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He had no way to dodge it! Liu Yingcould only watch helplessly as the bloody mouth bit at him.

At this moment, the commanderrushed to the door of Room 7 anxiously.

He took a deep breath and slowly took out the key, inserting it into the door lock.

As he was too nervous and shy, he acted like a thief.

When he twisted the door lock, there was no sound.

The door slowly swung open.

The Jiang City commander was preparing his moving speech when he met his lover while he squeezed through the gap.

When he stepped into the room, the scene he took in immediately stunned him.

He saw the Scale-skinned Demon emitting dirty mucus, opening its bloody mouth, and riding on Liu Yings body.


At this moment, the commander was dumbfounded, and the gift in his hand fell to the ground.

Where was the Goddess he had come to meet

Where was the date that he had agreed upon

Where was the bright future he had imagined!

What the hell was this thing! Was it a monster that had replaced the woman in his dreams

Or could it be that his Goddess had been possessed by a demon

No! It was impossible!

The commander felt as if his heart had been trampled on by ten thousand horses.

While he was shocked, anger suddenly emerged within him.

His Goddess was gone, leaving only such a disgusting thing!

It was even possible that she had already…

Such a huge blow immediately caused the commander to erupt with unprecedented combat strength.

He instantly flashed in front of the Scale-skinned Demon, his movement alarming it.

When it saw someone with an even uglier expression appearing behind, its soul immediately left its body.

With a swoosh, it bounced onto the ceiling.

Its body hung upside down, its limbs twisted strangely, and its disgusting face turned 360 degrees.

“Bastard! Go to hell!” The commander roared, and his aura suddenly soared.

His talent was the S-Grade Light Beam Explosion, which was of high lethality.

In an instant, the light rays in the surroundings condensed into beams of laser light, and destructive power shot toward the Scale-skinned Demon.

Seeing this, the Scale-skinned Demon turned pale with fright.

The commander immediately moved to kill it as if it had stolen his wife or killed his father.


It didnt dare to be negligent and hurriedly smashed the window, preparing to escape.

After all, it had not started devouring, so it had no way of fighting against a God-level expert.

However, the commander was already prepared.

Before it could rush to the window, the light beams outside the window immediately shot in, sealing off the demons escape route.

“Die for me! F*cking die! Im going to tear you into pieces!” The commander lost his rationality.

He collapsed half the room, and all the light beams shot towards the demon like a dance halls laser.


A crisp sound rang out.

Dozens of black holes pierced through the body of the Scale-skinned Demon.

It was gasping for breath andhad a stunned expression.

“You… How did you find me How did you get the room key You…” The Scale-skinned Demons heart was in turmoil.

It did not understand.

How did it get found out

Mucus secreted rapidly from its wounds, trying to heal them.

However, the commander was in a state of berserk.

He used 120% of his strength to attack the demon madly.

The Scale-skinned Demon had not entered God-level yet.

It was killed by the light beams in just ten minutes.

After killing it, the commander panted heavily.

It was not that he had consumed too much energy, but he had been angered to such an extent.

He looked forward to this date, but in the end, his date turned out to be this disgusting creature.

Who would be able to take it

After he calmed down, a breeze blew over.

The commander shivered instantly, and a cold sweat broke out on his back.

“Thats not right! How could it be such a coincidence Why did I happen to meet a demon here And its the worst Scale-skinned Demon!”

The commander realized that something was wrong!

He fell into deep thought, and the more he thought about it, the more stormy waves surged in his heart.


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