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He would be in big trouble if he could not kill the other party.

Lin Qiye fell into deep thought.

If he doesnt have other unique methods, he couldnt increase his talent development rate to over 95% within three months.

He sighed and took out the Talent Ability Derivative Card he had just obtained.

“I want to use it.” Lin Qiye ordered in his heart.

The card turned into a ray of light and merged into the space between his eyebrows.

A strange change happened in Lin Qiyes Dao bone.

Lin Qiye felt the lightning in it as if it was flowing and giving birth to a life.

It was different from ordinary life but a kind of Immortal Technique.

Without a doubt, he got another Immortal Technique!

Lin Qiyes spirit rose, and he quickly focused his mind, sensing the specific content.

[Lightning Warp: A ball of lightning.

You can teleport from one place to another instantly without being captured.

When tempered to the peak, you can directly travel through space.

The higher the level of proficiency, the further the distance of the warp, and people couldnt sense it.]

“Its teleportation, right”

Lin Qiye raised his eyebrows.

It was a great ability to launch an attack to catch people off guard!

However, this new ability wasnt enough for Lin Qiye to catch a mole.

After all, be it Lightning Warp or Thunder God Aspect, they were both in the early stages of development.

There was no way Lin Qiye could face an SSS-Grade talent with a 98% development rate.

Therefore, if they were to really fight it out, Lin Qiyes estimate of his winning probability could only be 50% conservatively.

It was not Lin Qiyes goal.

To him, if there was no guarantee that he could crush his opponents without a hitch, it was equivalent to being in extreme danger!

Lin Qiye had never had any thoughts of taking chances.

Because if he failed, he would lose the precious treasures from this trip.

For example, the ability to control lightning, the Thunder God Aspect, and the Lightning Warp.

These were all rare treasures!

If he lost them, his heart would be in pain.

Therefore, Lin Qiye wanted stability.

“Looks like I have to think of another way to increase my talent development rate! It is best to reach 90% from 83% in three months, but it seems too difficult!”

Lin Qiye racked his brains, but in a short while, he could not think of a better way.

He could only shake his head and give up thinking.

The next day, Lin Qiye suddenly woke up from his nightmare.

In the dream, he was dismembered by the top brass from Yanjing City.

“Damn!” Lin Qiye rubbed his face and the space between his eyebrows.

His heart pounded.

“No, that guy is definitely over 98%.

I have to think of a way.

Can I devour Heavenly Lightning

“My intuition tells me I cant.

In this life, devouring Heavenly Lightning cannot increase my proficiency.

“Then what should I do”

Lin Qiye was a little anxious.

Suddenly, a piece of news that he had seen appeared in his mind.

The news had once reported that a genius with a water attribute talent suddenly had enlightenment while enjoying the rainstorm.

His talent development had directly increased from 40% to 55%, increasing by 15%.

Thinking of this news, Lin Qiyes spirit suddenly perked up.

“Oh, right! Enlightenment! How could I forget about this matter”

Lin Qiyes eyes flickered.

Such news was rarely seen.

Back then, Lin Qiye had only caught a glimpse of it.

However, Lin Qiye had analyzed it before.

Without exception, this news was about geniuses with natural attributes.

Through observing and sensing the corresponding substances, they could raise their talents development rate by a large realm within a short period.

Enlightenment might seem exaggerated, but it wasnt something without logic.

The elemental talents originated from nature.

If one could gain a deeper understanding of the natural attributes, it would be reasonable for their talent development rate to increase drastically.

“My talent is the Heavenly Thunder Annihilation.

Although devouring thunder cannot increase my development rate, what if I visualize the thunder and obtain enlightenment”

“I have the Minor Enlightener.

In two years, Ive already accumulated two opportunities for enlightenment! If I use it to visualize the lightning, couldnt I greatly increase my development rate!”

With this thought in mind, Lin Qiye was ecstatic.

He realized that this method was absolutely feasible!

Hence, Lin Qiye silently activated the Deduction of Genesis.

“Deduce the location of the Heavenly Tribulation Lightning Pool!”

[This deduction requires 100,000 movement points.

You will have 3,450,000 points remaining.

Do you want to continue the deduction]


[The deduction is successful.

The location of the Heavenly Tribulation Lightning Pool has been confirmed.

It is located at the Death Valley of the Hengtian Mountain.]

After a round of deduction, Lin Qiye knew the exact location of the Death Valley.

“Its at the northwest border of our Southern Alliance, the highest plateau in the southern region.”

Lin Qiye roughly planned his route.

It would take at least five to six days to rush to the Death Valley from Jiang City.

As a two-way trip, it would take ten days.

At four years and nine months old, he couldnt leave alone for ten days to half a month.

Father and Mother Gu would not allow it.

Lin Qiye frowned.

“Looks like I cant lay low anymore.

Ill lay my cards on the table!”

He stood up and walked out of the room to look for Father and Mother Gu.

At this moment, his parents were discussing something with Uncle Zhao and Aunt Zhou of the Shanhai demon-hunting group.

Lin Qiye suddenly said, “Im going on a long trip alone.

The type where Ill be away for a month.”

Mother Gu was stunned.

“Huh Where are you going Its dangerous outside.

There are Awakened ones, demon beasts, and even demons.

Youre not even five years old.

Its too dangerous to go out alone.

After you become an Awakened, Ill allow you to train alone.”


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