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Lin Qiye relied on his vigor and used all his mental strength and attention to invest in the remaining talismans.

However, the amount of information on the talismans was too terrifying.

Especially since he wanted to copy the technique into his body and reconstruct the Immortal Technique, it would be ten thousand times more difficult than directly transplanting bones into his body.

Directly transplanting the bone was equivalent to buying a refrigerator, but to understand the principle and copy it into Lin Qiyes body was to build his own refrigerator.

The difficulty was imaginable.

However, Lin Qiye didnt want to make do.

Even if his head was about to explode, Lin Qiye still used all his strength to understand the talisman.

Time passed.

In the blink of an eye, ten days had passed.

The Immortal Skull was getting dimmer.

The surrounding mental power ocean was getting denser and denser, and the pressure was getting greater.

The talisman in the Immortal Skull had started to collapse.

Lin Qiye was exhausted.

He hadnt closed his eyes once in ten days and nights.

But when he remembered that he couldnt get an SSS-Grade rating if the talisman completely collapsed, Lin Qiye was especially reckless.

When a person pushes himself to the limit, he might collapse.

He might suddenly be enlightened and enter a perfect state.

Lin Qiye didnt know what was waiting for him, but he didnt want to let himself regret it.

He focused his mind on one point.

Even if he was exhausted to the extreme, he still persisted.

Suddenly, Lin Qiyes mind shook.

It was as if an aperture had been opened.

Immediately after, a cool aura surged into Lin Qiyes mind.

In the next moment, one after another, talismans were sucked into Lin Qiyes mind, followed by majestic mental energy.

The surrounding ocean of mental power turned into flowing water and merged into Lin Qiyes mind.


Lin Qiye suddenly opened his eyes.

His exclamation condensed into a corporeal gaze that landed on the huge rock in the distance.

The rock instantly shattered.

Lin Qiye couldnt help but laugh out loud.

“Ive succeeded.

My comprehension has reached perfection!”

Lin Qiyes face was bright as if he was shining.

At this moment, between Lin Qiyes brows, there was a brilliant radiance.

A brand new SSS-Grade talent was condensed, and the process was arduous.

However, at the moment of success, Lin Qiye felt refreshed and relaxed, as if he had ascended.

An abundance of mental energy flowed through his spiritual altar, making his senses stronger than ever.

Lin Qiye even felt like he could even interfere with the flow of time.

Out of curiosity, hequickly checked his new talent.

“Immortal Consciousness Soul Its not completely a mental-type talent.

This power comes from the same source as mental energy.

However, its a level higher than that, and it has stepped into the immortal level!”

While muttering to himself, Lin Qiyes expression gradually became stunned.

“Because of the restriction of the laws of spacetime, the Immortal Consciousness Soul is restricted within the scope of talent.

However, in terms of strength, its far from what an ordinary person can Awaken.

Its quality is different from mental power.

Compared to mental power, it can be called the Immortal Consciousness Soul”

Lin Qiye didnt quite understand.

In short, the Immortal Consciousness Soul was an enhanced version of mental power!

“This is a great bargain for me!”

Lin Qiye was pleasantly surprised.

“Its specific uses are still to be developed and explored.

However, at this moment, I already have five top-tier talents.

Heavenly Thunder Annihilation, Thunder God Aspect, Lightning Warp, Thunder God Domain, and Immortal Consciousness Soul.

“The first four talents were fused into the immortal bone, complementing each other.

“The Immortal Consciousness Soul was unique and existed in the mental aspect.

It could amplify all four talents.

“If the development rate of the Immortal Consciousness Soul reached 100%, it could increase my control precision of the four talents by 50%.

“In other words, it was equivalent to raising the upper limit of the four SSS-Grade talents!

“How terrifying!

Even Lin Qiye felt his scalp go numb.

If the development of Thunder God Domain reached 150%, his ability to kill without being noticed would probably be even more heaven-defying.

Lin Qiye let out a breath andslowly stood up.

He came to the five people.

When they heard the footsteps, the five top-tier mental-type powerhouses also opened their eyes.

When they looked at Lin Qiye, their expressions changed.

All of them looked at Lin Qiye with fear.


Gu… You…”

“The fluctuation youre giving off.

Is it a mental talent”

At this moment, the five people sucked in a breath of cold air.

Their faces were full of fear and astonishment as if they had seen a flood or a fierce beast.

The fear in their hearts was ten times stronger than when facing the Destroyer!

“This oppressive mental power is of such a high level that even our breathing isnt smooth…”


It feels like our talent has been completely suppressed…”

The few of them were terrified.

One had to know that although their talent wasnt SSS-Grade, they were still S or SS-Grade, and the young woman was even SS Grade.But in front of Lin Qiye, they were suppressed to the point that they couldnt circulate.

Even that SSS-Grade Destroyer didnt have such a terrifying sense of oppression!


Gus mental-type talent development rate should not have exceeded 10%!

It was less than 10%, yet it could suppress them to the point that they could not breathe.

What level was it

The five peoples scalps went numb.

The young lady could not help but ask, “Mr.

Gu, youve awakened your mental-type Talent”

“That level… Isnt it horrific to the extreme”

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