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Someone analyzed, and the chief executive officer fell into deep thought.

“Ding Wen, go and plead with Qi Baishi again.

“I heard Lin Qiye thinks quite highly of that little girl.

Let her have a go.”

The moment he said it, the gazes of the group of higher-ups fell on Ding Wen.

Ding Wen immediately felt pressured.

“Ill try again.

After all, this matter concerns the safety of the Science and Technology Association.

I will try pleading with her regardless of my pride!”

Ding Wen stood up and quickly left the Science and Technology Association.

On Ideal Island, Ding Wen found Wen Shuhong once again.

“Captain Wen, please introduce my disciple, Qi Baishi, to me again.”

Seeing Ding Wens respectful manner, Wen Shuhong couldnt help but laugh in his heart.

D*mn it!

Back then, when Lin Qiye asked him for help to forge a weapon, he put on airs and rejected them.

In the end, he still needed Qi Baishi to solve his problems.

Now, Ding Wen also had to beg them.

Wen Shuhong gave a meaningful smile and suddenly put on a stern face, looking like he was in a difficult situation.

“Master, Qi Baishi has been in seclusion recently.

She cant meet you.”


Ding Wen was stunned.

He seemed to have understood something and took a diamond-tier weapon from his storage space.

Damn! He must reimburse this later!

Ding Wen cursed in his heart while he smiled and handed the weapon to Wen Shuhong.

“Captain Wen, look at this…”

Wen Shuhongs expression changed at lightning speed.

“No problem.

Ill go inform Qi Baishi.

Wait here.”

Wen Shuhong disappeared from where he was as his voice fell.

“Hahaha, Lin Qiye, that guy! This time, even I made a fortune.”

Wen Shuhong rushed into the villa.

Qi Baishi wasnt in seclusion.

She was sitting in the garden reading a book.

Wen Shuhong landed in front of her and said, “Little Baishi, your Master, Ding Wen, wants to talk to you.

Go and meet him.

“The Science and Technology Association is filthy rich.

Those b*stards are usually high and mighty.

You have to help your Brother Ye and rip them off, understand

“Maybe you can earn 100 to 200 million movement points.

That way, your importance in your Brother Yes heart will be much higher.”

Hearing that, Qi Baishi was stunned.

Then, she was a little tempted.

“Let me try!”

Wen Shuhong nodded.

Not long after, he brought Ding Wen over.

When the master and disciple met, the disciple was supposed to bring a gift.

But now, it was the other way around.

The moment Ding Wen saw Qi Baishi, he tensed.

He took out some gifts and handed them to Qi Baishi.

“Baishi, please dont mind if I did something in the past.

Ill apologize to you first.

“Also, here are some good weapons that can improve your forging skills.”

Ding Wens attitude was humble.

Qi Baishi understood that it was because of Lin Qiye.

If it wasnt for Brother Yes outstanding ability, would her Master respect her so much

Qi Baishi smiled faintly.

She quickly helped Ding Wen up.

“Master, what are you doing

“You have nurtured me.

Why would I blame you”

Ding Wen raised his head and saw the innocent look on Qi Baishis face.

He felt a little embarrassed.

Back then, he only took in Qi Baishi.

He didnt take her seriously at all.

Who would have thought she would be a part of Lin Qiyes inner circle and soar into the sky

“Sigh, Im so ashamed!” Ding Wen sighed in disappointment.

Qi Baishi quickly said, “Master, dont say that.

You have nurtured me all these years and done me a favor.

If you have any requests, you can say so.

I will help you if its within my power.”

Hearing that, Ding Wen was touched.

“Since you said so, I wont beat around the bush anymore.

“To tell you the truth, I came here to ask you to plead with Lin Qiye.

We hope Lin Qiye will catch the demons for the Science and Technology Association.”

Qi Baishi nodded her head innocently.

“Thats not a problem.

“My Brother Ye has a good heart.

Look at him helping the Seven Cities Alliance Army catch the demons daily.

He is so tired that he cannot sleep at night.

His head is hurting.

“Hes a good man who serves the country and the people!”

What Qi Baishi said made Ding Wen speechless.


He earned 2 billion points.

How is he a good man

Also, he took 20 million worth of weapons and armor from the Science and Technology Association but didnt say anything.

How could Qi Baishi say hes a good man

Ding Wen kept feeling that something was wrong.

Qi Baishi spoke again.

“Brother Ye said that once he arranges his schedule, he will naturally help the Science and Technology Association.”

Ding Wen was speechless.

What the heck

Does he still need to arrange his schedule

They cant wait anymore.

Every extra day is torture!

Ding Wen blurted out.

“No, my good disciple, you must not delay any longer.

You have to come forward and let me meet Lin Qiye to talk.

We can discuss anything! The Science and Technology Association is willing to pay!”

When Ding Wen came out, the chief executive officer had already instructed him to agree to any conditions.

As long as Lin Qiye didnt ask for too much, there was no problem.

Towards Ding Wens plea, Qi Baishi was silent for a moment.

“Master, Brother Ye is exhausted.

I cant add to his burden.

I can only wait for him to come back and let him know.

However, I dont know if hes free or willing to help you catch the demons in advance.”

Ding Wen was embarrassed.

He never expected that his little disciple would know how to play tricks after not seeing her for a few days.

It was obvious that they wanted more!

Ding Wen said, “Good disciple, tell Lin Qiye that you can name the conditions.

Also, consider it as the Science and Technology Association owing him a big favor.

If anything happens in the future, the Association will lend a hand.”

“Alright, I will say a few more words.” Qi Baishi agreed.


You must tell Lin Qiye that we, the Science and Technology Association, are full of sincerity.

Everything can be discussed!”

Seeing that Qi Baishi agreed, Ding Wen was overjoyed.

After repeatedly instructing her, Ding Wen left the floating island happily.

3 pm, Lin Qiye slowly returned.

Qi Baishi came to Lin Qiyes villa and looked for him.

“Brother Ye, are you there Brother Ye!”

“Yes Someone asked you for a favor, right The Science and Technology Association”

Qi Baishi was shocked.

“Brother Ye, how can you know this Can you predict the future”

“What do you mean by predicting the future I merely predicted the actions of the Science and Technology Association.

Did you agree to it”

Qi Baishi shook her head.

“I didnt agree.

“I only told Master Id put in a few good words.

As for whether Brother Ye agrees or not, I cant guarantee anything.

It is something that only you can decide.”

Hearing that, Lin Qiye patted Qi Baishis head.

“You did the right thing.”

Qi Baishi nodded.

“Then Brother Ye, do you want to meet my Master”

“Thats not a problem.

After all, the Science and Technology Association cant sit still any longer.

They will definitely pay a high price.”

Lin Qiye smiled.

After leaving them hanging for a few days, it was time for him to reap the results!

Lin Qiye was looking forward to it.

The Science and Technology Association was a piece of juicy meat.

Of course, eliminating the demons hidden in the city as soon as possible would be more useful to Lin Qiye and his next step.

Therefore, Lin Qiye nodded.

“Ask them to come to me in an hour!”

Lin Qiye smiled at Qi Baishi.

Then, he changed the topic and asked, “Hows your recent forging practice going”

Qi Baishi didnt expect Lin Qiye to suddenly care about her.

She was stunned.


“I… Master gave me some notes, which were all his precious insights.

I studied them for two days and gained a lot.

Now, I only need some weapons to practice.”

After a short moment of shock, Qi Baishi answered honestly.

“Do you lack weapons to practice with What I mean is, how many weapons do you need to devour”

Upon hearing that, Qi Baishi counted her fingers carefully as if she was saving money for Lin Qiye.

After calculating for a while, she opened her fingers and raised them in front of Lin Qiye timidly.

“Ten platinum-tier weapons”


Upon hearing this, Lin Qiyes face immediately turned stern.

It could not help but frighten Qi Baishi.

“No, five.

Five will do!”

When she said ten, her heart was filled with anxiety.

Seeing Lin Qiye instantly pull a long face, Qi Baishi was so flustered that she was on the verge of crying.

Wasnt she making things difficult for Brother Ye by asking for many weapons

Seeing the girl so nervous that she didnt know what to do, Lin Qiye couldnt help but laugh and shake his head.

“Little Baishi, its not that I think ten weapons are too much.

Your mindset is too narrow! Do you understand”

“Youre my chief weaponsmith, yet you only want ten weapons to practice.

Youre looking down on me.”

Qi Baishi was a little apprehensive.

“Then… How many should there be Ten platinum-tier weapons are already worth 50 million.”

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