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In his room, Lin Qiye sat cross-legged on the floor, checking his condition.

He was almost four years old, and his talent, Heavenly Thunder Annihilation, had reached 83%, which was still quite a distance away from 90%.

The further he went, the more difficult it would be to increase his development level.

It was self-evident how tough it would be to compress Heavenly Thunder Annihilation to the size of a hair without making any mistakes for a few hours.

Lin Qiye shook his head slightly.

He condensed the Heavenly Thunder Annihilation into his palm.

Then, he started to manipulate it with full concentration.

In the room, a tiny strand of lightning hair slowly swam out from Lin Qiyes fingertip, stretching and lengthening.

It intersected into a sphere, which grew bigger and bigger from a ping-pong ball size to a tennis ball, to a basketball, to a wheel… Until the entire room was filled.

It was extremely difficult.

Every strand of lightning hair was stuck together, but they did not fuse.

Every inch of them required Lin Qiyes control over it.

If there were a slight mistake, the lightning hair would fuse.

Then, the entire room would collapse like dominoes.

“Well, its not bad.”

Lin Qiye withdrew the Heavenly Thunder Annihilation.

It was a warm-up.

The next moment, the Heavenly Thunder Annihilation on Lin Qiyes fingertip condensed into silk smaller than a hair.

It silently spread to the windowsill, along the villa, and onto the street.

He kept weaving a lightning silk net that no one noticed.

Lin Qiye closed his eyes and carefully weaved.

At this moment, the Heavenly Thunder Annihilation spread in the villa area, but no Awakened ones noticed that a large net had appeared underground.

“After experimenting a few hundred times, Ive finally become more accustomed to it.” Lin Qiye sighed slightly.

Then, he poured in all his focus, and the silk condensed from the Heavenly Thunder Annihilation began to spread across Jiang City.

Tiny, imperceptible threads spread across the city like a spider web.

Jiang City fell into Lin Qiyes perception.

He saw a rat pop its head out of the cover of the sewer and looked around sneakily;

He saw crickets chirping in the bushes;

Birds slept with their necks crossed in the treetops;

A man and woman in the woods doing the indescribable;

Lin Qiye was like a passing guest, quietly sweeping through everything.

An hour later, Jiang City was woven together by a thin net.

At this moment, as long as Lin Qiye wanted to, he only needed to shake the net to destroy the entire city!

However, fine sweat seeped out onLin Qiyes forehead.

“Phew-” Lin Qiye couldnt hold on any longer.

“With only 83% of development, its still too challenging to support such delicate control.”

With a thought, Lin Qiye disintegrated the giant net.

The silk-fine lightning vanished into thin air, and half of the Heavenly Thunder Annihilation in Lin Qiyes body instantly dissipated.

“I still need to work hard!” His gaze burned, and he started to train even more diligently.

Only when Lin Qiye had sufficient strength could he face the dangers in the future!

He wanted to crush everything with absolute strength!

While Lin Qiye was training diligently, on the other side, the demon race and Winged Wolf Tribe had gathered an army of ten million and were prepared to march south in a few days to overturn Country Hua.

On the surface, they were harmonious and intimate, becomingclose comrades-in-arms.

But in reality, the Demon Emperor was planning a surprise attack on the Winged Wolf Tribe.

Even though the two camps were thirty miles apart, if an attack was launched at night, it would be a perfect sneak attack!

The Demon Emperor sat in the main camp with a cold gaze.

Under the tent, dozens of high-level generals knelt.

The Demon Emperor flicked her slender hand lightly, and silk pouches fell into the hands of the high-ranking officials.

“Open it and take a look.

We have to act in half an hour! This time, we will deal the Winged Wolf Tribe with a heavy blow!”

The high-ranking officials were shocked.

They hurriedly opened the silk pouches to take a look.

After that, everyone felt their scalps go numb.

“So this is what happened! I was just saying how the low-level humans could have come up with a mastermind behind the scenes!”

“So it was the Wind Emperor playing tricks in the dark, trying to join forces with us today.

Who knows He might already be planning to launch a sneak attack on us!”

The higher-ups burned with righteous indignation andgritted their teeth.

The Demon Emperor held her chin high.

“Alright, in half an hour, under my leadership, well make our move directly.”

With that said, the higher-ups left silently.

As for the Demon Emperor, she arrived silently in front of the military camp.

Not long after, the five million-strong armies of the demon race started to move.

They were like the wind blowing on the grass, only making rustling sounds.

Thirty miles.

To the elites of the demon race, they arrived in an instant.

Their speed was as fast as lightning.

Even if the Winged Wolf Royal Familys scouts noticed them, it was already too late.


The battle cries shook heaven and earth!

The Winged Wolf Tribes troops felt their scalps go numb.

The Wind Emperor suddenly looked in the direction of the Demon Army.

“Whats going on Although I was on guard, have the demon race gone mad to charge over like this Are they going to fight to the death with my race”

The Wind Emperor frowned.

He realized that he had underestimated the determination of the demon race.

However, they had a common enemy, the human race.

Why would the Demon Emperor risk everything to fight the Winged Wolf Tribe on their side

Was she out of her mind

The Wind Emperor flapped his huge black wings.


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