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A few peak Diamond Level geniuses teamed up to capture Jiang Lianyi.

Jiang Lianyi fled frantically, but the geniuses behind her werent any weaker.

They were even faster.

“Catch her!”

“We must catch this girl.

She has the key to the core!”

A three-eyed young man stared coldly at Jiang Lianyi.

Rays of light shot toward her like a cage.

Jiang Lianyi fled at high speed, panicking.

She didnt realize that the demons around her had all turned into corpses.

The evil energy floated around them, but they had all lost their core energy.

However, the geniuses chasing after Jiang Lianyi realized something was wrong.

“Wait, there seems to be someone here!”

“Did you guys notice The demons are all dead, and…”

The three-eyed man was on high alert, but the other geniuses didnt think much of it.

“Three-eyed monster, stop being paranoid.

Catching that girl is more important!”

“Thats right!” The geniuses laughed coldly.

They approached Jiang Lianyi at lightspeed.

A sword ray streaked across the air, heading straight for Jiang Lianyis waist.


Jiang Lianyi responded calmly.

She held her long sword in front of her, blocking all the attacks.

Although she was sent flying, with the help of the force, she could escape even faster.

“What a slippery fellow! But where can you run to”

“Hurry up! Dont give her a chance to catch her breath!”

The guys shouted.

They had finally caught up to Jiang Lianyi, so naturally, they werent willing to give her a chance to catch her breath.

They wanted to seize the moment when Jiang Lianyi was tired and take her down in one swoop!

Thus, the few geniusesunleashed their ultimate moves.

A huge mountain pressed down on Jiang Lianyi.

A solid wall rose from the ground and quickly spread, wanting to trap Jiang Lianyi.

Strong winds blew all around to disrupt Jiang Lianyis escape route.




All kinds of long-range attacks keep coming.

Jiang Lianyi saw an opening and made a thrilling escape.

The geniuses frown.

“Three-eyed monster, arent you going to do it”

“If you dont make a move, we certainly cant catch her.

At that time, wouldnt you suffer the biggest loss”

Upon hearing this, the three-eyed youth nodded slightly.

He instantly disappeared from his spot.

Following that, eyeballs lit up in all directions around Jiang Lianyi.

The eyeballs revolved around her, and the bright red line of sight connected, forming a gaze prison.

The gaze formed a barrier, preventing Jiang Lianyi from breaking through.

Jiang Lianyis heart sank to the bottom of the valley.

“As the top genius of a big family, why do you have to take a fancy to my Jiang familys Origin God Realm

“Does it feel so good to snatch from someone else”

Jiang Lianyi gritted her teeth.

The three-eyed youth laughed coldly.

“You dont need to waste your breath.

Since Ive captured you, I naturally want to find the consciousness of the Origin God Realm and make a deal.

“I think it will definitely agree.”

The three-eyed youths eyes were cold.

Suddenly, his expression changed, and he quickly turned around.

Every part of his body was on the verge of exploding.

He used the most serious posture to deal with the void behind him.

“His senses are sharp.

“As expected of having three eyes.”

In the sky, the three-eyed youths gaze landed on a young man.

The young mans figure was tall and straight, his appearance was ordinary, but his body circulated with rich mental energy.

The young man was none other than Lin Qiye.

He happened to run into Jiang Lianyi being surrounded and attacked, so he stood out to take a look.

But he wore a mask on his face, and his temperament had changed drastically.

Therefore, Jiang Lianyi didnt recognize Lin Qiye.

At this moment, she thought Lin Qiye was also here to kill her.

She couldnt help but feel bitter.

She couldnt escape from the pursuers behind her, and she ran into another guy who seemed unfathomable.

She was afraid that she would die here today.

Her eyes flickered as she thought of an escape route.

However, Lin Qiye had no intention of attacking Jiang Lianyi.

He only looked at the three-eyed young man indifferently.

“Who are you If theres nothing else, please dont stop us from capturing our opponent,” The three-eyed young man said politely.

At this moment, he was especially nervous because he did not realize when Lin Qiye had arrived in front of him.

One had to know that he specialized in mental power, but his superb mental power perception could not detect Lin Qiye at all.

Without a doubt, Lin Qiye was too dangerous.

However, Lin Qiye only smiled faintly.

“Should I stop just because you asked me

“If I told you to eat **, would you do so”

The three-eyed young mans face immediately darkened.

“Although you are quite strong, you have to think carefully.

Do you really want to fight us”

The three-eyed young man was full of confidence.

Beside him, there were six peak Diamond Practitioners.

Each of them was a transcendent genius.

If they joined forces, could Lin Qiye hold his own against them

Although Lin Qiye made him feel threatened, he had several peak Diamond Practitioners on his side!

No matter how strong Lin Qiye was, he had not crossed the threshold of the Immortal Level.

It was impossible for him to defeat a few experts.

“Brother, are you really not going to give way”

The three-eyed young man once again confirmed.

Seeing Lin Qiye had no intention of backing off, the three-eyed young man was furious.

“Kill this fellow!”

As the sound of his voice faded, the few experts formed a formation and attacked.

Lin Qiye remained unmoving andquietly looked at the few of them.

“Alright, lets go all out and kill this fellow.”

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