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“Be on your guard.

Well go down and take a look.

Once you discover anything, you must report to me immediately.”

He planned to sneak in through the sea tunnel.

It would be best if he could launch a sneak attack without alerting the Destroyer and get rid of him.


The few of them focused their minds, concealing the aura and spiritual fluctuations of the team.

The five top-tier mental-type powerhouses made their move.

As long as the enemy did not know they were coming, they had absolute confidence that they would not be detected when they sneaked in!

The group dived into the sea along the passage, but there was nothing unusual around them.

There were even fish passing by occasionally.

Lin Qiye looked at the fish swimming past, and for some reason, he felt uneasy.

He frowned and thought to himself.

There was not even half a living creature on the island now.

How could there be so many fish in this passage, wandering unscathed

The situation was somewhat abnormal, and Lin Qiye immediately prepared to catch a fish to see if there was anything unusual.

However, just as he was about to make a move, he suddenly noticed that the fishs eyes were emitting a strange intelligence.

When the fish stared at him, Lin Qiye felt that it was not a fish looking at him but a person!

“Not good! Retreat quickly!”

Lin Qiyes expression suddenly changed, and he hurriedly called for the few of them to retreat.

He suddenly remembered that the Destroyers purpose on this island seemed to be for some holy beast in the sea.

If this was the case, it was likely that the Destroyer was behind these fish!

Almost when Lin Qiye called for the others to retreat, an incomparably powerful spiritual wave swept towards them.

“Protect Mr.


When they felt the mental attack, the few mental-type Awakeners quickly reacted and worked together to block that attack.


The invisible spiritual power collided in the sea, and a dull sound penetrated the material and went straight to the depths of everyones souls.

As Lin Qiye was closely protected by the five of them, he didnt feel too uncomfortable under the impact.

However, the rest of them turned pale.

It was obvious that the collision had made them uncomfortable.

“Lets retreat for now.

This place isnt suitable for battle!”

Lin Qiyes lightning threads wrapped around the five of them and brought them back to the shore of the trench.

The five of them had lingering fear, and their faces were pale.

“How strong!”

“Is this the pressure of an SSS-Grade mental-type powerhouse”

The five of them looked at each other.

Just as the group of people sighed, the water in the trenchinstantly emptied.

A voice that made ones mind go blank resounded throughout the world.

“Damned rats.

You provoked me and still want to escape!”

The voice sounded for a split second.

The world spun, and the universe collapsed.

The few mental-type Awakeners hurriedly used their abilities and broke the illusion with difficulty.

Lin Qiye felt a sense of disgust as if his mind and consciousness were about to fall into an abyss and be tortured until he lost his mind.

“Is this a mental-type powerhouse”

Lin Qiyes heart was filled with respect.

He raised his gaze slightly and looked at the Destroyer soaring into the sky in the distance.

The Destroyer looked to be a youth around the age of nineteen.

His facial features were exquisite and handsome, and his expression was full of pride.

He was merely short of directly writing the wordcrazy on it.

“I thought it was someone, but I didnt expect it to be you…

“Why Did you sense my threat Unfortunately, its too late.

“Its easy for me to kill you now, but its extremely difficult for you to kill me.”

The Destroyer shook his head.

His face was full of disdain.

He was like a God who stood high and mighty.

In front of a mental-type expert like him, wanting to kill Lin Qiye was as easy as flipping his palm.

Lin Qiye was expressionless.

“I didnt want to fight you either.

Your mental-type talent is troublesome for me, but I had no choice!”

The Destroyer sneered.

“Do you really think you can fight me with a few mental-type ants”

“I have to say that you were careless this time!”

As his words fell, in an instant, the air within a radius of a thousand meters stopped flowing.

The sea surface was sealed, and a strong pressure forced the few to start to have difficulty breathing.

“Guard your mind! It is an attack that interferes with your mind.

If your mind is broken through, Im afraid youll become his slave!”

An invisible spiritual force enveloped everyone like a cage.

The few guardians struggled to resist the mental energy constantly being compressed.

Lin Qiye felt a faint sense of suffocation as he stood within.

With a thought, he summoned the Thunder God Avatar.

The Thunder God Domain activated automatically.

Tiny lightning particles collided with the mental interference domain.

Although there was some resistance, the effectwas minimal.

“Hehe, you want to use this to resist me Its a bit lacking!”

The Destroyer laughed coldly.

“The moment you made your move, I knew youd lost.

You were utterly defeated!”

As he spoke, the Destroyerextended his hand.

A giant bell appeared in the void, enveloping Lin Qiye and the others.

Then, giant hammers formed from mental energy clashed against the bell.

Terrifying ripples crashed into Lin Qiyes ears, causing his internal organs to tremble, and he almost vomited blood.

Then, weird bats flew out.

They let out a sharp whistle and gathered into a spiritual shock wave.

It made Lin Qiye fall into mental pollution.

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