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The moment she saw the Painted-skin Demon, she was slightly moved.

“May I ask who you are”

The Demon Emperor slowly stood up from her throne.

The Painted-skin Demon shook his head slightly.

“Im here for Gu Shaoshang.”

The Demon Emperor didnt understand.

“Youre here for Gu Shaoshang Why are you looking for me Gu Shaoshang isnt here.”

The handsome youths smile was demonic.

“Gu Shaoshang is growing too fast.

He already has the terrifying strength to control a clans fate alone.

“The human race is indeed terrifying.

Back then, the Law of Speech made me unable to make a move.

“Gu Shaoshang is also monstrous now.

Not only did he ruin my plan to summon the Celestial, he even killed a mental-type expert in advance, seized the Immortal Skull, and killed the Son of the Netherworld.

“Now, he wants to take away my nourishment.

I have no other choice but to come and devour you all.”

The youths smile suddenly disappeared.

He gnashed his teeth with a ferocious face.

An endless black fog surged out of his body.

At the same time, wisps of black evil energy drilled out of the body of the Demon Emperor.

They fused into the youths black fog.

In the next second, the Demon Emperors body cracked inch by inch.

Bright red blood spurted out from the crack.

It flowed on the Demon Emperors body, turning her into a blood demon with blurry facial features.

The Demon Emperor covered her face and let out a shrill scream.

The Painted-skin Demon let out a cold laugh.

It quickly melted into a ball of black mist and rushed into the Demon Emperors body.

Not long after, the Demon Emperors body vanished into thin air.

A handsome youth stood on the black mist.

The youth had blood-red pupils, seaweed hair, and blood-red eyes wide open on both sides of his face.

His arms were made of wriggling flesh and tentacles.

His upper body was covered in green scales flowing with an evil aura.

His lower body was a ball of black mist.

The black fog was unpredictable and extremely treacherous.

However, very soon, everything strange about the young man disappeared.

His lower body became two feet.

The tentacles merged and turned into arms.

The rows of eyes on both sides of the cheeks quickly disappeared, making the young mans skin appear fair, and his facial features were handsome.

The scales on his body were all hidden on the surface of his skin.

At this moment, the young mans aura rose.

In an instant, he had surpassed the Demon Emperor and reached the combat strength that could crush ten Demon Emperors.

His majestic aura was like a mountain, enveloping the demons below.

All the demons turned pale with fright.

“The Demon Emperor has been devoured”

“Demon Emperor…”

“Run, that guy is going to devour us!”

Dozens of God-level experts were scared out of their wits after witnessing the scene of the Painted-skin Demon devouring the Demon Emperor.

They immediately turned around and tried to escape.

In an instant, the demons turned into a mess and fled in all directions.

However, where the aura of the Painted-skin Demon went, the space within a radius of 10,000 meters seemed to have sunk into a swamp.

Even God-level demons were restrained by an invisible force and could not break free.

It was the suppression of the original power.

The Painted-skin Demon smiled sinisterly.

The imperial city was covered in black fog.

The demons who breathed in the black fog turned into sticky pus blood anddrilled into the young mans body like small snakes.

In the fear and despair of countless demons, all the evil demons near the ruins of the sacred city were devoured in two minutes.

There was no life except for the Painted-skin Demon in the city.

At this moment, the Painted-skin Demons aura was rising at a speed visible to the naked eye, as if it was going to touch the invincible ceiling.

A black fog ten thousand meters long was rolling under the feet of the Painted-skin Demon.

However, the Painted-skin Demon didnt feel proud.

It looked at its hands and couldnt help but shake its head.

“This bit of strength isnt enough to fight against Gu Shaoshang.

“He can still kill me instantly.

I have to devour even more! I have to devour the demon race and the Winged Wolf Tribe!”

The handsome youth seemed to have gone crazy.

“Hehe, I have to go to the border and devour my nutrients first.

I cant let Gu Shaoshang destroy them!

“As long as I devour the demon race and Winged Wolf Tribe, I can stand on equal with Gu Shaoshang!

“When the time comes, I will devour the human race and turn the entire world into my nourishment!”

The Painted-skin Demon was radiating killing intent.

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