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Next to Lin Qiye was a vacuum bag containing the powder of the Tribulation Stone.

Data flashed before Lin Qiyes eyes.

He analyzed the data while checking the output data of each mining ore online.

Soon, apage of introduction caught his attention.

“The Wei family

“The precise data points to this powder from the Wei family.

It seems that the demons who attacked are lurking in the Wei family.

“And only 378 people could come into contact with the Wei familys Tribulation Stone and use it to create lightning attacks.

At that time, only 378 people were near the crime scene.”

Lin Qiye quickly narrowed down the range.

The next second, the 378 suspects information was placed in front of him.

He browsed through them one by one for half an hour.

The corners of Lin Qiyes mouth curled up into a smile.

“There are six demons.

It seems that they are not the Painted-skin Demon.

The Painted-skin Demon is more stealthy.”

Lin Qiyes eyes lit up.

Then, he opened up the household registration information on Ideal Island.

There were too many civilians on Ideal Island, which was close to ten million.

Therefore, there must be some demons lurking among them.

It would not be easy for Lin Qiye to find all of them.

However, he decided to go through the higher-ups first.

There were 398 floating islands on Ideal Island.

Four Diamond Level captains, plus Lin Qiye and Chen Fan.

It totals six Diamond Practitioners, six hundred and seventy-nine Platinum Practitioners, three thousand and five Gold Practitioners, and one hundred and thirty-four thousand and five hundred Silver Practitioners.

It was not a large number.

After all, Ideal Island had been established not too long ago.

It was not as big a job as the Science and Technology Association and the Seven Cities Alliance Army.

Lin Qiye first checked the Practitioners of Li City.

Before he knew it, it was evening.

Lin Qiye finished his check.

He looked at the floating islands nearby.

“Three demons are lurking around.

Have they been here long” Lin Qiye murmured.

Then, he disappeared from the villa.

He called Chen Fan, Wen Shuhong, and Song Shu over.

“Uncle Song, please call these three Li City Silver Practitioners over.”

Song Shu was stunned.

Although he did not know why, he did not say any nonsense but immediately carried out Lin Qiyes order.

Not long after, the three Silver Practitionerscame to Lin Qiye, Wen Shuhong, and Chen Fan.

Wen Shuhong was a little curious.

“Why are they here Are they gifted”

Chen Fan was also puzzled.

“Brother Ye, what does this mean”

Lin Qiyes aura flowed out, condescending, overlooking the three Silver Practitioners.

The heavy pressure made them kneel on the ground.

Their faces paled, and they crawled on the ground begging for mercy with a cold sweat.

“Sir, please spare my life.

I have always been conscientious and well-behaved.

I have never done anything bad!”

“Me too!”

“Me neither!”

The three of them looked pitiful.

Lin Qiye was expressionless.

His Immortal Consciousness Soul, along with the Resentment Immortal Eye, turned into invisible ripples and entered the minds of the three.

“Are you still not revealing yourself!” Lin Qiye roared.

It was as if a switch was turned on.

Green blood oozed out of the three peoples eyes.

They raised their heads to look at Lin Qiye, and their pupils became more and more ghastly green.

Without a doubt, under the impact of the Resentment Immortal Eye, theycouldnt bear it anymore.

They subconsciously showed their true forms.

Their skin began to tear as if they were stuck by a strong glue and then forcefully torn apart.

Their bodies were covered in blood.

Green fish scales began to emerge from under their skin.

A stickyliquid flowed on the scales.

“Its a demon!”

Wen Shuhong was shocked.

“How could it be a demon We didnt realize it at all!

“If it can hide so well, does that mean other demons are hiding in other areas”

Chen Fans heart skipped a beat.

“Brother Ye, how did you find them Their concealment is almost perfect! It is too scary!”

Lin Qiye narrowed his eyes.

“I have inferred that all the Practitioners in Li City are guilty.

I will first assume that they are demons, and then I investigated the flaws.

This way, I could find them.”

While they were talking, Lin Qiyes lightning threads surged out and bound the three demons.

“Brother Wen, lock them up in the prison.

When the time comes, find a group of scientists and study them.

“Oh right, Ive obtained a high-quality floating island.

Im going to release it and recruit talented civilians to conduct scientific research.

It can probably support 10,000 scientists.”

Lin Qiye showed the Ancient God Floating Island.

Wen Shuhong was shocked.

“Only 10,000 people for such a good thing Isnt it a waste”

Lin Qiye nodded firmly.

“We will support 10,000 scientists first.

They are very important.”

Wen Shuhong wanted to say something but stopped.

“I respect your choice.

Anyway, your subordinate, Song Shu, has already helped you manage a giant floating island.

If you have your own use for this floating island, its good.”

Wen Shuhong patted Lin Qiyes shoulder.

Lin Qiye had already exceeded his expectations.

He had no reason to ask for too much.

“However, you are only fourteen years old and have a bright future.

Try your best to break through to the Immortal Realm! It is difficult to break through this realm, but if you do, you will enter a new world.”

“The Seven Cities Alliance Army had information about the Origin God Realm that you could buy with money.

But now that youve offended them, Im afraid you couldnt take this shortcut.”

Wen Shuhong shook his head.

Lin Qiye, on the other hand, didnt seem to care.

“These are all trivial matters.”

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