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The Painted-skin Demon thought of a new target to devour.

“The difficulty isnt too high, butI keep feeling that something isnt right…”

The Painted-skin Demon suddenly felt something.

“Is it really devouring Why do I feel like the Son of the Netherworld should be a part of my body”

The Painted-skin Demon muttered to itself.

Suddenly, it shook its head.

“Am I hallucinating”

The Painted-skin Demon laughed at itself.

“Does the treasure of the SSS-Grade mental-type Awakener being stolen cause me to hallucinate”

The Painted-skin Demon hugged its head andfelt some pain.

“No matter what, the Son of the Netherworld will be a part of me in the future.”

The Painted-skin Demon narrowed its eyes, and an evil plan began to brew again.

In Jiang City, after resolving the crisis, Lin Qiye had a rare rest.

Three days later, Lin Qiye had just woken up when the notification of the Life Lantern Gem immediately sounded in his mind.

[Successfully defying heavens to change your fate: You are five years old.

You killed the Destroyer, Guo Huai, who has an SSS-Grade mental talent, destroying the Painted-skin Demons plan to devour him.

The killing was not taken into account as it happened too fast, and the other part did not have time to escape.

You didnt obtain the other partys movement points.]

[You obtained a reward: 1,000,000 movement points.

You now have 6,000,000 points.]

[You obtained a reward: Resentment Immortal Eye (An immortal eye filled with hatred towards the Painted-skin Demon.)]

[In the galaxy world, in a universe exterminated by the Painted-skin Demon, there was a young supreme being who used the hatred of his race to condense a Resentment Immortal Eye.]

[When the Painted-skin Demon appeared within a hundred-meter radius, the Immortal Eye would turn red.]

[This eye was more special.

It was condensed by a race above the immortal level.

The person who did it was a Supreme Youth.

To contain the hatred of his race, the Immortal Technique within the Immortal Eye had already been destroyed.]

[However, its quality is extremely high.

If you can kill the Painted-skin Demon, the Immortal Eye will seize the power of the Painted-skin Demon for itself.]

[If you can kill the Painted-skin Demons continuously, one day, wherever the light of the Immortal Eye shines, the Painted-skin Demon will have nowhere to hide.]


One second ago, Lin Qiye was still sleepy.

The next moment, heseemed to have been injected with stimulants as he jumped up from the bed.

“Resentment Immortal Eye Something that targets the Painted-skin Demon Theres a treasure like this”

Lin Qiyes heart was beating wildly, and it was difficult to hide his joy.

The Painted-skin Demon was extremely strange.

Even the experts of the main world were unable to discover their tracks.

Lin Qiye didnt know how to find them either.

But now, he had obtained an Immortal Eye!

Lin Qiye was overjoyed.

It was a top-tier treasure to be able to detect the Painted-skin Demons presence!

“It isnt easy.

I have defied the heavens and changed my fate countless times in this world, and it was extremely dangerous every time.

Only at the last moment did it give this prize.”

Lin Qiye laughed.

When a Painted-skin Demon appeared within a hundred meters, the Immortal Eye would turn red and give a hint.

Although it couldnt single the demon out, it was already heaven-defying.

Furthermore, the Immortal Eye could improve its quality as long as Lin Qiye continuously kills the Painted-skin Demon!

Without a doubt, the Immortal Eye was too beneficial to Lin Qiye!

“Good stuff.

I must bring it back to the main world.

Otherwise, I would lose out so much I couldnt be able to sleep for ten years!”

Lin Qiye took out the Resentment Immortal Eye andstudied it carefully.

The Resentment Immortal Eye could affect the success or failure of this simulation.

More importantly, it was an important treasure in the main world.

After all, the Painted-skin Demon of the main world was a master of concealment!

There must be Painted-skin Demons hiding in Star City that would attack Lin Qiye in secret.

Whether or not Lin Qiye could capture and kill them all depended on the Immortal Eyes!

Lin Qiyes gaze burned.

He looked at the Immortal Eye.

“However, the Painted-skin Demon is truly terrifying.

It wiped out a Celestial race and Supreme Youth just like that.”

In the main world, a Supreme Youth was an existence that could become Celestials and touch the top of the world.

However, he was butchered by the Painted-skin Demon.

It was a pity!

Lin Qiye felt quite sad and looked at the Resentment Immortal Eye.

The eye emitted a resplendent golden color, but deep within it, there were strands of blood, resentment, and entanglement.

The extreme resentment condensed into a strange talisman within the Immortal Eye.

Upon seeing this, Lin Qiyes heart suddenly contracted.

With a glance, heseemed to see the destruction of a universe.

Countless experts were unknowingly devoured by the Painted-skin Demon.

“Not dying on the battlefield is the greatest humiliation for a warrior!”

The experts couldnt even commit suicide.

They could only become infected and kill the people they loved the most and the people they wanted to protect.

The universe was reduced to the ruins of blood sin.

The Supreme Youth, who returned from a training trip, walked in the sea of blood.

His heart was filled with resentment, causing him to take out his eye and burn up his cultivation from ancient times until now to create a Resentment Immortal Eye.

The light of resentment enveloped the planet.

The Painted-skin Demon had nowhere to hide.

Its true body was gravely injured by the Supreme Youth at the cost of exploding another eye!

Unfortunately, the Supreme Youthsstrength wasnt enough.

He self-detonated in front of the Painted-skin Demon.

All that was left was a rusted eyeball.

The scene was blurry, but that immortal eye floated into the spatial rift.

His despairing gaze glanced at Lin Qiye, who was watching as if he was pleading.

Lin Qiye felt something.

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