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After all, breaking through two levels of his realm consumed a lot of energy.

Lin Qiye was already famished and couldnt be bothered with the girl for the time being.

Hence, his gaze fell on the food.

As a precaution, Lin Qiye spent 1 movement point to confirm whether the food was poisonous.

It wasnt poisonous.

Lin Qiye immediately ate heartily.


After eating and drinking his fill, Lin Qiye wiped his mouth with a wet towel.

His cold gaze fell on Blood Tornado.

“I heard that youre a local bully in Jiang City”

Hearing that, cold sweat dripped down Blood Tornados forehead.

He stuttered as if he was constipated.

He struggled to say a few words, “No… No… Its not like that…”

“Ha, let me hear what youve done.

Its best if you dont hide anything, or I will crush your head.”

Lin Qiye threatened nonchalantly.

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Blood Tornado lay on the ground, trembling.

“Ive only robbed a few female civilians…”

“Oh! and forcing the other partys family to the brink of destruction… and being a loan shark, torturing boys, baby girls, female assassins, and… in front of a man, I raped his wife…”

Blood Tornado spoke intermittently of the sins he had committed.

Every single one of them could be said to be unpardonable and heinous.

Even Lin Qiye wished that he could tear Blood Tornado into pieces.

However, he sat on the chair without moving.

Instead, he turned his gaze to the window.

“The young lady hiding behind a vase under the curtains over there, arent you planning to come out”

Lin Qiyes voice was full of energy and clear as it fell into the girls ears.

It was so clear that it was as if he was whispering into the girls ear.

The heart of the girl carefully hiding skipped a beat suddenly.

Her face instantly turned pale.

However, due to her professionalism as a killer, she did not move at all.

She was like a sculpture, her breathing hidden.

Only a pair of bright eyes were carefully observing the danger that could approach at any time.

Lin Qiye smiled.

“Are you still hiding Bodyguard, move the vase away.”

Lin Qiye gave the order.

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The girl, unwilling to expose her figure, coughed helplessly and came out from the small space that was so narrow that it was almost impossible to hide.

It was a short-haired girl with a tall figure.

Her eyes were particularly vivid, like autumn water, cold stars, pearls, and white mercury that was stained with black.

The young girl was abnormally puzzled as she stared at Lin Qiye.

“My concealment technique is the strongest among the assassins.

How did you detect me”

She wanted to see through Lin Qiye, but Lin Qiye was unfathomable and made her feel despair.

On the side, when Blood Tornado saw the young girl, his expression suddenly changed.

He immediately pointed at her and angrily berated, “You dare to assassinate my master Youre courting death!”

There was no doubt.

Without leaving a trace, Blood Tornado used an underhanded tactic to frame the girl.

As expected, the girls gaze was fierce as she stared at Lin Qiye, putting on a desperate stance.

However, Lin Qiye was in a relaxed state.

As he knocked on the table with his fingers, he indifferently sneered, “Very good, Blood Tornado.

You dared to play tricks in front of me, and your entire family will die.”

Hearing this, Blood Tornados face turned ashen.

His whole body was trembling with fear.

He was high and mighty in Jiang City.

He trampled on the dignity of others as he pleased.

When he killed people as if they were ants, he was unscrupulous.

But when someone treated him the same, he was so afraid that he was like a mouse that had met a cat.

His heart was full of fear and terror.

Blood Tornado walked to Lin Qiye with his knees.

“Master, I am your slave.

How can you kill your slave”

“Do you think youre worthy of being my slave”

Lin Qiyes face was filled with disdain as he sent Blood Tornado flying a few meters with a kick.

Blood Tornado was like a dead dog as he crashed through the wooden door of the villa before rolling on the ground and convulsing non-stop.

The girl beside him instantly tensed up.

Just a moment ago, when Lin Qiye sent Blood Tornado flying, the instincts of a top-tier assassin made her hair stand on end.

A strong sense of danger gripped her heart.

It made her stop breathing, and she broke out in cold sweat.

The young girl realized that in front of Lin Qiye, she, the number one assassin, was as weak as a chick.

Lin Qiye could kill her with a raise of his hand.

With that in mind, the young girl swallowed and subconsciously took a few steps back, wanting to escape through the window.

“You want to jump out of the window to escape, right Its useless.

You cant escape.”

The corners of Lin Qiyes mouth curled up slightly.

His confident appearance caused all thoughts of resistance in the young girls heart to vanish into thin air.


The handsome-looking young man before her was so strong that it exceeded her understanding.

No matter what, she didnt have the ability to resist.


She could only stand on the spot with a depressed expression.

“Sir, you… You wont kill me, right”

Hearing that, Lin Qiye smiled lightly.

“Youre here to eradicate the bastard, right”

The young girl gritted her teeth.

“Yes, I want to kill this animal.

It killed my good friend!”


Lin Qiye nodded.

“Is it the girl who ranked second on the assassin rankings”

The young girls face was filled with grief, and she looked like she was about to cry.

Her sincere grief moved even Lin Qiye.

“You can kill his entire family to avenge that girl.

I will help you get rid of those bodyguards.

However, I want some information from you.”

The girl frowned slightly.

“What information”

Lin Qiye slowly answered the girls doubt, “Do you know why I noticed your existence”

The girl shook her head in confusion.

“There is a scent on your body that doesnt belong to you.

It comes from a certain divine medicine.”

Hearing that, the girl couldnt help but hold her breath, forcefully controlling her beating heart.

Lin Qiye naturally noticed the girls abnormality, but he didnt point it out.

Instead, he talked to himself.

“You have a secret base with a divine spiritual herb growing inside.

Because of it, your strength has increased rapidly.

Am I right”

“Tell me where the secret base is, and Ill give you corresponding benefits.”

The girl bit her lips and denied it.

“What did you say I dont understand.”

However, Lin Qiyes burning gaze made the girl feel guilty and flustered.

“I dont want to tell you.

Thats my trump card.

What would happen if I give it to you”

Lin Qiye looked at the girl calmly.

“I can take you in as my underling.

The benefits are endless.”

Hearing this, the girl pursed her lips.

“Why should I be your underling Im number one on the assassins rankings! Dont I have my pride”

Regrading this, Lin Qiye smiled contemptuously.

“Number one on the assassins rankings Do you think you deserve to be proud”

With that said, a spiritual sword condensed in Lin Qiyes hand and slashed across the air.

In an instant, half of the villa vanished into thin air.


The bright moonlight shone directly on Lin Qiyes face.

It made Lin Qiye extremely handsome.


Watching the shocking scene where half of the villa was destroyed with one slash, the young girls red lips slightly parted, and she was dumbstruck.

She revealed a bitter and helpless smile.

“Well… I really dont want to be an underling.

Im the number one assassin on the rankings.



The young girl eventually gave in.

She bowed cleanly, lowered her head, and obediently greeted Lin Qiye.

After calling him boss, a strange current flowed through the young girls heart.

It seemed that calling him boss felt pretty good

After all, the young man in front of her was indeed handsome and valiant.


And he even saved her life.

It was just that she didnt know how he trained!

His strength was like a monster.


Ji Qinghuan could not help but be curious.

Lin Qiye nodded his head in satisfaction, seeing Ji Qinghuans obedience.

“You are smart.

I can only say that being my underling will not put you at a disadvantage.”

“Now, I will give you a gift.”

As they spoke, Lin Qiye threw the first page of the Qi Refinement technique to the young lady.

“This is my cultivation technique.

If you use it to cultivate, you will be able to have my strength.”

Ji Qinghuan was stunned.

Her eyes revealed shock and disbelief.

“Really This…”

“Of course.

You can try it out now.”

Hearing this, she immediately began reading.

During the reading process, she felt something.

After years of hard work training to be a killer, the internal energy that she had obtained seemed to be under some mobilization, rapidly circulating in her body.

The medicinal effect she had absorbed from the spiritual herb in the past gushed out and gathered in her internal organs, limbs, and bones.

It was refined into pure spiritual energy by the Qi Refinement technique.

Not long after, the young girls willow-like eyebrows slightly relaxed as she let out a long breath of white mist.

“Its true! My strength has increased three to four times!”


Ji Qinghuan was pleasantly surprised.

She finally realized how heaven-defying the Qi Refinement technique was.

Her hands were trembling, and her breathing was rapid.

“If I cultivate it to perfection, I can ignore firearms! Is this cultivation Its so exaggerated!”

She took a deep breath and looked at Lin Qiye with an extremely shocked gaze.

“Youre willing to give such a precious thing to me…”

Her heart was warm.

She thought of her best friend and could not help but feel sad.

“If only you could have appeared earlier…”

Ji Qinghuan bit her red lips tightly.

Her eyes were moist and teary.

“Sigh, its all fate.

Let me continue to help you eradicate the evil!”

The young girls heart was filled with a certain conviction.

She raised her head and smiled at Lin Qiye like a blooming flower.

“Brother Ye, thank you.

Thank you so much.

I will follow you in the future.

Ill bring you to see the spiritual herb!”


At this moment, the young lady was sincerely convinced.

She brought Lin Qiye to her secret base generously.

Lin Qiye, who was about to get the spiritual herb, smiled warmly.

“The hundred-year-old spiritual herb can make my strength soar again!”

“Ji Qinghuan will also be my faction in the future.

The stronger she is, the stronger my faction will be, and the more confident I will be when the spiritual energy restores and the Celestial Race descends!”

Lin Qiye thought to himself.


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