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“The Origin God Realm is extremely rare.

This time, the Seven Cities Alliance Army and the Science and Technology Association had found one in the wild.

However, few people knew about it.

To purchase this information, one would need at least fifty million movement points.”

Regarding this information, Chen Fan was not interested.

However, Lin Qiyes interest soared.

“What is the quality of the Origin God Realm If it was in the lower grade, 50 million points would be a loss.”

Wen Shuhong shook his head.

“I dont know the details.

Youll have to ask.”

Lin Qiye smiled.

When he had the slightest idea, he would use the Deduction of Genesis.

Although the consumption was extra high in the main world to carry out the Deduction of Genesis, he definitely does not need to consume 50 million movement points!

Hence, Lin Qiye memorized the wordsOrigin God Realm.

After that, Wen Shuhong shared the information he knew about the eighteen demi-God demons outside the city.

Theres the Temple Demon in the form of a weird temple.

It invades peoples consciousness and makes them worship it.

It was a law-type demon mainly staying in its shelter.

They would not move easily.

Theres the Wooden Fish Demon, a demon that knocks on a wooden fish.

The sound can easily confuse humans and make them approach the temple unconsciously.

Once they enter the temple, they will become puppets.

It was also a law-type demon.

The Hydra Demon, a nine-headed snake-shaped demon.

As long as one of its heads exists, it will not die.

It has an extremely strong ability to pollute and corrode.

Its combat power is swift and fierce.

It possesses abilities such as frost, darkness, karmic fire, venom, and mental control.

It is a multi-attribute special-ability type demon.

There are the Petrification Sculpture Demons, which move in packs.

Their eyes shot out rays that can petrify those hit by them.

Those a realm above can break free from the petrification effect.

It is a special-ability type demon.

Theres the Headless Woman, a headless one.

It cries in grief in an eerie manner.

If the person attacked cannot keep his or her mind, their head will be cut off and given to the demon.

It is a law-type demon.

The Ghost Aunt, who produces demons rapidly when it appears.

If it is not stopped, demons will be everywhere.

Such demons are rare.

They will not use their abilities casually.

These demons were all at the peak of the semi-God Level.

It made everyones mood heavy.

Lin Qiye nodded slightly.

“Who are we dealing with”

Wen Shuhong said, “The Hydra Demon, Headless Woman, and Ghost Aunt.

We will keep an eye on these three demons.”

“That shouldnt be a problem.” Lin Qiye was confident.


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