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The Son of the Netherworld had a pale face, and his facial features looked like they had been worked on by a mortician.

His eyes were strange, and his lips slightly pursed.

At this moment, his gaze was gloomy.

“Jiang City is located in the middle of the Southern Alliance.

Its not strong, and its also the starting point of the Emerald Lake Incident.

Ill make a mess here and attract enough attention.

Then, Ill take the opportunity to run to Jin Ling.

I can totally catch them off guard.

It is a diversionary tactic!

“Lets start from here! Ill infect half of the city and make them send a group of experts as reinforcements!”

The Son of the Netherworld chuckled.

He followed the rotten smell and rushed towards a tomb.

However, when he approached the tomb, he suddenly felt that the dead and Yin energy in the tomb had been destroyed.

There were even strands of lightning aura that made him uncomfortable.

These auras made the Son of the Netherworld realize that something was wrong.

“B*stard! Whos causing trouble” Herushed towards the second tomb.

The next second, hecursed and crawled out of the tomb, blasting the tomb into a huge pit.

“Someone destroyed the tomb before me.

Arent you afraid of being punished by the heavens B*stard!”

The Son of the Netherworld was so disgusted.

“Is this targeting me But no one knew I was coming!

“It must be a coincidence!”

However, the Son of the Netherworld swept through all the cemeteries and mass graves within a 300-mile radius but discovered no corpses at all.

They were all destroyed by lightning.

“F*ck! Where did this b*stard come from Do you want to snatch the business of a dead person At the very least, I left a complete corpse for them, but you turned them into ashes Even the heavens would be angered!”

The Son of the Netherworld was so disgusted that he cursed.

He was so furious that his hair stood on end, and his face turned even paler as if he was a corpse coming alive.

But in the next second, he calmed down.

“If this person isnt crazy, he must have already known of my existence since he was destroying corpses… thats why he made such a move against me.

“I dont even know which city Im going to, but he knew ahead of time.

Im afraid he cant be underestimated! Combined with the Emerald Lake Incident and the Scale-skinned Demons death, there must be an invisible hand controlling everything!”

As his thoughts came to this point, the Son of the Netherworld broke out in cold sweat as if a ray of light was on his back.

He felt like a pair of eyes were staring at him at all times.

Things are not looking good!

There was an expert in the city!

He instantly became alert.

He was unwilling to meet an expert head-on.

With an expert hiding in the dark, he had to retreat.

Experts good at playing tactics all had a dirty heart!

Besides, Jiang Citys graveyard was completely destroyed.

He didnt have the army to invade again.

“Id better target another city.

Im afraid I cant afford to offend this one!”

While talking to himself, the Son of the Netherworld quickly fled into the distance.

When he couldnt even see the shadow of Jiang City anymore, the Son of the Netherworld turned his head unwillingly.

“Wait for me to rise for some time, then Ill come back and kill you.

No matter what kind of expert you are behind the scenes, Ill still refine you into a zombie!”

Not long after the Son of the Netherworld fled into the distance, the Life Lantern Gemrang in Lin Qiyes mind at the right time.

[Successfully defying heavens to change your fate: You are three years and three months old.

You have ruined the Son of the Netherworlds plan.

He has changed his location.]

[You have obtained a Talent Ability Derivative Card.

After using it, your talent will randomly receive a new derivative ability and will take effect immediately.

Do you want to use it]


Derivative ability!

Lin Qiye was on the path of invincibility, and he would not stop running!

He would be leveling up his ability!

Lin Qiye smiled.

Derivative ability was amazing.

It was equivalent to leveling up a supernatural talent.

He didnt know how much it would level up.

Hopefully, it will be a powerful derivative ability!

Lin Qiye prayed in his heart and took out the Talent Ability Derivative Card!


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