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However, Lin Qiyes intuition told him that this sudden change was not bad.

Instead, it was a good thing.

Of the four talents, with the Heavenly Thunder Annihilation as lead, the Thunder God Aspect as the armor, Thunder God Domain as flesh and blood, and the Lightning Warp as the form, condensed between the Holy Violet Root Bone.

The Holy Violet Root Bone contained the protective Immortal Technique of fate.

At this moment, the four wisps of Immortal Qi, Immortal Technique, and the four talents merged at a speed visible to the naked eye.

All of this was not controlled by Lin Qiye but came naturally.

It was completely random.

Lin Qiye did not know what would happen.

“I only hope that it doesnt become a defensive talent.”

Lin Qiye prayed silently andfelt a little uneasy.

Having the Thunder God Aspect as a defense was enough.

What he lacked the most right now was the ultimate instant kill skill! If he had it, he would be able to kill the Demon Emperor and Son of the Netherworld when he fought them.

He would not need to spend more than two hours to make them pay a huge price to escape.

Of course, if the Demon Emperor and the Son of the Netherworld heard this, they would definitely be filled with righteous indignation and gnash their teeth.

Is Lin Qiye still not satisfied with gravely injuring them

For an expert like the Demon Emperor, Lin Qiyes level of combat strength would indeed make them feel smug.

However, what Lin Qiye pursued was absolute suppression! A dimension-reducing blow!

Therefore, Lin Qiye sucked in a deep breath.

He was unprecedentedly nervous.

“Things that cant be controlled… It must be biased towards lethality!”

Lin Qiye was focused.

Every wisp of mental energy landed on his heart.

The four cores contained immortal Qi, Holy Violet Genuine Qi, and innate Qi, merging with the Holy Violet Root Bone at lightning speed.

They turned into a dazzling ball of light.

The ball was surrounded by a hazy purple aura, and streaks of lightning surged out of it.

There were also four streaks of immortal Qi swimming around, and streaks of multicolored light filled with immortal charm sprinkled into the ball of light.

It made the ball of light brighter and brighter, more dazzling, and more earth-shaking.

The sound of thunder shook his heart.

Then, the sound became more and more shocking.

The river shook, and mountains collapsed.

Even the stars were shaking!

In the world, billions of lotus flowers bloomed, and purple clouds covered an area of 10,000 meters.

“It seems that it has become a real immortal bone”

Feeling the immortal bone in his heart, surrounded by violent lightning and pure white immortal charm, Lin Qiyes heart pounded.

“My strength is almost at the immortal level! Even if its not an immortal bone, its definitely at the half-immortal level!”

Lin Qiye was pleasantly surprised, and excitement flashed in his eyes.

“However, after condensing the immortal bone, whats the situation with my few talents I must not lose one or two…”

Lin Qiye quickly checked them.

First, it was the Thunder God Aspect.

With a thought, hundreds and thousands of thunderclouds appeared in the sky.

Tiny lightning particles floated around Lin Qiye and formed a domain.

Within the domain and the thunderclouds, a statue more than 3,000 meters tall was faintly discernible.

The Thunder God Aspect was heaven-shaking and earth-shattering.

It transformed everything within a few thousand meters into the Thunder God Domain.

Tiny lightning particles spun around the Thunder God Aspect like the wind and hurricanes.

The friction of the lightning particles formed a strange domain.

In the domain, the gravity and pressure the enemy received were dozens of times more terrifying than the outside world.

According to Lin Qiyes estimation, Awakened ones below the God-level would be crushed to death if they were enveloped by the domain.

It was equivalent to a grinding machine.

“The Thunder God Aspect and Thunder God Domain are combined And the Thunder God Domain is fully automatic”

Lin Qiye was a little surprised.

He had only activated the Thunder God Aspect but not the Thunder God Domain.

However, at this moment, the two complemented each other and existed at the same time.

It meant that after the talents merged, not only was it strengthened, but they also formed a joint skill.

On the other hand, he was pleasantly surprised.

The Thunder God Aspect could only reach up to a thousand meters before, but now, it was a full three thousand meters!

Of course, something elsemade Lin Qiye even more surprised.

After summoning the Thunder God Aspect, the development of the Thunder God Domain would temporarily increase by 20%.

In other words, his Thunder God Domain could be increased by 20% by the Thunder God Aspect!

It was extremely terrifying!

With a 20% increase, Lin Qiye didnt dare to imagine the extent of his lethality!

However, apart from that, Lin Qiye also discovered another factor.

When he was within the domain, the consumption of Lightning Warp was infinitely reduced, and the cooldown time was close to zero seconds.

One had to know that in the beginning, when Lin Qiye used Lightning Warp, he would need to expend some of his talent reserves, and he had more than a second of cooldown time.

But now, he didnt need to cool down.

It was simply a godly combat skill!

Lin Qiye laughed.

Before this, Lightning Waro was a mana-consuming skill.

After a few hundred uses, he would be drained dry.

But now, within the range of Thunder God Domain, he could use it however he wanted!

The longest distance of the warp was 10,000 meters!

“Im invincible!” Lin Qiye laughed.

At this moment, only then did Lin Qiye feel that he had broken the restrictions of the Empress Universe and reached a certain level of invincibility.

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