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[Successfully defying heavens to change your fate: You are one year and five months old.

You have seen through the Heart-seizing Spore Demons plan to invade Jiang City and destroyed it! You have perfectly snuffed out a White Disaster about to erupt.]

[Due to your outstanding performance, you have obtained 200,000 movement points.

You now have 2,410,000 points.]

[Due to the plan you proposed in this heaven-defying change of fate, the fate of Country Hua has been changed.

You have obtained the Supernatural Talent Evolving Card (using this card, the talent you awaken will immediately increase its development rate by 10%.

This card can only be used after you awaken your talent.)]

[You have obtained the Talent Quality Enhancement Card (using this card, your talents quality will increase by one grade.)]

[Due to the increase in the rate at which the demon race is devouring the universe, the Empress Universe is collapsing faster.

The probability of super-geniuses appearing in the demon and demon beasts has increased, and the fate of humanity plunged.]

[The restriction on Practitioners heightened.

You have obtained an undispellable debuff.

The time for your body to mature has been delayed until you are ten years old.

The talent quality you have awakened was reduced by one grade.]

Lin Qiye: “…”

He felt numb.

“The speed at which the demons devour this universe has increased, causing my time of maturity to postpone until I am ten years old.

The quality of my awakened talent has also been reduced by one grade.

“Doesnt that mean my Talent Quality Enhancement Card has no use”

Lin Qiye was a little depressed.

Even if he doesnt do anything, he will still be at a disadvantage.

Lin Qiye finally understood.

Originally, getting rid of the Heart-seizing Spore Demon was a joyous occasion.

But he never expected that the Empress Universe was still collapsing.

However, he had one loss and one gain, forming a dynamic balance.

At the very least, his awakened talent did not degrade.

On the contrary, he got an additional card with a 10% buff for his talent development rate.

However, his maturity time was postponed from six to ten years old.

It was something that Lin Qiye couldnt tolerate at all!

“Why is it suppressing my maturity time” He frowned.

Being able to mature earlier and enter the cultivation stage had always been one of Lin Qiyes trump cards.

It was also the heaven-defying aspect of the Dao Repository Technique.

But now, the accelerated collapse of the Empress Universe has affected Lin Qiyes maturity time and delayed it by a whopping four years!

Four years!

Lin Qiye was only one year and five months old now.

If he matured at ten, he would still be powerless for nine years!

Any major disaster could result in his death!

Lin Qiye resented this feeling, especially in a world where strength reigned supreme and demons invaded.

He yearned for strength even more!

But now, he was suppressed by the laws of the universe, making him frown deeply.

“As expected of a world where demons invaded wantonly.

The danger and complexity are incomparable to the others.

“To be able to suppress Practitioners to this point… it shows how dangerous this world is! However, I have to think of a way to eliminate this suppression!”

Lin Qiye pondered.

“The Immortal Qi, Holy Violet Root Bone, and Innate Divine Body dont seem to be able to eliminate this suppression.

“However, the Innate Divine Body makes my recovery abilities terrifying.

Although I dont have a cultivation base and havent awakened my talent, I can still recover in a short time even if Im hit by a bullet.

“However, my recovery abilities alone arent enough.

What if my head was chopped off

“Is there a way to awaken my talent on my own”

Lin Qiye thought of a possibility to let his talent awaken on its own.

However, he pondered it carefully for a long time but realized there were no examples of self-awakening in this world.

In other words, no one could awaken in advance.

Everyone had to wait until adulthood and use the Awakening Crystal to awaken.

Ever since the great change in the world began, this law had never been broken!

Even the geniuses with SSS-Grade talent had to awaken when they reached adulthood.

Regarding this, Lin Qiye frowned.

His mind was thinking rapidly.

Suddenly, he thought of an idea.

“Can I use the Awakening Reagent…” Lin Qiye muttered to himself.

Instantly, his eyes lit up.

He immediately pulled out the detailed information and memories of the Awakening Reagent and examined them all.

“My intuition tells me that it should be possible.

“However, I need to use Deduction of Genesis and adjust it to fit this world before I can create the Awakening Reagent for the Empress Universe.

It will awaken my supernatural talent.

Moreover, the number of spirit herbs needed may be too much.”

Lin Qiyes eyes flickered with deep thoughts.

“The Empress Universe is different from other cultivation worlds.

The supernatural talent here is equivalent to controlling some law and energy.

It is like the methods of a mage.

“In addition, I have prepared enough spiritual herbs, treasures, and my special constitution, innate Qi, and Holy Violet Genuine Qi.

I can ignore the effects.”

Lin Qiye thought of a solution.

After exhausting his innate Qi and Holy Violet Genuine Qi, he didnt believe that he could not awaken his talent!

Lin Qiyes fighting spirit rose.

Of course, it wasnt easy to create an Awakening Reagent.

There was no way to do it in one go.

However, he was in a world of high technology.

There were laboratories, sophisticated equipment, and complete facilities for the production of genetic medicine.

There was no need for Lin Qiye to establish a scientific system.

He could bring the materials and use their equipment.

Hence, Lin Qiye could use the shortest time possible to create an improved version of the Awakening Reagent!


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