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As long as he was within the Thunder God Domain, he would not die no matter what!

After all, with the Thunder God Domains suppression, the destruction of microscopic particles, the invincible defense of the Thunder God Aspect, and Lightning Warp, he could dodge fatal attacks indefinitely.

Even if an army of millions were to attack, it would still be nothing!

Even if ten Son of the Netherworlds worked together, he could still suppress them with a flip of his hands!

Of course, the prerequisite for being invincible was that Lin Qiye had to raise all four of his talents to 100%.


Im only one step away from invincibility for the rest of my life.”

Lin Qiye nodded his head in satisfaction, feeling refreshed and relaxed.

“If I can bring all these talents and good stuff back to the main world, wouldnt it be easy to suppress the Diamond Level Hydra Demon”

Lin Qiyes gaze was cold.

As the saying goes, a villain holds a grudge from morning till night.

Ever since Lin Qiye was attacked by the Hydra Demon, he had always wanted to take revenge.

Now, he finally saw an opportunity.

“There is too much good stuff in this stimulation.

I have to get an SSS-Grade rating and achieve my goal perfectly.”

Lin Qqiye heaved a sigh of relief.

In his head, the notification of the Life Lantern Gem rang out as expected.

[The Life Lantern Gem is guiding your life: When you are five years old, the immature Painted-skin Demon found the Destroyer and turned him into its host.

The Destroyers possession and hypnosis techniques allowed the Painted-skin Demon to complete an unprecedented super evolution.

The Painted-skin Demon quietly spread.]

[When you are six, the upper echelons of the human race, the Winged Wolf Tribe, and the demon race was infected by the Painted-skin Demon.

The Painted-skin Demon unified the three races.

You resisted for a day and suffered a crushing defeat.

The Painted-skin Demon successfully swallowed the Empress Universe and walked towards ultimate invincibility.]

What the hell

He was defeated after a day

It is impossible!

Lin Qiyes expression sank.

“The Painted-skin Demon is this strong” He muttered to himself.

Lin Qiye frowned.

The sense of crisis in his heart was more looming than when the demon race wanted to summon a Celestial.

“The crisis this time is indeed terrifying.

To a certain extent, it is no less than letting me face the Immortal Puppet alone.”

Lin Qiye shook his head.

“This Painted-skin Demon must be extremely powerful.

For its growth, it must sacrifice the Fated Empress, set up a plan for the fusion of the two races, and even have the Immortal Puppet to protect it.

It might even be a young supreme being of the Painted-skin Demon race!

“If its parasitic plan succeeds, not only the Empress Universe, but even the main world will have a huge problem.”

Lin Qiyes eyes were cold, and he thought carefully.

While he was thinking, Lin Qiye silently activated the Deduction of Genesis.

“Deduce the location of the Painted-skin Demon.”

[This deduction will require 5,000,000 movement points.

You will have 5,840,000 remaining points.

Do you want to proceed]

“That much”

Lin Qiye shook his head.

Although he had 5,840,000 movement points to squander, he felt it was not worth it.

“The Painted-skin Demons concealment and concealment methods are brilliant.

The price is too high to deduce it.”

Lin Qiyes eyes flashed with a pondering light.

“The Painted-skin Demons strength is strange.

I might not be able to deal with it, and its target is the Destroyer.

If I find the Destroyer and kill him in advance so that the Painted-skin Demon cant devour the Destroyers ability, wont that be enough

With this thought in mind, Lin Qiye used the Deduction of Genesis.

[This deduction requires 440,000 movement points.

There will be 5.4 million points left.

Do you want to proceed to deduce the specific location of the Destroyer, Guo Huai]

440,000 movement points

Lin Qiye raised his eyebrows.

If it were in the past, 440,000 movement points would be a huge amount.

However, he currently had a lot of money.

He had saved up a total of 6 million points.

Naturally, his goal was to solve this troublesome problem now.

If not now, when

Lin Qiye immediately gave the order.

[Deduction successful: The Practitioner, Guo Huai, possessed a thirteen-year-old child not long after he was born because he had a unique possession technique.

Then, he grew stronger.

His talent was the SSS-Grade mind control.

Right now, he was hiding on the Sea Monster Island in the ocean capital.

He was looking for the legendary Sea Saint Beast.]

Looking at the information, Lin Qiye muttered to himself.

“A mental-type SSS-Grade talent

“This is my weakness…”

Lin Qiyes physical defense was unparalleled in the world, but, as he had never met a mental-type opponent, his understanding of this area was blank.

What should he do

In an unfamiliar area, if he rashly fought with the other party, he might die a terrible death.

After all, his opponent was born with the ability to possess bodies and had probably trained a few years now.

With his achievement of destroying 1,000 universes, he shouldnt be too weak now!

Lin Qiye became slightly serious.

Should he ask Zhu Yuheng for help

Zhu Yuhengs Thousand Face Reincarnation was also a mental type, but her development rate was only 65%.

Even if her talent was better than the Destroyers, her development was too low, and she probably couldnt resist it.

Lin Qiye didnt dare to take this risk.

Could the Yin Yang Harmony Jade Pendant help

Just thinking about it made Lin Qiye feel that it was unlikely.

The Yin Yang Harmony Jade Pendant could only allow the wearer to share fatal damage.

It might be able to resist life-threatening mental attacks, but it was ineffective against attacks that could control ones mind without damaging ones life.

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