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“Send us a copy of the video.

Little Fan and I will study it,” Lin Qiye requested.

Wen Shuhong nodded slightly.

“Lets study it together.

This matter involves Ideal Island and the people around me.

I have no reason to stand by and do nothing.”

Then, Wen Shuhong, Lin Qiye, and Chen Fan returned to their living quarters.

They found a hall and started to study the video.

They watched every frame carefully.

However, other than the culprits cultivation level, the culprit didnt reveal any flaws.

The video didnt track any further.

Therefore, they had no idea where the disguiser came from or where he disappeared to.

To put it simply, there was no beginning or end to the video.

“There is no valid information in this video.

I have watched it more than ten times, but I dont understand it at all.

“Did those people do this on purpose Are they trying to frame us”

Chen Fan was furious.

Wen Shuhong looked at Lin Qiye.

“Little Qiye, what do you think”

Lin Qiye shook his head.

“I cant tell anything from the video.

The disguiser is extremely fast and unpredictable.

However, it shouldnt be hard to find him face-to-face.

“But there is one fact that can be confirmed.

These disguisers didnt leave the crime scene.”

Wen Shuhong and Chen Fan looked at each other.

“What do you mean”

“To put it simply, it means…” Lin Qiye felt helpless.

“After the disguiser killed the victim, did he not pass the blockade of the Seven Cities Alliance Army and the Science and Technology Association”

Chen Fan nodded.


“It makes sense.

If the culprit didnt pass through the blockade, it means he is hiding inside the Seven Cities Alliance Army and the Science and Technology Association.

After committing the crime, he would put on another layer of disguise.

Who could find his tracks”

Chen Fan was suddenly enlightened, but he still had some doubts.

“Is this ability real I dont think any demons can change their appearance twice.

Moreover, they can perfectly imitate our ability to change their appearance…”

Lin Qiye smiled.

He thought, “Theres even the eerie Painted-skin Demon, whose hiding abilities are so strong that Immortals couldnt find them.

Whats the big deal about changing their appearance”

Lin Qiye shook his head.

“Maybe its a new type of demon.”

Chen Fan furrowed his brows.

“Then how do we catch them There are hundreds of thousands of pedestrians, three million family members, and more than 100,000 members of the Science and Technology Association.

If we search for it one by one, we will never find it!”

Regarding this, Lin Qiye was calm.

“In the afternoon, well go to the scene and take a look.

The scene will tell us the answer.”

“Will it really”

“It will tell us a part of it.”

“Perhaps this part of the answer will allow us to reverse the situation, wont it”

Lin Qiye was quite confident, but Wen Shuhong was a little worried.

“Will they let us in”

“I have a way to get in.

That is not a problem.”

Chen Fan and Wen Shuhong nodded simultaneously.


“Lets go then!”

Lin Qiye stood up.

“Little Baishi, you stay at home.

We will come back after were finished with business.”

While they were talking, Lin Qiye, Wen Shuhong, and Chen Fan arrived at the entrance of the Seven Cities Alliance Army.

“Please show us… Eh Captain Wen Captain Wen, during this period, the Seven Cities Alliance Army doesnt welcome people from the Ideal Island.

Please go back.

We are the gatekeepers.

Please dont make things difficult for us…”

The gatekeeper looked embarrassed.

However, Lin Qiye took a step forward.

His Immortal Consciousness Soul condensed into a drum, and the scalp-numbing ripples swept toward the interior of the Seven Cities Alliance Army.

Not long after, a few peak Diamond Practitionerscame to the entrance with wary faces.

“Who is it How dare he be arrogant and provoke the Seven Cities Alliance Army”

Their cold eyes swept over.

When they saw Lin Qiye, their eyes suddenly froze, as if someone was strangling their throats.

“Its you… You still have the face to cause trouble here”

“Youre going too far!”

The few of them clenched their fists, and their faces flushed red.

If it werent for the fact that they couldnt beat Lin Qiye, they would definitely let Lin Qiye have a taste of the iron fists of the four major forces of Star City.

Towards this, Lin Qiyes expression was indifferent.

“Were the victims, so were here to check out the scene.

Is there a problem Why dont you bring us in to look at the scene How about it”

The expressions of the experts from the Seven Cities Alliance Army darkened.

“Youre asking us to bring you in to check the scene after what happened Are you kidding”

“Do you really think that the Seven Cities Alliance Army didnt have any top-notch experts that can compete with you!”

Lin Qiye stood with his hands behind his back.

“You guys wont let me in”

“Of course not!”

Lin Qiye suddenly smiled.

“I knew it.

You guys deliberately put on a good show and set me up! You refused to let me in because you were afraid I would see through your tricks!”

At this moment, Lin Qiye suddenly stood at the moral high ground and used a unique perspective to blame the Seven Cities Alliance Army.

The expressions of the few peak Diamond Practitioners changed.

“Youre spouting nonsense!”

“Dont slander us!”

Lin Qiye laughed coldly.

“You took the video and collected the evidence.

The crime scene happened inside your area, and you didnt even let me check it out.

Everything came out of your mouths!

“I suspect you have ulterior motives and deliberately framed me! You are the ones who pretended to be the murderer and pushed it on me.

“You didnt let me in to collect evidence because you wanted to prevent me from seeing through the flaws.

“I didnt expect the Seven Cities Alliance Army to be so vicious!”

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