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Following that, an elderly womanstood up.

“My name is Xu Susu.

My ability is Spirit Recovery, an S Grade talent.

It is a healing ability.”

Then, a middle-aged man with a crew cut stood up.

“My name is Li Taiming.

My ability is Spirit Shield, an SS-Grade talent.

I can put a spirit shield on the target to block a mental attack.”

After that, the bald middle-aged man stood up.

“My name is Su Qiang.

My ability is Spirit Stimulation, S Grade.

My development rate has reached 100%.

It can double the users spiritual strength and temporarily block attacks.

It can also increase the combat strength of our army.”

Their abilities were more of an assist.

However, it was what Lin Qiye needed.

Lin Qiye looked at the last woman.

“What about you May I know what your talent is”

The young woman stood up.

“My name is Zuo Yu.

My ability is the Indestructible Spirit.

SS-Grade talent, 100% development rate.

The effect allows your mentality to withstand ten fatal attacks and transfer them to me.

After I die, you wont die from mental attacks for a day.”

The young woman said bitterly.

Her talent was pure, but Lin Qiyeseyes lit up.

“Good talent.

I need this talent, but the opponents mental talent is stronger, so you might really die.

Are you willing to go with me”

The young woman pursed her red lips, her eyes filled with determination.

“If its for the country and the people, death is nothing!”

“Then, I will have to trouble everyone to join me in this battle.

This battle involves the survival of the human race.

Everyone, please do your best.

“The opponent has an SSS-Grade talent, Mental Control, and its development has reached 100%.

The opponent also has possession skills.

In other words, if your willpower is not firm, you will be turned into a puppet.

“I need you to help me stall him, and then Ill kill him! No future trouble!”

Hiss – A mental-type powerhouse with an SSS-Grade talent

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air and looked at each other.

It was the first time they had heard of a mental-type powerhouse with an SSS-Grade talent.

He must be ridiculously strong!

“Can the five of us resist him”

They started to doubt themselves.

“Theres no need for you to stall him for too long.

Just buy me some time to kill it.

“Give me a few breaths, and Ill be able to kill him.”

Hearing that, the five of them looked at each other.

“Okay! Well definitely give it our all.”

And so, Lin Qiye led the five Awakeners and began the assassination!

Mountain Army and Spirit Shield were both for defense.

Spirit Stimulation was for enhancement, Spirit Recovery was for healing, Indestructible Spirit was the ultimate trump card, and Lin Qiye was the strongest killing move.

With the six of them working together, it should be enough to kill an SSS-Grade destroyer!

Lin Qiye took the lead, headed to the southern region, took a huge ship, and rushed toward the Sea Monster Island.

Ten days later, the ship docked near Sea Monster Island.

Lin Qiye jumped onto the beach, and hisgaze swept around.

“Be careful.

Dont let your guard down.”

Lin Qiye warned the five of them.

Although they had already set up their shields and talents, facing an SSS-Grade mental-type Awakened, Lin Qiye didnt dare to be careless.

At this moment, the island was eerily quiet.

Other than the occasional rustling of leaves, the chirping of insects and birds did not exist at all.

The few people Lin Qiye brought were all outstanding in terms of mental strength.

They also noticed something was wrong with the island at the first moment.

They immediately went all out and followed behind Lin Qiye, ready to protect his fragile mental strength.

The old man had a solemn expression.


Gu, there seems to be strange spiritual energy nearby.

This island is unusual.

It can temper spiritual energy.

We even have a feeling that our spirit is boiling!”

“Everyone, focus and protect Mr.


Everyone was ready.

They all activated their talents to protect Lin Qiye.

Mountain Army, Spirit Shield, Spirit Stimulation…

All three buffs activated at the same time.

Lin Qiye instantly felt that his senses were exceptionally clear.

His control over his various abilities had also increased tremendously.

“Interesting! The buffs are so strong!”

Lin Qiyes confidence had increased quite a bit.

The island was over a thousand square kilometers.

Lin Qiye glanced at it, and his intuition told him where the Destroyer was hiding.

Soon, they arrived at the center of the island.

The island was cut in half by a trench.

“Its down there.”

Lin Qiye pointed at the trench.

The young woman was a little confused.

“Down there Is there anyone down there Wont they suffocate to death”


The enemy must be down there.

When the astronomical tide comes, the trench will dry up.”

“But now…” Lin Qiyes eyes flashed.

Wisps of lightning appeared around them, forming an oxygen barrier that enveloped them.

“Lets go.

Follow me in.”

After diving for a while, they saw a deep black hole emitting a strange light in the depths of the trench, as expected.

“There seems to be something strange down there.

Its definitely not formed naturally!”

The few of them used their spiritual power to investigate and found that the cave was winding and had a different world.


Gu is amazing.

He saw through the enemys tricks.”

Lin Qiye did not entertain everyones flattery.

Instead, he gestured for them not to make too much of a commotion.

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