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“Sit down, everyone.

Didnt we come here to talk about the treasures on that island”

The secretary pushed the old man to the main seat.

The old man was the highest authority in the human alliance and was also an SSS-Grade talent with Law of Speech – Chen Guan.

“Tell me.

What kind of treasures is there to gather everyone here.” Chen Guan asked calmly.


Chen, we followed Mr.

Gu on his mission this time.

On Sea Monster Island, we discovered a huge crystal vein related to mental power! Those crystal ores can temper a mental-type talent, as well as willpower and mental power.

They are of great help to all Awakened ones.”

“Oh Theres such a precious treasure”

Many people present were interested.

“These are samples.”

“We didnt bring any measuring equipment, so we dont know how much the mineral vein has stored.

However, just the ones we saw are already a shocking number.”

The five people knocked down the crystals and placed them on the conference table.

Then, they projected a simple measuring video onto the screen.

After watching the sample and seeing the image shown in the video, everyone present had a look of shock on their faces.


Even Mr.

Chen couldnt help but be slightly stunned.

He grabbed a crystal tightly and carefully felt it.

“Theres another vein with this type of crystal”


Chen let out a deep breath.

“Yes, we casually knocked a few on the side of the vein.

It can be considered to be of lower quality.

There are even higher quality crystals in the depths!”

The five people answered honestly.

“This is considered to be of lower quality”

The group of higher-ups was excited.

“They are all top-tier crystals.

If they are mined and used in the army, they might be able to increase the armys combat strength by 30%!”

“They might also awaken more mental-type talents to boost the morale and increase the armys combat strength.”

The higher-ups analyzed.


Chen was silent for a moment before he slowly said, “Everyone, this vein must be mined.

Furthermore, we have to spend much effort to mine it!

“It is related to the survival of the human race.

“However, Gu Shaoshang is the greatest contributor in discovering this vein.

Therefore, we will hand over half of the crystals to him.

How about it”


Chens gaze was deep.

He clenched his shriveled hand tightly.

The moment he said this, all the higher-ups instantly fell silent.

Some people were unwilling.

After all, this was related to their benefits.

Some people didnt argue and nodded in agreement with Mr.

Chens words.

“I think everyone knows what Mr.

Chen is trying to do.

As the saying goes, its easy to obtain three armies but hard to obtain a general.

We have struggled for many years, but only Mr.

Chen can barely hold on to the survival of the human race.”

“Now, a genius like Gu Shaoshang has appeared in the human race.

He has five SSS-Grade talents, and he can suppress the Son of the Netherworld and the Demon Emperor at the same time! Is there a problem with him taking half of the resources”

“Thats not a problem.”

“If you want to object, youd better think again.

Can you withstand one attack from Mr.


A higher-up said so.

The people who wanted to take the moral high ground and object became speechless.

Seeing that some of the higher-ups were sullen, the five mental-type powerhouses couldnt help but shake their heads.


Chen, Mr.

Gu said we can distribute these things freely.

He doesnt need them, but we must use them on the edge of the knife.

If he finds out anyone is greedy, Mr.

Gu will let them know what an instant kill means.”

The young woman sneered andglanced at the higher-ups.

It was a simple show of force, but the deterrence of a few words was terrifying.

The hearts of some of the higher-ups immediately calmed down as if a basin of ice water had been poured on them.


Chen smiled.

“Alright, everyone, gather and mobilize the resources to begin mining the crystal vein.

“The sooner, the better!”

“Yes, Mr.


“Yes, Mr.



Chen nodded.

He asked his secretary to push the wheelchair and returned to his residence.

“Little Wei, have you found all the information”

The secretary immediately took out her tablet and opened a file.

She moved it bit by bit, showing it to Mr.


After looking at the information on the screen, Chen Guan turned to the secretary.

“Has all the information been verified”

“Yes, Mr.


Theres no mistake in any of the information.”

The secretary replied respectfully.

Chen Guan could not help but exclaim in admiration at this.

“I didnt expect him to be only five years old! Five years old, and he has already awakened five SSS-Grade talents.

He can also suppress the Demon Emperor and the Son of the Netherworld at the same time.

They are both top-tier SSS-Grade talents! What kind of monster is he”

“Even if a God descends to the mortal world, Hes only so-so! Gu Shaoshang…”

Looking at Lin Qiyes various brilliant achievements, even Mr.

Chen was shocked.

However, his wrinkled face was accompanied by a gratified smile.

“This damned old bone of mine has finally held on until this day!

“With this young man, I can use my death to repent for my sins.”

Upon hearing that, the secretarys face tightened.


Chen, you cant die.

You are our countrys national treasure.

You saved two billion people.

You are the God in the hearts of the people.

You will be as blessed and live a long life!”

The corners of Mr.

Chens eyes trembled, stretching his eyebags, and a bitter smile appeared on his face.

He smiled bitterly and shook his head.

“What long life Im just a sinner.”

The secretary said, “Mr.

Chen, why do you always say such things In our hearts, you will always be the Guardian of Country Hua.”

She massaged Mr.

Chens shoulders.


Chens gaze was absent-minded as he looked into the distance.

A hint of fatigue could be seen on his resolute face.

At this moment, he looked exhausted.

“This old bone of mine should have died two hundred years ago.

“Take care of my funeral.

“There will definitely be a big battle soon.

I want to use my life in exchange for Gu Shaoshang being unharmed before the battle arrives.”

Hearing that, the secretary was shocked.

Her heart subconsciously twisted together, and her expression sank into shock.


Chen, are you going to use the Law of Speech to protect Mr.




Chen, think about it.

The current situation is hundreds of times better than 200 years ago.

You must live to see the humans expel the demons and restore peace.”


Chen shook his head.

“I want to see my brothers as soon as possible.”

He suddenly let out a long sigh.

“Ive been suffering to hold on until now.

Do you know Ive been afraid to sleep every night for the past 200 years

“I dont even dare to close my eyes for a second.

Do you know that”

The secretarys eyes were red, and tears were rolling in them.

“I know.


Chen, you have sacrificed too much for the survival of the human race.

Didnt Mr.

Gu appear Under his leadership, the human race will definitely welcome peace!

“At that time, Mr.

Chen, you will be able to sleep peacefully.”

Chen Guan sighed bitterly.

He opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but he stopped himself.

In the end, he could not help but lean back on the wheelchair.

His sorrowful eyes seemed to be recalling extremely painful memories.

“It has nothing to do with protecting humans.

“It has nothing to do with humans!”


Chen patted the wheelchair.

His throat was hoarse, and his voice was trembling.

“You dont understand how difficult it was for me and my brothers to survive back then! All we ate was raw meat as the sun rose and fell.

We could not close our eyes for months!

“They died one by one in front of me… I…”


Chen shut his mouth, and his lips trembled.

It was as if the next few words would make him feel even more pain.

“Go quickly! Call Mr.

Gu for me.

This old bone of mine deserves to die.

Death is the only way out!”

The secretary looked at Mr.

Chen, who was on the verge of collapse.

Her expression was dejected.

Something must have happened two hundred years ago.

Otherwise, Mr.

Chen would not have suffered for two hundred years.

What happened to make Mr.

Chen feel like a sinner


Chen said he was afraid.

What was the reason

What happened back then

The secretary did not know.

She could only rub Mr.

Chens temples to calm his agitated emotions.

“Go, Little Wei, call Mr.

Gu over as soon as possible.

Let me be free, I beg you.”

The secretary nodded.

“Im going…”

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