could help her.

And so, Lin Qiye walked into the cores crack.

“Hey, you want to go in Its very dangerous inside! Thats an abyss that suppresses the nest of demons.

Its full of demons.

There are many peak Diamond Level demons!”

Lin Qiye didnt answer.

Instead, he disappeared in front of the crack.

Jiang Lianyi raised her arm, and her words of advice stopped at the tip of her tongue.

In the crack, Lin Qiyes left eye released a strong sense of resentment.

At the same time, the lightning particles were like tiny blades, cutting through everything within a thousand meters.

Wherever they went, demons wereexecuted.

A huge amount of power was devoured by the Immortal Eye.

The power in the Eye accumulated as if it was charging toward the next level.

Six hours later, Lin Qiye pierced through a crack in the core.

He had wiped out all the demons.

In the dark, the consciousness of the Origin God Realm was stunned.

“This youth is so fierce.

Although he pierced through a crack in the core, I feel as though he didnt use his full strength.

He crushed the demons easily.

“However, Xiao Cibei is also eye-catching, but he seems a bit crazy…

“As for the geniuses from other families, they are much inferior to this thunderous youth and Xiao Cibei.

These two people were outstanding geniuses even in my era, especially the thunder youth.

He could kill demons with ease.

“I cant tell how strong he is.

“Such a genius will be a powerhouse in the future.

But will he take a fancy to Little Lianyi

“Although he saved Little Lian Yi just now, he was too cold.

“Furthermore, he gave up on fighting for the Origin God Realm.

His personality is guaranteed.”

The consciousness of the Origin God Realm analyzed and praised Lin Qiye.

However, the more amazing Lin Qiye was, the more difficult it became.

Could Lin Qiye take a fancy to Jiang Lianyi

“I must think of a way to set up Little Lianyi and the thunder youth…”

The consciousness of the Origin God Realm was thinking of a matchmaking plan.

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