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The higher-ups were stunned.

Wasnt the Jiang City commander too lucky

He had a Shanhai demon-hunting squad under him, which solved the problem of Emerald Lake and even the entire countrys lakes.

Now, he had killed a Scale-skinned Demon.

These were two huge contributions.

In a few years, the commander would probably enter the upper echelons of the Southern Alliance.

On the screen, the leaders exchanged a few words before nodding at the commander.

“We will remind the Awakened and Demon Hunters of the various regions and cities to strengthen their defenses and surveillance.

“The Southern Alliance will reward you with three special-grade merits for your contribution this time.

In addition, you can choose any treasure.

It is an additional reward.

“We will send a commissioner to deliver the treasure.

When he arrives, you can hand over the Scale-skinned Demons corpse to him.

We hope to use the corpse for research.

It is a rare treasure! We only have two in the country.”

The Scale-skinned Demon was rarely captured, so its research value was self-evident.

“Many thanks for your kindness!” The commander said.

As his voice fell, the country leaders nodded and turned off the video.

In the office, the commander laughed out loud.

The rewards he received this time could be said to be extremely generous.

He got three special merit rewards and one treasure he could choose at will!

It was rare even for a big shot one or two levels higher than him.

The commander was ecstatic and smiled so wide that his mouth was crooked.

Of course, hedidnt get carried away.

He knew all of this was due to the mastermind behind the scenes.

“Thank you, unknown person.

If you can hear what Im saying now, Im willing to work for you on the premise that I dont go against my morals or betray humanity!”

The commander licked his lips.

He will remember this favor.

However, just as the commander was emotional, the video call rang again.

The commander saw it and immediately accepted.

On the screen, a middle-aged man in a military uniform appeared.

His gaze was deep as he stared at the Jiang City commander.

“Has anyone suspicious appeared in Jiang City recently”

The commander, who had just received his reward, was shocked when he heard this question.

What did the man mean

Why did he ask this question

He was nervous.

Could it be that the higher-ups already knew about the mastermind

The commander didnt know why the higher-ups would ask this question, but he still decided to hide it.

“Sir, I dont know.

Theres nothing suspicious recently.”

“Oh That does not align with the information I received.”

The man in the military uniforms face darkened.

The other people on the screen all turned to look at the commander.

The commanders heart sank.

“Sir, I really dont know.”

The man in the military uniform on the screen laughed.

“Yeah, its understandable that you dont.

I came to the Southern Alliance this time to investigate something.

“The Awakened recently discovered a suspected SSS-Grade Awakened that isnt registered!

“This man isnt on the humans side.

His talent is to control corpses.

Thats why he calls himself the Son of the Netherworld.

He should have developed more than 95% of his power.

Recently, he had robbed many large cemeteries.

He even visited the cemeteries of Awakeners.

“There are also many cemeteries in the southern region with more than 20 SS-Grade generals buried there.

I came to the Southern Alliance to prevent the villain from robbing cemeteries and controlling the corpses of SS-Grade generals.”

Hearing that, the commander was shocked.

“Someone has such a terrifying talent It is a disaster! His talent should have already surpassed SSS-Grade!”

The man in the military uniform nodded.

“Yes, he is a huge threat.

If we let his zombie army take shape, humanity will definitely lose!

“Jiang City commander! Your ability is decent.

The Shanhai demon-hunting squad under you and the Scale-skinned Demon you killed had impressed me.

I hope you can lead them to help solve this disaster.”

Without a doubt, the military man had high hopes for the Jiang City commander and the Shanhai demon-hunting squad.

As they spoke, the military man showed some videos.

In the videos were zombies controlled by the Son of the Netherworld.

They all looked like ancient zombies.

Some had white hair; some had black; some had green; some had red.

The red-haired zombies combat strength was comparable to an Alp-level expert!

Their bodies were sturdy, and their lethality was so swift that it made one blush with shame.

They invaded a city and killed the civilians, turning the city into a zombie paradise.

Jiang Citys commander gritted his teeth.

“How frightening!”


Could it be Mr.


It shouldnt be.


Mastermind wouldnt do such a thing! He was a big shot who specialized in killing the Scale-skinned Demon!

The commander shook his head in his heart.

“Sir, I will definitely assist you with everything to catch this evil person!”

The commander was confident.

After all, he had Mr.

Mastermind behind him.

No matter what SSS-Grade talent or Son of the Netherworld, he would be gravely injured if he met Mr.


While the higher-ups of Country Hua were discussing the matter of the unknown Awakened, Lin Qiye took a rare break.

After training hard for days, he only felt physically and mentally exhausted.

At this moment, Lin Qiye stretched his back and was about to continue training when the Life Lantern Gem sounded in his mind.

[Successfully defying heavens to change your fate: You are two years and nine months old.

You successfully killed a king-level Scale-skinned Demon to change your fate through your calculations.

You have changed the history of Country Hua.]

[You have received a reward: a Yin Crow Egg.

It hatches into a Yin Crow.

The Yin Crow has the diting ability.

It can eavesdrop on everything around it.

When it matures, it can even eavesdrop on the traces of demons and share them with its master.]

[You have received 500,000 movement points.

You now have 2,450,000 points.]

“Phew – the reward is here!”

After sending the letter to the commanders residence, Lin Qiye had been waiting for the Life Lantern Gems reward to be distributed.

500,000 movement points was undoubtedly a huge sum.

When Lin Qiye used the Deduction of Genesis, he would be more confident and heroic!

After all, the Empress Universe was fraught with danger, and its degree was far from what the previous few simulations could compare.

With the Deduction of Genesis in hand, his survival rate would be much higher with more movement points.

In addition, other than movement points, the reward of the crow egg also made him feel pleasantly surprised.

After hatching and being nurtured to maturity, the Yin Crow could eavesdrop on all movements within a certain range, including the existence of demons!

It was the nemesis of demons! A walking radar!

What good timing!

Lin Qiye smiled.

In the future, he would not have to worry about the Scale-skinned Demon or other demons good at disguising.

They would be as bright as a light bulb in front of him!


This time, I can be considered exceptionally lucky and got a precious artifact that targets demons! Not only can I save a huge amount of movement points, but I can also exterminate evil demons!”

Lin Qiye smiled lightly.

The next second, the notification sound of the Life Lantern Gem sounded in his mind again.

[Life Lantern Gem Notificationtion: When you are three years and three months old, an unknown zombie horde has appeared outside Jiang City.

The Awakened engaged in a fierce battle with the zombies and suffered a great loss.

They discovered that the corpses fallen in battle would then turn into zombies!]

[In three short days, Jiang Citys Alp-level Demon Hunters were wiped out.

The commander was gravely injured and infected with the corpse poison.

When Jiang City was almost wiped out, the Yanjing SSS-Grade reinforcements rushed over and repelled the zombie horde.]

[At this moment, you learned that the instigator of this incident was an SSS-Grade Awakened who claimed to be the Son of the Netherworld.

He had the talent to control zombies.

He was a disaster-level Awakened.

If the Son of the Netherworld continued to grow, the world would be in chaos.]

[The zombie poison secretly left by the Son of the Netherworld exploded.

Half of Jiang City was reduced to a zombie paradise.

The Fated Empress died in this disaster.

Your journey in this world has failed, and you lost yourself in space and time.]


What the hell

Lin Qiyes brows knitted together tightly, recalling the hint from the Life Lantern Gem in puzzlement.

The Son of the Netherworld, an SSS-Grade Awakener

He could control zombies and even turn demons into zombies under his manipulation

This ability is sick to the extreme!

Even Lin Qiye felt that it was tricky.

“Can he control the corpse of a God-level expert If he has a zombie army, wont he be invincible”

Lin Qiye frowned.

His instincts told him that the danger this time was troublesome!


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