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As soon as these words fell, the sewer rats right eye seeped out evil black gas.

“That persons death must be a coincidence!

“We must think of a way to tarnish Lin Qiyes reputation and kill him.

We cant let him continue to grow!

“After all, if we want to conquer Star City, we must get rid of that guy.

However, Lin Qiye has already reached the Diamond Level, and his combat strength is immeasurable.

How do we kill him Who could do it”

As soon as these words came out, the demons fell silent, and the air was terrifyingly quiet.

After a long time, ademon sneered.

“Ive thought of a way.

We can destroy his reputation tomorrow! I could even say that the Star City could not tolerate him!”

“Oh What do you mean”

The group of demons turned their curious gazes to it.

It grinned and smiled eerily, then revealed its plan.

“We will do this…”

The sewer rats eyes lit up andsqueaked.

“Awesome, as expected of the boss, this will be a perfect frame! I can already imagine the scene of Lin Qiye falling into the vortex of doubt and everyone betraying him.


“What a good plan.”

“A poisonous plan! How outstanding!”


The rats were so excited that they disappeared into thin air.

On the other side, Lin Qiye slept soundly.

The next morning, as soon as Lin Qiye left the villa, Chen Fan approached him.

“Brother Ye, where are we going today”

“I will go alone.

You stay here and protect Jiang Qingxue and the others.”

Lin Qiye looked out of the island.

He had been searching for the demons in the city.

The Painted-skin Demon might also make a move.

The day before, Lin Qiye had only identified a few possible targets, but it was not enough to determine who the Painted-skin Demon was.

Therefore, Lin Qiye had to be on guard in case the Painted-skin Demon attacked his home when he was absent.

Chen Fan wanted to say something, but he hesitated.

“I was thinking of following Brother Ye to show off today!

“Yesterday was so great.

Those family patriarchs were usually high and mighty, but they could only lower their heads yesterday.

It was such a good feeling!”

Chen Fan shook his head.

“However, Brother Ye gave me a task, and I will definitely complete it.

Unless I am surrounded by five peak Diamond Practitioners, no one will be able to attack our base!

“Brother Ye, dont worry.

I will guard your back!”

Chen Fan patted his chest and promised.

Lin Qiye nodded with a smile.

“With your current strength, I can indeed feel at ease.

“Then I will go to help Star City!”

While they were talking, Lin Qiye slowly walked out of the floating island.

In the distance, the three family patriarchs were waiting with their carriages.

When they saw Lin Qiye appear, the three of them rushed up.

“Five million!”

“How about five million”

The three of them thought about it the last night.

If even the Wang familys genius could be killed, how much would they lose if someone from their side was assassinated

Therefore, it was not unacceptable to fork out another five million.

Thus, Lin Qiye received 15 million movement points and spent 1.5 million to come up with three lists.

“Alright, go and catch them.

I still have to go to the Chen family and let the demons show themselves.

After you catch them, come and inform me!”

Lin Qiye went directly to the Chen family.

The Chen family patriarch was attentive and welcoming.


Lin, you are finally here.

Please make your move!”

Lin Qiye nodded slightly.

Instantly, he made the demons expose themselves.

Even though the Chen family patriarch had witnessed the scene before, he was still frightened, and his heart raced.

He waved his hand and killed the demons in the prison until only ten research subjects were left.

After settling the Chen familys affairs, Lin Qiye came to the Liu family.

However, when he arrived, he discovered that Alliance Leader Wang, the Song family patriarch, the chief executive officer of the Science and Technology Association, and the Consul of the Light and Shadow Group were all present!

Their expressions were strange as theylooked at Lin Qiye.

It was as if their recognition had collapsed, and they were filled with vigilance toward Lin Qiye.

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