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He looked coldly at the law enforcement officer of the Science and Technology Academy.

“Where is Chen Fan!”

“Let him confess!”

“I am Chen Fan,” Chen Fan said.

“You are Chen Fan Fine, take him away! You killed a genius at our Science and Technology Academy.

The Association will make you pay with your life!”

With a wave of the enforcers hand, several Diamond Practitioners surrounded Chen Fan.

Chen Fan was about to make a move when a huge palm made of mental power shot out behind him, sending a couple of Diamond Practitioners flying 100 meters.

And then, Lin Qiye floated slowly beside Chen Fan.

His cold eyes swept across the most powerful men in the Science and Technology Academy.

“How dare you defy the Science and Technology Academy”


Someones face flushed red, but a peak Diamond Practitioner suddenly covered his mouth.

“May I ask who you are”

“Lin Qiye.”

“All of you can go back.

Little Fan and I are both Diamond Practitioners.

Theres no need for us to kill weak ants like you.”

The experts of the Science and Technology Academy turned pale.

“Thats all you have to say”

Lin Qiye nodded.

“Yes, if I say so, then so be it.

If you dont leave now, I will kill all of you.

Do you want to try me”

Hearing this, the experts from the Association couldnt help but weigh their options.

Chen Fan alone was enough to rival a peak Diamond Practitioner.

Plus, there was Lin Qiye.

They couldnt defeat him.

Although the experts from the Association were usually arrogant, they were still sensible when faced with true power.

After all, Lin Qiye was full of murderous intent!

Just a look in his eyes was enough to make ones heart skip a beat!

They were afraid Lin Qiye would really kill someone!

It would not be worth it.

Therefore, the Science and Technology Academy only said a few harsh words and left.

The farce finally ended.

Wen Shuhong, Chen Fan, and Lin Qiye looked at each other.

“There must be something fishy going on here.

The mastermind behind all this is using the Science and Technology Academy and the Seven Cities Alliance Army to attack us.

“If Brother Ye and I were not at the Incarnation Realm, we would be dead by now.

“Even so, Brother Ye and I have offended the Seven Cities Alliance Army and the Science and Technology Academy.

The Science and Technology Academy is the main threat.”

Chen Fan gritted his teeth and analyzed the situation.

He was furious that the mastermind had tried to use other forces to kill him.

Wen Shuhong nodded.

“Thats right.

The Seven Cities Alliance Army may be powerful, but its not a big deal to offend them.

“The Science and Technology Association is the biggest headache.

Whether its array formation, weaponsmithing, or pill refinement, we need the Association.

If you offend them, you will be in big trouble in other cities.”

Hearing his words, Lin Qiye smiled.

“Its okay.

This matter is most likely related to the demons.

“As long as we find the real culprit, not only will we not offend the Science and Technology Association, but they will also try to curry favor with us.

When the time comes, we could ask for compensation for mental damage, but we will also be able to collect a reward…”

Hearing Lin Qiyes words, Chen Fan and Wen Shuhong looked confused.

“What are you talking about, Brother Ye”

“The situation is critical right now.

Arent you being a little too optimistic”

Lin Qiye shook his head confidently.

“As the saying goes, fortune and misfortune lie in wait.

It is not necessarily a bad thing.”

Wen Shuhong: “…”

Chen Fan: “…”

“Then what do you think we should do, Brother Ye”

“We should study those videos and find out what is going on.

If they are fake, there will be flaws!”

“Once we find the loophole, we will find a solution.”

Then, Lin Qiye led the way to the villa.

Today, he was going to spend some time playing with the demons!

Whether its the Painted-skin Demon or some other demon, since they took the initiative to attack, they should be prepared to be destroyed.

Lin Qiyes eyes gradually turned cold.

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