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If the demons were on guard, Lin Qiye could kill three peak Diamond Level demons at once.

Then, the demons would take out their nest to block the thunder particles.

It would increase the difficulty of Lin Qiyes battle.

Lin Qiye didnt want to drag things out.

Therefore, he let Chen Fan attract their attention.

As expected, Chen Fans powerful combat strength was enough to intimidate the demons.

“This is the young genius from Star City.

He is Lin Qiyes brother!”

“Kill him!”

“Lets do it together.

Dont give him a chance!”

“Lin Qiye is not far away.

Should we guard against him”

“Guard against my ass! Is he going to kill us all instantly”

“Alright, lets kill Chen Fan first.

If Lin Qiye gets angry, he will lose his mind.”

The demons at the peak of the Diamond Level looked at each other.

The next second, they joined forcesto suppress Chen Fan.

On the city wall, many human experts were attracted by Chen Fans presence.

“Go and help him! We cant let the demons finish us off individually!”

Seeing that Chen Fan was surrounded, a group of experts on the first line of defense rushed forward to help him.

“Want to help Dont treat us as decoration!”

Before the humans reached Chen Fan, the demon army had sent out a dozen Diamond Level demons.

The experts rushed to deal with them, no longer having time to care about Chen Fan.

“Dont panic! Maintain a united front, and dont fight alone!”

Someone with combat experience called out.

Soon, the scattered formations regrouped again.

“Damn it! I cant get through!”

“I cant help Chen Fan.”

“Why isnt Lin Qiye helping him”

“The demons at the peak of the Diamond Level will kill Chen Fan!”

The human Practitioners were terrified, while the demons were laughing maniacally.

“Kill him! Chen Fan wont last much longer.

The Diamond Practitioners are no match for us.

We will take down East Gate and the Star City!”

“Kill them all! Kill every single human in the city!”

As soon as the command was given, countless demons rushed out of the dark clouds.

The human defense line, which was supposed to handle the incoming attacks, suddenly became strained.

Under the barrage of attacks, a hole appeared in the east city wall.

“Ah! Save me!”

Some of the people couldnt escape in time.

As soon as they turned around, they were overwhelmed by the incoming demons.

“Dont panic.

Maintain the defensive network.

Dont let any demons escape into the rear! Defend the camp!”

“The experts at the front will do their best to fight!”

The commander shouted.

The Diamond Practitioners all rushed to the top of the city wall.

When more than ten demons were about to approach the city wall, they were instantly blocked.

As the two sides fought, violent energy kept colliding.

The sound of explosions shook the ears of the guards so much that their eardrums vibrated.

A Platinum Level demon broke through the gap in the battle and went throughthe city wall.

Then, it encountered the second line of defense.

“Hold on for a little longer.”

Lin Qiyes Immortal Consciousness Soul spread out, and hisvoice echoed in Chen Fans mind.

Chen Fans heart skipped a beat.

Suddenly, he unleashed an even more terrifying power.

The nine peak Diamond Level demons couldnt do anything to him in a short while!

Nine balls of dark evil energy started to roar in anger.

After that, bodies appeared one after another.

There was a soft-bodied demon with tentacles, a bat demon covered in vertical eyes, a beehive demon spewing venom, the Petrification Sculpture Demons, and the Hydra Demon as well.

The monstrous evil energy condensed into an endless black cloud, pressing down on every soldier on the city wall, making them unable to breathe.

The human powerhouses felt a chill run down their spine.

“What should we do if we cant beat them Are there no reinforcements”

“Without reinforcements, we will be wiped out!”

In the middle of the battlefield, even Chen Fan felt a strong sense of pressure.

At this moment, lightning flashed.

Eight peak Diamond Level demons were annihilated in an instant.

Only the Hydra Demon was left standing alone in the sky.

It was confused, not understanding why its teammates had disappeared.

But before it could react, a bolt of lightning suddenly cut through the sky and struck one of the Hydra Demons heads.


The head exploded on the spot.

Blood, flesh, and scales scattered all over the sky.

Then, there was a painful and angry roar.

“Who! Who is it Who did it!”

The Hydra Demons remaining heads danced wildly.

It tore apart the black clouds, and its hundred-meter-long body suddenly appeared, enveloping the whole area of the South Gate defense zone in a shadow.

The pitch-black scales emitted a chilling light.

A glance at it was enough to make people shudder.

The remaining eight heads intertwined, staring at the surrounding space.

Their gaze was incomparably fierce, and even dust could not escape it.

“Its me!” Along with a calm and penetrating voice, a figure slowly appeared from the void.

The person appeared in the center of the demon army.

His powerful force field easily resisted the pressure of the group of demons.

“Its Lin Qiye!”

Someone on the city wall exclaimed.

The Hydra Demon also recognized the newcomer.

It was Lin Qiye!

“Its you… You short-lived ghost! Where are my compatriots”

“Dead,” Lin Qiye said indifferently.

The Hydra Demon was stunned.

Then, it stared at Lin Qiye, its eyes full of disbelief and surprise.

“How could you become so strong Did you kill them in an instant Impossible!”

The change in Lin Qiyes strength made it somewhat unable to accept it.

One had to know that a few days ago, Lin Qiye was still a little bug at its mercy.

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