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“Theres such a big lake on the map! Is it possible to take the watercourse instead of the dry path”

Lin Qiye suddenly had an idea.

“If aquatic demon beasts or demons are hiding under the Emerald Lake, and they happen to have the ability to dig a water tunnel… then it would be the most secretive one!

“Although the underwater operation is difficult, with the cunningness of the Heart-seizing Spore Demon, it will definitely operate from the water.

This way, not only can it maintain a high degree of concealment, but it can also use the sewers to misdirect the humans, letting us waste our time searching there!

“Right now, the human Demon Hunters have searched the sewer system for two weeks, but they still havent found anything.

It has bought precious time for the Heart-seizing Spore Demon!”

Lin Qiye suddenly understood.

He had caught the breakthrough that had happened in a flash.

“The Emerald Lake covers an area of almost 500,000 square meters, and its depth is 80 meters.

It is a natural lake, and there havent been any demons or demon beasts in it for many years.

Moreover, our hydrologic monitoring is extremely tight.

It is basically impossible to dig an underwater tunnel silently.

“There will definitely be traces left behind!”

Lin Qiyes eyes burned.

At this moment, his thoughts were extra smooth.

He immediately opened up Jiang Citys hydrologic records for the past few years.

As expected, Lin Qiye discovered something unusual.

“Ten years or even five years ago, every time there was a rainstorm, the water level of Emerald Lake would rise by around three meters.

But in the past three years, the water level would only fluctuate by 10 cm…

“According to the data analysis from the rainstorm a year ago, the water level should have risen by five meters, but it only rose by 10 cm.

“There must be something else.

If there are aquatic demon beasts digging tunnels below, they will definitely work during the rainstorm to cover up their activity.”

Lin Qiye smiled slightly.

A preliminary guess appeared in his mind.

“Then, what aquatic demon beast is working underwater”

He frowned and pondered.

There werent many demon beasts that could dig a tunnel underwater.

Lin Qiye opened the news from three years ago andbrowsed through them one by one.

Amidst the complicated information, henoticed a piece of news.

[An unknown limestone mine outside Jiang City has collapsed.

The death toll was 60, and we have 21 grave injuries.]

[According to the investigation, the underground limestone mine had been devoured by an unknown creature.

When the miners were digging, the entire mine suddenly collapsed.]

[As the height of the fall had reached more than 200 meters, 64 miners had fallen to their deaths.]

[After the demon-hunting squads investigation, they concluded that an unknown demon beast had caused the mine disaster.]

“This mine disaster must be related to the creatures under Emerald Lake.

The mine is 226 meters high, 300 meters wide, and 600 meters long.

It must have devoured so many limestone minerals to build a tunnel.

“Then… What kind of demon beast needs calcium carbonate to grow”

Lin Qiyes hard work in studying finally showed its results.

Images of several demon beasts appeared in his mind.

“Its a Coral Demon Beast, isnt it When some of them grow, they need calcium carbonate to construct their skeletons.

“Under the control of the Heart-seizing Spore Demon, the Coral Demon Beasts can work together to construct a tunnel.

Its even possible to dig a lift tunnel.

“The Red Winged Wolf King might have used the lift passage to enter Jiang City silently!”

While muttering to himself, Lin Qiye boldly made a guess.

Although it was just a guess,his intuition told him that he was getting closer and closer to the truth.

Under the Emerald Lake, there must be a group of Coral Demon Beasts digging a passage.

As for how the Coral Demon Beasts entered the Emerald Lake and how they dug a passage, Lin Qiye did not know.

However, these details werent important anymore.

What was important was that Lin Qiye thought of a counter plan!

“If its the Coral Demon Beasts that dug the passageway, its easy to deal with it.

They cant even walk, and their strength isnt high.

Its too easy to crack this situation.”

Lin Qiye smiled andlazily stretched his back.

Then, he walked out of his room with an encyclopedia.

In the living room, Father Gu, Mother Gu, and Uncle Zhaos team sat around a map of Jiang City, pointing and discussing.

They were looking for a way to break through.

At this moment, Father Gu pointed at Emerald Lake.

“After two weeks of searching, we can temporarily eliminate the sewers.

“Excluding the sewer, theres only Emerald Lake left.

Is there a possibility that the demon beast entered Jiang City from the bottom of the lake”

Hearing that, Captain Zhao shook his head, “Digging a tunnel at the bottom of the lake Isnt it too hard Not only does the water leak, but the sediment at the lake bottom isnt stable.

If its not careful, itll collapse…

“With so many unfavorable conditions, digging a tunnel at the lake bottom that can allow the Red Winged Wolf King to pass through will cause the Awakened to notice their movements, wouldnt it

“But the Awakened checked the bottom of the lake and didnt find anything unusual.

“I dont think its believable to dig a passage from the bottom of the lake.”

Uncle Xiong also shook his head.

“What aquatic demon beasts are competent for this project Sea crabs or other demon beasts that can dig caves There doesnt seem to be any similar demon beasts, is there”

Opposite Uncle Xiong, Uncle Li used a portable laptop specially used for missions and pulled out a series of information.

After reading carefully for a while, he raised his head.

“A year ago, the demon hunters in Jiang city investigated the bottom of Emerald Lake.

There was nothing unusual.

The terrain at the bottom didnt change much.

The underwater creatures are all normal.

It shouldnt be the lake bottom.”

Hearing this sentence…


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