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In the third month, he had identified all the hidden Scale-skinned Demons in the cities.

Lin Qiye had more time to train, and his talent development rate had reached 77%.

In the room, Lin Qiye sat in front of his laptop, his fingers tapping on the table.

“Next, I just need to make a move!”

According to the original trajectory, the Scale-skinned Demons would make a move three months later.

It would be a heavy blow to the humans.

But now… Lin Qiye smiled coldly.

“To make the city commanders make a move, I will need to use Jiang Citys commander.”

Lin Qiye nodded slightly.

He was the mastermind behind the scenes and couldnt make a move personally.

Hence, the most suitable person to pass on the news was the Jiang City commander.

After all, Jiang City had resolved the crisis of the demonic invasion one after another recently.

The reputation of the commander was gradually known by other cities.

Using his name, a normal person wouldnt be able to ignore the information he provided.

“This time, I wont let you get hurt emotionally.

Make a trip for me!”

Lin Qiye couldnt help but grin.

To give a man false hope was cruel.

He also couldnt bear it.

So this time, Lin Qiye was prepared to give some benefits to the Jiang City commander.

With this thought in mind, he put on a mask and silently arrived at the commanders Mansion, handing a USB drive to the doorman.

When the commander received the USB drive, he immediately watched it.

His hair stood on end, and he was covered in a cold sweat!

The commander immediately opened his account and used the points encryption and official encryption to send a message to twenty-six other city commanders.

He told them all the information Lin Qiye gave.

A few seconds later, the city commanders of the other twenty-six cities suddenly sat up straight, and their expressions changed.

“Scale-skinned Demons! Have they been captured Jiang City commander, did you do this”

“It is too unbelievable!”

“What kind of luck have you had recently to be able to do such a heaven-defying achievement!”

“Brother Xu, Im afraid youre going to be promoted!”

“This time, you have made a great contribution!”

The commanders were shocked.

They couldnt believe so many Scale-skinned Demons were lurking around.

But after they saw the details marked in the data and all kinds of decisive analysis, they realized something was wrong.

At the same time, deep in their hearts, they felt fear.

They let out a deep breath, and their eyes were filled with killing intent.

The next moment, they immediately brought their trusted aides to hunt down the Scale-skinned Demons.

And when they went to capture them, Lin Qiye sat behind the scenes andquietly watched everything.

What made Lin Qiye feel at ease was that every commander was swift and decisive.

They did not give the Scale-skinned Demon a chance to defend themselves and would directly take action.

And when the captured Scale-skinned Demon saw that the commanders were coming menacingly with a clear purpose, they knew they were exposed.

“Why… Why are we exposed Was it the mastermind from Jiang City”

The Scale-skinned Demons immediately realized that something was wrong.

They had already been notified that a high-level Scale-skinned Demon in Jiang City was killed.

Therefore, they planned to lay low for a few months.

But why were they still seen through

They couldnt believe it, and their faces twisted with hatred.

They immediately turned around and started to run.

However, the city commanders were already prepared.

They came to kill the demons, so the Scale-skinned Demon only fled a small distance before they were quickly suppressed.

Their corpses lay quietly on the ground, causing the commanders to sweat profusely.

“They really are demons! Jiang Citys commander is a genius!”

Hence, a day later, good news spread throughout Country Hua.

“Bian Citys victory report! Bian Citys commander found the Scale-skinned Demon and killed them!”

“Xia Hai Citys victory report! Xia Hais commander found the Scale-skinned Demon and killed them!”

“Shang Rao Citys victory report! Shang Raos commander found the scaly-skinned demons and killed them!”

In the Southern war zone, twenty-six victory reports had shocked Country Hua!

All the commanders had received a great achievement.

They were excited and didnt dare to forget the kindness of the Jiang City commander.

They agreed to report the matter and praised him without hesitation.

“The Jiang City commander is a role model for us!”

“If not for his reminder this time, Bian City would probably be reduced to a land of demons in a few days!”

“Thats right! The Jiang City commander is truly a genius! In the future, he will definitely soar into the sky!”

The voices of praise from all sides spread throughout Country Hua.

This day was the day of suffering for the Scale-skinned Demons.

Twenty-six of them were killed.

It was something that human history did not dare to imagine.

The Southern Alliance was ecstatic.

Yan Jing was even more shocked.

Even the higher-ups of the Demon-hunting Alliance and officials were shocked by this matter.

For a time, the human Awakeners and the demon-hunting squads were in an unprecedentedly spirited mood.

Everyone was full of confidence for the future.

They also knew that the biggest contributor to this operation was Jiang Citys commander.

“The Jiang City commander is mighty!”

“The Jiang City commander is awesome!”

“With him around, theres no need for us humans to worry about the future of our race!”

After this incident, worshippers of the Jiang City commander appeared in all the city districts.

However, as the main “contributor,” the Jiang City commander was extremely nervous.

He sucked in a breath of cold air and bowed to the sky.

“God, its really not my doing, but the expert behind the scenes! It is killing me!”

He looked at the news that kept playing.

The Jiang City commanders heart pounded wildly.

He panted heavily, and his palm sliding on the screen could not help but tremble.

The credit was too great, and he could not bear it!


Mastermind! You have the highest credit, and I will definitely be at your service.”

Although he didnt know if the mastermind could hear him, the commander was still sincere.


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