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Tentacles extended into the corpses.

“My race has never met such an opponent! Whats the reason”

The Painted-skin Demons eyes were filled with shock and confusion, failing to understand what had happened recently.

“Their hints wont hint at a solution, will it

“There must be a problem.”

The Painted-skin Demons expression was terrifyingly dark.

A royal of the Painted-skin Demon race like it was aware of the human Practitioners.

It also knew that the Practitioners would receive some mission hints related to saving the world.

However, those hints would not provide a solution.

As for any plans that involved the demon race, those Practitioners could only watch as the mission failed 100% of the time.

The smarter ones would have chosen to escape early on.

Only the foolish and arrogant ones would stay and interfere.

However, those fellows had all become parasitic hosts for the demon race.

An existence like Lin Qiye, who had made it, a future supreme being, suffer multiple losses, was something it had never dreamed of!

The Painted-skin Demon fell into deep thought.

“Right now, I feel like Ive been dragged into some plan! Whether its the failure of the Celestial Plan, the feud between the Winged Wolf Tribe and the demon race, or the Son of the Netherworld polluting the summoning altar, they all seem to be plotting against me!

“My advantage is getting smaller, especially now that Gu Shaoshang has the mental-type talent, in addition to his three other talents.

If he grows to his limit, hell probably be able to contend against the Immortal Puppet! I will have to burn all my potential to drag him to death!

“But now, there is still another path that can crush him…”

The Painted-skin Demons eyes turned cold, and its dark pupils seemed to penetrate this spacetime.


One month had passed in the blink of an eye.

Lin Qiye, Zhu Yuheng, Jiang Lianyi, and Gu He were all concentrated on their training.

After a month of hard work, the development of Heavenly Thunder Annihilation had already reached 100%.

The most important thing was that the development of Thunder God Aspect had reached 85%; the Lightning Warp had reached 60%; the Thunder God Domain had reached 40%, and the newly obtained Immortal Consciousness Soul had also reached 10%.

Of course, it was only a basic upgrade.

Lin Qiye had not included the 50% buff brought by the combination skill of the four talents.

If it was included, Lin Qiyes combat prowess will increase by several times.

After all, it would be ascension if he climbs higher even after reaching the peak!

Apart from that, Zhu Yuheng and Jiang Lianyi also improved.

Zhu Yuhengs Supreme Ice Emperor had reached a 72% development rate.

Jiang Lianyis Holy Domain had reached 51%.

Two future stars were slowly rising.

When they grew up, they would be three SSS-Grade geniuses leading the human race to blow the horn of counterattack!

However, Lin Qiye suddenly had some doubts.

“Whats going on Its been a month, but the Life Lantern Gem hasnt given any new hints!”

This situation was rare.

In the past, he would usually receive new hints when the Life Lantern Gem was giving out rewards.

However, this time, an entire month had passed since the rewards were given, but the Life Lantern Gem hadnt taken any action.

Lin Qiye could not help but be on guard.

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