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At this moment, thecommander felt his scalp go numb.

“If it werent for this letter, I wouldnt have realized its existence at all.

If I allowed it to infect an Alp-level expert silently… Jiang City might be invaded by the Scale-skinned Demon!”

Jiang Citys commander sucked in a breath of cold air.

He immediately realized that an expert was guiding him from the dark.

“Who is it Could it be Goddess Ning Luo Only she would know all the details about us from more than ten years ago.

It must be her! Could it be that Goddess Ning Luo has me in her heart”

At this moment, the commander felt ahallucination in his heart – She likes him!

His heart thumped with excitement.

But soon after, he also came up with another guess.

“Or rather, its another mastermind with a unique talent…”

With this guess in mind, he slowly deduced.

“Will Goddess Ning Luo really like me Im afraid not.

She hasnt exchanged letters with me for more than ten years.

“She hasnt even contacted me at all…

“Its all in my head…

“If its not Goddess Ning Luo, the mastermind behind this is too terrifying!”

Upon thinking about this, the commanders face scrunched up with fear.

If it wasnt Ning Luo, who could it be

Only he and Ning Luo knew of their high school life ten years ago, but the person who sent the letter was familiar with it.

To say the least, not only did the sender know his background, but the sender also knew about Ning Luo!

Otherwise, how could the forged letter show Ning Luos thoughts and emotions without flaws

At this moment, the commanderfelt his scalp go numb.

If the sender only know his secrets, it wouldnt cause the Jiang City commander to be so shocked.

After all, he was merely a commander, so there would definitely be some loopholes in the confidentiality of his information.

However, Goddess Ning Luo was different.

Ning Luo had SSS-Grade talent and was one of the top experts in Country Hua.

Apart from the public information, all her details were absolute secrets.

The mastermind could imitate Ning Luo perfectly, which meant they had all the information about her!

At the same time, from the letter content, the masterminds analysis of human nature had reached an appalling level!

He had imitated Ning Luos personality and tone in different periods and states and had fundamentally grasped the commanders thoughts.

The mastermind only sent a letter and a key but successfully sent him to the hotel.

And they had timed it precisely the moment before the Scale-skinned Demon made its move!

Such a detailed plan caused an image to appear in the commanders mind.

The image was pitch-black.

The mastermind hid perfectly in the darkness as if he was the ruler of the world, overlooking everything, using a God-level expert as a chess piece to stir up the world.

The commander was astonished, and his heart was in turmoil.

A feeling of numbness and helplessness rose from the bottom of his heart.

“Luckily, the mastermind doesnt seem hostile towards the humans, and he is helping to save Jiang City…”

He looked at the Scale-skinned Demon with a burning gaze.

The Scale-skinned Demon was a high-level demon, and its ability to blend into humans was alarming.

Up till now, humans had only caught it once, and the reason for that was because an SSS-Grade Gemon Hunter leader had used his talent, Law of Speech.

He gave up 50 years of his lifespan to catch it.

With such a terrifying price, the leaderdid not want to use it a second time.

But now, the mastermind had a clear grasp of the Scale-skinned Demons movements and could even plot against him, lure him over, and kill the Scale-skinned Demon!

Such a precise plot, deep thoughts, and terrifying methods were to the point of making ones hair stand on end!

“Why would an expert appear in a small place like Jiang City”

Suddenly, the commanders expression changed abruptly.

“Perhaps, the mastermind didnt appear in Jiang City from beginning to end!

“He was only scheming from a thousand miles away!”

As his thoughts reached this point, thecommander turned pale with fright.

Even though the mastermind wasnt in Jiang City, he was able to discover the Scale-skinned Demons existence.

What is the extent of his ability

Was it talent

Was it wisdom

Or perhaps, both

The commander could no longer think about it.

The masterminds strength had already surpassed his understanding.

In his opinion, the mastermind behind the scenes was probably not the slightest bit weaker than the few people at the peak of humanity!

“This incident is no trifling matter! I must report it!”

After the commander calmed down, he immediately reported the news to the higher-ups.

However, as he didnt know why the mastermind didnt directly reveal his identity to explain the matter of the demon, the commander decided not to mention him yet.

Hence, in the commanders office, he sat in front of the screen, reporting the situation to the higher-ups of the Southern Alliance.

“I accidentally found traces of the Scale-skinned Demon and killed it.

The corpse is behind me.

Leaders, you can see it.”

The commander was a little excited.

The screen in front of him was divided into several panels, and in each panel was an existence far superior to him.

“I didnt expect a high-level demon like the Scale-skinned Demon to appear in Jiang City.

Im afraid that because of the Emerald Lake Incident, your city caught the Scale-skinned Demons attention, but I didnt expect you to kill it…”


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