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Thus, almost instantly, the seven Diamond Practitioners knelt under terrifying pressure.

“How is this possible!”

The seven Diamond Practitioners shook with fear as they looked at Lin Qiye in a cold sweat.

“You… Youre a peak Diamond Practitioner”

Lin Qiyes expression was calm.

“Thats right, everyone.

That trash genius of yours isnt worth mentioning in front of me.

Do I need to assassinate him

“Is he worthy of it!

“Even if its you Diamond Practitioners, youre not worthy of me personally attacking you!

“Do you understand”

The seven Diamond Practitioners felt their scalps go numb.

“But… Who was the one that appeared in our territory last night”

Lin Qiye glanced at them indifferently.

“It wasnt me.

“That persons technique is still at Platinum Level.

He can change his appearance, but he doesnt know Im already a peak Diamond Practitioner.

Its clear at a glance whether its really me.

“Also, do you think I will leave any traces left behind if I want to kill someone Can a mere video capture me”

As he spoke, Lin Qiye disappeared from where he was.

The next moment, he appeared behind the seven men.

He pointed his finger at them and waved it lightly.

A light instantly landed behind everyone.

They instinctively resisted but were still beaten until they rolled on the ground.

Blood flowed out from their mouths and noses.


This time, Captain Wen persuaded me in advance.

Thats why I showed mercy.

Otherwise, you would have already become corpses.”

The seven Practitioners expressions were hideous.

However, in the face of absolute strength, they were helpless.

They could only climb up in a panic, bowed, and apologize to Lin Qiye.

There was no other way.

Lin Qiye was stronger than them.

When Lin Qiye made his move just now, they could feel the gap between them.

First, the terrifying Thunder God Aspect, then the mental power that made them kneel on the ground, and even the ability to teleport!

No matter which ability, it was enough to prove that Lin Qiye did not need to lower himself to kill a genius of the Wang family.

The genius was not worthy of Lin Qiye!

“Im sorry, Mr.


We were rude.

Thank you for showing mercy.

When we return, we will find the real culprit and clear your name!”

Lin Qiye waved his hand and did not say anything.

Then, the Diamond Practitionersleft the place in a sorry state.

However, not long after they left, the Diamond enforcers of the Wang family received another video.

In the video, the culprit becameChen Fan.

The seven Diamond Practitioners looked at each other after watching the video.

“Do you want to go back and seek justice”

“Seek justice”

“Are you going Do you have the guts to go”


“Then lets go back and have a meeting!”

The Wang familys Diamond enforcer was furious.

He didnt want to embarrass himself in front of Lin Qiye again.

He had no choice but to leave.

“Lets go.”

Chen Fan shook his head.

“That video is weird.

Who could perfectly transform into your appearance If I didnt know your strength, I wouldnt have been able to tell the difference.”

Lin Qiye narrowed his eyes.

“There are two possibilities.

They are either wearing a mask, or they are a demon.

“I think its a demon.

“After all, I have offended many demons.”

Lin Qiyes expression was calm.

However, Wen Shuhongs expression changed.

That was because he had also received a video.

In the video, Chen Fan killed a genius blacksmith in a technology cult and disappeared.

The culprit used Chen Fans attacks.

The attack in the video was 100% similar to the one Chen Fan had used a day ago.

Wen Shuhong was speechless as he projected the video.

Lin Qiye and Chen Fan watched the video closely.

After watching the video, Chen Fan took a deep breath.

“He is pretending to be me”

“This is going to be interesting.”

Chen Fans eyes were cold.

“There is no doubt someone is trying to frame the two of you…” Wen Shuhong speculated.

“This must have something to do with the demons.

I will find other experts on the island to deal with this.

“If they want to smear Ideal Islands name, we will never let them go!

“Dont worry.

No one can touch you!”

Lin Qiye nodded.

“We understand, but we cant help it.

Those guys are looking for trouble.”

As he spoke, Lin Qiye and Chen Fan looked toward the islands entrance.

There, a group of people arrived.

“Chen Fan! Come out and confess!”

“Chen Fan! Come out and confess!”

Their voices were as loud as thunder.

It was obvious that this group of people came from the Science and Technology Association, one of the main worlds giant organizations.

They were protective of their own.

Therefore, their tone was rough and rude.

Regarding this, Chen Fan was not happy.


Although I am not as strong as Brother Lin to suppress seven Diamond Practitioners, if they want to put on airs in front of me… Even if it is the Science and Technology Association, that is not possible.”

As his voice fell, Chen Fan turned around.

His aura surged, and purplish-gold scales appeared on his body.

His ancestral dragon armor lets him rise to three meters, and the Ancient Qilin Shield floated in the back.

It could block a fatal attack at any time.

After he was fully equipped, Chen Fan stood quietly at the entrance.

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