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Although he didnt know whether the young man could hear, Lin Qiye still made a promise.

“I promise you I will use this Immortal Eye to exterminate the Painted-skin Demon.”

As his words fell, the Immortal Eye emitted a bright golden light.

A beam of light shone on Lin Qiyes body.

It was as if billions of gazes were examining him.

After that, the billions of gazes fell into a state of shock.

“He killed the Painted-skin Demon before!”

“Hes the only person in countless eras who killed the Painted-skin Demon!”


The eye shook.

Immediately after, strands of extreme hatred released an affinity.

Lin Qiye understood.

The Immortal Eye accepted him.

If Lin Qiye transplanted the eye, the resentment would control itself.

It would not corrode him.

Thus, Lin Qiye clenched the eye, took a deep breath, and slowly put it into his left eye.

A strange power spread in Lin Qiyes left eye.

It was cool and fiery, irritable and calm.

The strange power of the Immortal Eye flowed from his pupil to the eye socket and then into his brain.

It was connected to his mental power, heart, limbs, and bones.

“What a strange ability! It is indeed an Immortal Eye!”

Golden light flowed out of Lin Qiyes left eye.

At this moment, Lin Qiye activated the Immortal Eye, and the flow of time slowed down in his sight.

He turned his head to look out of the window.

A bee flew by, and Lin Qiye could see every vibration of its wings.

Lin Qiye could cut off its wings in the 0.001 seconds it flapped.

He couldnt help but click his tongue in wonder.

“As expected of the Immortal Eye.

Although the Immortal Technique has been destroyed, the basic ability is still there.

If I had this eye before the battle with the Destroyer, I could kill him in 0.01 seconds.

I wouldnt need a second at all.

My speed would increase by 100 times.”

Lin Qiye smiled.

A wisp of immortal Qi and Holy Violet Genuine Qi merged into the Immortal Eye, nourishing it.

“Perhaps with the immortal Qi, I can restore the Immortal Technique.

At that time, I would have another Immortal Technique.

It would be equivalent to having another trump card!”

Lin Qiye nodded.

Having the Immortal Eyes ability to see through the Painted-skin Demon was enough, but who would complain about having too many Immortal Techniques

As his thoughts came to this, Lin Qiye secretly pinched his finger bone.

He had obtained quite some top-grade treasures while simulating in this world!

First, the Clear Void Divine Lightning Dao Bones thunder control precision had reached 100%.

He could easily manipulate lightning into thin silk.

Secondly, he had obtained the Thunder God Aspect, an Immortal Technique with terrifying defensive power.

Thirdly, he had the Thunder God Domain, an Immortal Technique that could kill enemies on a microscopic level.

Fourthly, he had obtained the Lightning Warp.

In the Thunder God Domain, teleportation with zero consumption was almost an Immortal Technique.

Fifthly, he had swallowed an Immortal Skull and obtained the Immortal Consciousness Soul.

Then, he obtained the possession technique and the soul cultivation technique.

Sixth, he had obtained the Immortal Eye that could see through the Painted-skin Demon.

Seventh, he had obtained three wisps of immortal Qi.

Eighth, he had condensed a new immortal bone, fused the four talents, and obtained a combination skill!

In short, there were too many top-notch treasures in this world.

If he missed even one, he would probably wake up from his dreams with regret in the future.

“I should be able to get an SSS-Grade rating by saving the Fated Empress.

If I can destroy the Painted-skin Demon, it will be flawless, and there will be no controversy regarding the SSS-Grade rating.

“Its a pity.

If I had been given the Immortal Eye reward earlier, perhaps I could catch the Painted-skin Demon if I had stayed on that island.”

Lin Qiye sighed, but he shook his head.

He knew that the Painted-skin Demon was naturally suspicious and cautious.

If he had stayed on the island and didnt leave, it probably wouldnt have shown up.

Lin Qiye waited for more than ten days, but he didnt sense any traces of the Painted-skin Demon.

It was too cautious!

Lin Qiye frowned.

“I killed the Destroyer and seized his opportunity.

The Painted-skin Demon must be extremely wary of me.

Where will it appear next

“Its best to find it as soon as possible and destroy it!”

Lin Qiye muttered to himself.

“The Painted-skin Demons whereabouts are hidden.

If it doesnt make a move, its basically impossible to find it.

“Next, I have to think of a way to target it…”

Lin Qiyes gaze was cold.

Although the Immortal Eye could only detect the Painted-skin Demons tracks within a 100-meter radius, it was the best thing Lin Qiye could rely on to find the Painted-skin Demon.

As Lin Qiye was in deep thought, his left eye and the Immortal Eye merged even more closely.

It seemed to have become a part of Lin Qiye.

Just as Lin Qiye fused with the Resentment Immortal Eye, in a secret tomb of the demon race, the Painted-skin Demon suddenly felt a chill down its spine, and goosebumps rose all over its body.

“Whats going on Why do I feel like a great disaster is about to befall us!”

At this moment, the Painted-skin Demon felt a sense of trepidation.

It was something it had never experienced before.

“This feeling really makes me shudder!”

The Painted-skin Demon looked at the human city with a gloomy expression.

An indescribable chill made its soul fall into the ice cellar.

Its heart pounded non-stop, and black mist surged around its body.

“Its Gu Shaoshang! That b*stard!

“He destroyed the evil energy I left in the Empress body and took my Immortal Skull and treasure before I could.”

The Painted-skin Demon hid in the cave.

Its pitch-black tentacles were like moldy roots lying on top of a pile of corpses.

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