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In the Seven Cities Alliance Army, the Wei family was ranked at the bottom but still decent.

When Lin Qiye, Chen Fan, and Alliance Leader Wang arrived, the patriarch of the Wei family came to greet them with three Diamond Practitioners.

“Alliance Leader Wang!”


The Wei family patriarch seemed a little reluctant, but in the end, he gave in.

He bowed to Lin Qiye and Chen Fan.

“Nice to meet you, Mr.

Lin and Mr.


Chen Fan smiled.

It was a wonderful feeling.

Back in Li City, they were merely two nameless people who didnt know if they could become famous.

However, in a short time, they had become the guests of the most powerful forces in Star City.

Even the Diamond Practitioners had to treat them with respect.

Chen Fan nodded slightly.

As expected, the scenery was different depending on where they stood.

However, Lin Qiye didnt feel anything.

He took out a list of names.

“Catch all three hundred and ninety of them.

Dont let any escape.”

The Wei family patriarch took the list and looked at it.

He was surprised.

Among them were his son, his relatives, and the trusted aides of the other Diamond Practitioners.

Almost all of them were his trusted aides!

“This… Are there any problems

“How is that possible These are all our…”

Lin Qiye waved his hand impatiently.

“Hurry up and go.

Dont waste my time.”

While he talked, Lin Qiye was still holding the tablet and quickly skimming through the lines of information.

Patriarch Weis face was flushed red.

“You…” He wanted to retort but was scolded by Alliance Leader Wang.

“Go quickly.

Dont let one person escape.

Capture all of them!”

As he spoke, Alliance Leader Wang printed more than ten copies of the list.

He quickly sent a team to capture these suspicious people.

Half an hour later, everyone was brought in.

“Whats going on Why did they capture us”

“Were still dealing with important matters!”

“Who can bear the responsibility if it is delayed”

The group of suspects discussed animatedly.

Lin Qiye chuckled.

His Immortal Consciousness Soul had already spread out.

At the same time, his Resentment Immortal Eye opened, and wisps of invisible resentful intent attached to the Immortal Consciousness Soul.

The Immortal Consciousness Soul entangled more than three hundred demons.

Suddenly, the demons felt their sea of consciousness tremble.

In the next second, miserable screams rose and fell.

When endless resentments surged into their sea of consciousness, their minds collapsed.

More than three hundred demons fell to the ground, and with miserable screams, their bodies bent into a ball.

Green blood began to flow out of their seven orifices.

The aura in their bodies began to disintegrate at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Their skin began to peel off, and strange green scales appeared.

For a moment, the scene looked like a fanatical ceremony.

And this sudden occurrence shocked everyone present.

Patriarch Weis heart sank to the bottom.

His eyes widened with shock.

“Its demons! Theyre demons!”

Alliance Leader Wangs pupils constricted as he looked at Lin Qiye in fear.

His scalp went numb.

“I couldnt sense the disguise of the demons at all.

If it werent for the help of this youth, Im afraid there would be more and more demons.

In the end, they would occupy the magpies nest and turn the Seven Cities Alliance Army into the demons camp!”

At this moment, Alliance Leader Wang couldnt help but break out in a cold sweat.

“Thank you, Mr.


If it werent for you, Im afraid we would be in big trouble!”

Alliance Leader Wang heaved a sigh of relief.

It was a shocking sight as he looked at the demons in front of him.

At this moment, the demons stared at Lin Qiye with hatred.

“Why How could you see through our disguise!”

“We have no flaws! Even Peak Diamond Practitioners and Immortal Level experts cant see through our disguise!”

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