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“As expected, the Heavenly Dao of this world has yet to forgive me completely.

Its determined to send me back to the main world.”

Lin Qiye had no strength to retort.

In the past, when he simulated, disasters would at most happen once a year or once every two or three years.

But this time, right after he survived the first disaster at the age of one, the notification for another worse disaster three months later rang!

It was too f*cking ridiculous!

Lin Qiye snorted, feelingrather complicated.

“The Heavenly Dao must have been corrupted by the demons.

Its being threatened by them to repel me, sending me away.

“Does it think Im a variable

“Does it think Ill bring about a terrifying change”

Lin Qiyes smile was cold.

Suddenly, he narrowed his eyes and started to rack his brains.

“Three months later, the Red Winged Wolf King will descend on Jiang City and land right above my house.

It sat down and crushed my family into meat paste…

“The Red Winged Wolf King is at least a Golden Core Realm demon beast, and the Awakened with a B-grade talent with a 100% development is only equivalent to the peak of Foundation Establishment Realm.

“My parents definitely cant beat it.

They can only run away!”

Lin Qiye slightly narrowed his eyes.

In his heart, he had a preliminary plan for the disaster three months later.

Thus, for the next three months, Lin Qiye would occasionally pay attention to amusement parks, and even at the dinner table, he would ask if the parks were fun.

He inquired about the scenic spots in the west of the city and what good food to eat.

He threw out these topics one by one.

It made Father and Mother Gu think of taking Lin Qiye out for a trip.

“Little Shaoshang, lets take you out for a few days, okay Youre already one year old, and it seems you havent gone out much.”

Upon hearing this,Lin Qiye shook his head.

“Ill read books for a few more days and learn more knowledge.

When Im tired, Ill go on a trip.”

His parents showed a gratified smile.

“Little Shaoshang, are you thinking that we dont have enough savings and deliberately saving money for us”

“Or is it that your desire to learn overcomes the desire to play”

“Little Shaoshang, dont be so sensible.

Mom and Dad still have some savings!”

“Yeah, youre smart and obedient enough.

Were heartbroken that youre so sensible!”

Father and Mother Gu patted Lin Qiyes head.

Lin Qiye was unmoved.

Holding a cell phone, he logged into the Demon Hunter Forum and dived into the sea of knowledge under the pillar-level authority, which is equivalent to the Foundation Establishment Realm.

Father and Mother Gu tried to persuade him a few times, but Lin Qiye only insisted on staying at home to study.

Three months passed in a flash.

In the blink of an eye, it was the day before Lin Qiyes crucifixion day.

On this day, he suddenly ran to his parents.

“I want to go to the amusement park, to the Thousand Flower Valley in the West City, and the North city… I want to play for two days!”

Father and Mother Gu were stunned.

Then, they were overjoyed.

“Have you finally made your request

“Weve been waiting for a long time, Little Shaoshang.

Dont suppress your nature as a child.

Children should be naive and romantic.

Say what you want to say.

If you want to play around, say it.

Father and Mother will definitely agree to it.”

Father Gu also echoed, “Yes, children should spend more time with nature!”

Their faces relaxed with relief, and they immediately agreed to Lin Qiyes request.

Thus, the day before thecrucifixion day, Father Gu drove his private car and left the villa with Mother Gu, Lin Qiye, and Gu He.

“Tonight, well eat and drink in the amusement park for the whole day.

Well watch the light show at night!”

“The light show at Jiang City Amusement Park is as beautiful as a fairy tale.

Thats where Dad and Mom went on a date!”

“Lets go!”

Father Gu was full of vigor.

Meanwhile, Mother Gu looked excited.

His sister, Gu He, was so enthusiastic that she leaned against the car window, looking at the scenery outside.

As for Lin Qiye, he sat in his seat with a calm expression.

“Remember to call Uncle Zhao and the others and tell them were going on a vacation.

Dont look for us at our home.”

Father and Mother Gu nodded.

“They wont come.”

“Thats good.”

Lin Qiye gave a carefree smile.

Although his face was still a little childish, he had already begun to look handsome.

So much so that in the amusement park, many little girls ran over to play with Lin Qiye.

However, he sternly rejected all of them.

Some little girls burst into tears after being rejected.

Lin Qiye smiled, and he wandered around for two days.

The next night, the family of four stayed in a family suite in a star-rated hotel and then sat on the sofa in the living room to watch TV.

On the TV screen, the real-time news suddenly came on.

[Todays news]: In the eastern part of Jiang City, the Awakened villa area in Emerald Lake was attacked by the Red Winged Wolf King!

Twenty-seven people died, including nine Awakened and eighteen civilians.

At the moment, the Red Winged Wolf King had already been killed by the demon hunters that rushed over at top speed.

It was worth mentioning that at the place where the Red Winged Wolf King landed, a family of four had just gone out for a vacation and escaped a calamity.

It had to be said that this family of four was really fortunate…

As he spoke, the reporter pointed at the ruins behind him and said with raised eyebrows.

That was Lin Qiyeshome.

At this moment, the magnificent villa had been compressed into the ground within a radius of 100 meters.

The building pillars were crushed into powder.

Although it was impossible to see what the building looked like, one could tell at a glance where this was from the villa layout in the distance.

Father and Mother Gu immediately stood up and looked at the television screen in disbelief.


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