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[The deduction requires 10,000 movement points.

You will have 1,900,000 points remaining.

Do you wish to proceed]


[Deduction successful: With the enhancement of the Talent Quality Enhancement Card, your awakened talent can only be SSS-Grade.]

“Since thats the case, I can be at ease.

With an SSS-Grade talent, as long as I dont die and have better luck, I will definitely reach the peak of the Alp level, and its also possible for me to strive for the God level.”

Lin Qiye muttered to himself.

The corners of his mouth curled up into a smile.

Although he was suppressed by the demons rules, he had too many trump cards on him.

He was still as monstrous as ever.

Lin Qiye smiled brightly as he stuffed the herbs into his mouth and chewed them quickly.

The bitter taste of the herbs and the plants texture choked his throat.

However, itcouldnt stop Lin Qiye from becoming stronger.

He swallowed the twenty stalks of healing herbs into his stomach as if chewing on wax.

Then, he took out the improved version of the Awakening Reagent, whichwas sealed in a cold storage device.

When he took it out, it was still releasing white smoke.

Lin Qiye carefully looked at the improved version of the Awakening Reagent and gently shook the liquid inside.

In the next second, he did not hesitate and injected the liquid into his arm.

When the cool liquid came into contact with his blood and life force, it immediately became boiling.

It even directly turned into magma, flowing into Lin Qiyes limbs and bones.

The billions of cells in his body were all soaked in magma.

Lin Qiye turned into a furnace, burning his blood essence, life force, innate Qi, and Holy Violet Genuine Qi.

Lin Qiye had accumulated a years worth of innate Qi, a total of 160,000 wisps, to support this awakening.

Lin Qiyes brows slightly raised.

“It seems like the twenty stalks of spiritual herbs are useless.

The most important thing is still the innate Qi and Innate Divine Body.

Otherwise, my nine-year-old body would be burnt to ashes by the Awakening Reagent.”

He heaved a sigh of relief.

Of course, although the spiritual herbs were like a drop of water in the ocean, it was still better than nothing.

Wisps of pure and cold medicinal power flowed into Lin Qiyes body and nourished him.

It cheered for the innate Qi and Innate Divine Body.

Hundreds of thousands of wisps of innate Qi were used up, causing an earth-shattering change to Lin Qiyes body.

An hour later, Lin Qiye suddenly opened his eyes, which flashed with golden lightning.

“My awakened talent indeed has nothing to do with the Deduction of Genesis.

Instead, it has to do with my Clear Void Divine Lightning Dao Bone.

Thats good.

According to the saying in this world, it should be called the SSS-Grade talent – Heavenly Thunder Annihilation.


How corny.”

Lin Qiye smiled.

He got up and took a bath.

“Now that I have awakened, the next step is to temper and develop it.

The SSS-Grade talent will be equivalent to Foundation Establishment Realm at 20%, Golden Core Realm at 40%, Nascent Soul Realm at 60%, Embodier Realm at 80%, and Incarnation Realm at 100%.

“However, the development is completely different from cultivation.

To develop my talent, I need to learn exquisite refinement to train it.

In the end, I must make the lightning as fine as silk, as if it were at the command of my arm.

“It is a good thing.

It will train my control over the lightning.

If I can bring the control Ive learned in this world back to the main world, my combat power will increase by several times!”

Lin Qiyes gaze burned.

He immediately sat down cross-legged and tried to train his talent.

A wisp of lightning surged out from Lin Qiyes palm.

His entire consciousness poured into the lightning.

His control ability revolved around the lightning, gradually lengthening and thinning it, wanting to compress the lightning into a small wire.

Unfortunately, Lin Qiyes control of his talent was much weaker, and after trying for a few seconds, the lightning would melt into a ball.

After trying a few hundred times, Lin Qiyes head was in endless pain.

“Looks like I can only condense the lightning into a small stone to smash people for the time being! Its too crude!”

Lin Qiye lay on the ground and fell into a slumber.

A few hours later, he slowly opened his eyes, and brightness seeped into his dark world.

Pairs of eyes around him landed on Lin Qiyes face.

“Little Shaoshang, youre awake”

“What happened to you Why did you faint on the ground”

Father Gu, Mother Gu, Gu He, Uncle Zhao, Uncle Xiong, Uncle Li, Aunt Wang, and Aunt Zhous eyes were filled with concern.

Lin Qiye rubbed his forehead.

“Im fine.

I just dozed off.”

He didnt tell them that he had awakened his talent.

Instead, he laughed it off.

“Maybe Ive been exhausted in the lab recently.

Ill rest for a while!”

He found an excuse and quickly turned around, walking two rounds energetically to show that he was fine.

Seeing that Lin Qiye was fine, everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

“Since hes fine, lets go have dinner together.

Tonight, well go out for a feast! Uncle Zhao will treat us.

Lets rip him off!”

Lin Qiye nodded.

The group of people drove to their feast andcame back at night.

It was already nine oclock.

The moonlight entered the house, and the chilly wind blew.

Lin Qiye sat cross-legged on the ground, practicing the delicate control of lightning.

The spherical lightning was stretched and thinned by Lin Qiye with his mind, forming a thin line that wound around his body like a circle of lightning threads.

However, Lin Qiye had only succeeded once.

At other times, he could only pull half a circle, and the lightning would melt into a ball.

Learning to control ones talent was a technical job.

One needed enough patience, control, and unremitting efforts.

Once they could control their superpower to the acme of perfection, they would not be far away from becoming a powerhouse.

A real battle between powerhouses was like art.

Lin Qiyes eyes burned.

He let out a breath andfell asleep.

The next day, Father Gu and Mother Gu went to work, while Gu He went to school.

Lin Qiye stayed at home by himself.

He hid in the underground training room, refining his talent madly.

Because of the Evolvement Crystal, Lin Qiyes refining speed was relatively fast.

In a short month, his talent development had increased to 20%, reaching the level of a Foundation Establishment expert in the main world.

However, it was far from enough.

Lin Qiye continued to immerse himself in his training.

A month later, the lightning talent in Lin Qiyes body had grown dozens of times stronger.

When it had awakened, the lightning had only been the size of a ping pong ball.

However, after two months, it would be the size of a villa when fully unleashed.

And under Lin Qiyes control, his lightning could be subtly manipulated to form a long rope with a diameter of five millimeters.

It could make ten thousand circles in the training room and last for dozens of seconds.

It was already considered great control.

However, Lin Qiye was still a thousand miles away from being a true expert.

An expert could turn an energy-type talent into the size of a hair.

Those experts who controlled water-type talent could even use a drop of water to pierce through their opponents defense.

In terms of control, Lin Qiye was still in the beginner stage.

Therefore, hetrained hard for half a year.

When he was two years and six months old, Lin Qiyes development of his talent had reached 50%, and he had stepped into the middle stage of the Golden Core Realm.

At this time, Lin Qiye had obtained wings.

His speed increased several times, and the size of his lightning ball was comparable to 100 villas.

He could already join an Alp-level demon-hunting squad and become the main force.

However, Lin Qiye planned to cultivate to the peak and crush everything.

Naturally, he wasnt in the mood to join a demon-hunting squad.

After all, there were only six months left until the three-year-old disaster.

He had to destroy the Scale-skinned Demons plan in the next six months!

Otherwise, he would die.

“Six months.

It shouldnt be difficult.” Lin Qiye smiled lightly.

Although the rules in this universe suppressed his maturity, he still had Qin Xintongs technology.

Technology was always a breakthrough!

Lin Qiye quickly focused his mind and began to train.

Three months later, his talent and supernatural ability had reached 60%, breaking through the Golden Core Realm and becoming a Nascent Soul Realm expert.

At this time, the lightning within Lin Qiyes body was as big as a city.

If he released all of them, it would be like a small nuclear bomb.

But it was still not enough, especially when it came to exquisite control.

Lin Qiye could only elongate the lightning to the size of a babys finger.

There was still a long way to go before he could control it to the point where it was as thin as a thread.

“I have to say that its quite difficult to control my talent.

However, if I can bring this control back to the main world, it will increase my combat power.

How terrifying!”

Although it was tough to train ones talent, Lin Qiye also knew its wondrous uses.

Hence, heworked even harder.

However, only three months remained until the calamity that would happen when he was three.

Lin Qiye had a feeling that the Scale-skinned Demon was about to invade.


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