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But now, he had killed eight of its comrades in an instant.

That should be the peak of Incarnation Realm!

“You cant believe it, can you I will make you believe it slowly.” Lin Qiye smiled calmly, but a cold light flashed in his eyes.

The grudge between him and the Hydra Demon could finally be ended.

Feeling Lin Qiyes gaze, the Hydra Demon was shocked.

With a glance, it actually touched the fear in the depths of its heart.

Whats going on

Its actually afraid.

No! Lin Qiye is in the middle of its army.

No matter how strong he is, can he contend against an entire army

The Hydra Demon comforted itself, but its face was full of viciousness.

“Arrogant fellow.

How dare you act so mighty even though youre inside my army! I think you must be courting death!

“Kill him for me!”

As it spat these venomous words, the Hydra Demon commanded the many Diamond Level demons to attack Lin Qiye.

Dozens of Diamond Level demons instantly surrounded Lin Qi ]ye.

The endless demon army at the periphery swarmed forward like a flood.

They surrounded Lin Qiye like a swarm of bees.

“Brother Ye!”

Upon seeing this scene, Chen Fans expression changed drastically.

He shot into the sky and charged toward the demon army.

“Hurry! Go and help them!”

The experts on the city wall didnt dare to sit idly.

They knew Lin Qiye was their last hope.

If Lin Qiye was gone, no one on the East Wall could stop the demon army.

Seeing the human experts come out in full force, the Hydra Demon felt its scalp numb.

“Stop them! Stop them!”

A portion of the endless demon army split up to fight against humanitys best fighters.

After giving the order, the Hydra Demon quickly retreated.

Unfortunately, Lin Qiye had already locked onto him.

He activated his Thunder God Domain.

Endless lightning bolts instantly poured down like a storm.

The nearby demons all exploded under the bombardment of the lightning storm, turning into black ash.

Although the Diamond Level demons withstood the lightnings attack, they were also exhausted and continuously retreated.

“What terrifying lightning.

It has a natural counter to our race.”

The Hydra Demon looked at Lin Qiye warily, its pupils constricting.

“Form the Devil Cloud Formation!”

Lin Qiyes existence had already made the Hydra Demon feel threatened.

It subconsciously planned to sacrifice a large number of demons to escape.

With his order, all the surrounding demons dispersed the evil energy in their bodies.

Billowing black gas gathered in the sky above the battlefield, condensing into balls of black clouds.

When the black gas intersected with the lightning in the Thunder God Domain, it immediately caused explosions.

In an instant, endless black rain poured down.

Everything that touched the black rain, whether it was rocks, grass, or trees, was corroded, turning into a pool of black water.


Some human warriors touched the falling black rain, and in the blink of an eye, they were corroded, letting out shrill screams.

Even Platinum Practitioners could not withstand the black rain for a moment.

The Diamond Practitioners in the black rain could only fight back with difficulty.

“Retreat! Temporarily avoid the edge!”

Upon seeing the human side retreat, the Hydra Demons face was full of viciousness.

Lin Qiye stood under the black rain, unmoving.

He opened his arms, and a dazzling silver light swept out with him as the center.

The silver light quickly spread, and as soon as it touched the black cloud above, the cloud turned into smoke and quickly dissipated.


Above the clouds, thunder rumbled.

A statue emitting divine light tore through the black cloud and crashed down.

The Thunder God Aspect, thousands of meters tall, smashed fiercely into the group of demons.

An airwave rolled over with divine light, and wherever it went, the demons were all destroyed.

Instantly, tens of thousands of demons were killed on the spot.

The statue stood in the center of the demons, looking down at the Hydra Demon in front of it.

The thunder exploded, shaking the soul of the Hydra Demon.

“Impossible! It is absolutely impossible!”

It glared at the Thunder God Aspect.

The statues body was thousands of meters tall, making people fearful.

The Hydra Demon couldnt believe that this was power Lin Qiye could have.

“My lord, what should we do”

The group of demons panicked.

The power Lin Qiye displayed was not something they could defend.

“All of you, attack together!”


The Hydra Demon instructed the group of demons to continue attacking Lin Qiye, but it turned around and wanted to escape.

“You want to escape”

The moment it turned its head, Lin Qiye sneered.

Lightning flashed beneath his feet, and he used Lightning Warp.

In an instant, Lin Qiye brought along the Thunder God Aspect and blocked its path.

“You chased me quite happily a few days ago.

Now, its my turn!”

He stretched out his hand and grabbed at the air.

The Thunder God Aspect did the same thing and captured the Hydra Demon in one go.

The Hydra Demon struggled desperately.

However, under Lin Qiyes absolute strength, everything was in vain.

The Thunder God Aspect did not move.

It only gripped the Hydra Demon until its scales shattered and exploded.

“My lord!”

Upon seeing this, the demons were shocked.

All the Diamond Level demons attacked the Thunder God Aspect with all sorts of attacks.

Some demons opened their mouths to condense air bombs filled with destructive energy.

Some demons were completely red, and everything they touched was tainted with a violent force.

Many of the demons joined hands to launch long-range attacks, causing explosions to happen around the Thunder God Aspect repeatedly.

Lin Qiye was in the middle of it but didnt receive any substantial damage.

As long as the Thunder God Aspect wasnt destroyed, Lin Qiye would be unharmed.

Therefore, Lin Qiyes expression was cold, and heonly raised his hand slightly.

The Thunder God Aspect pulled out its long saber and slashed forward in a plain and unadorned manner.

One of the Hydra Demons heads exploded in an instant.

A blood-curdling scream resounded through the sky.

The demon army instantly stopped advancing as the extreme fear made their scalps numb.

It was as if a pause button had been pressed on the battlefield.

The demon army trembled.

The humans were also dumbfounded.


“Is this the strength of Lin Qiye”

“He instantly killed eight peak Diamond Level demons!”

“He also cut off two heads of the Hydra Demon.”

“Star City might be able to survive this!”

“With Lin Qiye here, it shouldnt be a problem!”

“And there is also Chen Fan!”

The human Practitioners were excited andcheered.

Amidst the noise, Chen Fan turned into a long dragon and charged toward the Hydra Demon.

The third head exploded!

Lin Qiye sneered.

He pointed at the demon, and its fourth head exploded!

Then, the fifth head exploded!

The sixth head was ground into dust by the lightning particles.

“Demon… you… are a demon…” The Hydra Demon was on the verge of death.

Its bones had been shattered into pieces, and its eyes were filled with fear.

“Dont you have many heads”

Lin Qiye sneered.

His Immortal Consciousness Soul swept up the Hydra Demon and pinned it onthe East Gates city wall.




The remaining three heads bloomed like fireworks.

It made the demons below the city wall look at Lin Qiye with awe and fear.

It was a vicious move.

They even started to wonder who was the real demon on this battlefield.

The demons were scared out of their wits, while themorale of the human race was high.


“Dont let a single demon escape!”

Shouts filled the air.

The Thunder God Aspect stood on top of the city wall.

The thunder turned into purification power and poured into the bodies of human experts.

The strength of Practitioners soared.

The battle in the East City has secured its victory.

Chen Fan had killed two peak Diamond Level demons and thirteen Diamond Level demons.

Lin Qiye had killed nine peak Diamond Level demons.

As for the other Diamond Practitioners, they had also killed more than a dozen demons.

In half an hour, the main force of the demons in the East City had been wiped out.

The battle had come to an end.

The demons had suffered heavy casualties, and their main force had perished.

“Lets go to the South City.

Theres still a group of main forces there.

Once we destroy them, Star Citys defense will be much easier.”

“After we get rid of the Diamond Level demons, we can go all out to fight against the Half-Immortal demon!”

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